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Klipsch S4: The 90-degree mod (calling S4 owners!)

  1. alexm23
    I was talking with my friend about IEMs with my S4s in my hand when I came up with this idea.
    The Klipsch silicon tips are oval shaped. Also, the body of the S4 is oval shaped. However, the ovals don't overlap with each other when you put the tips on the right/original way--they are 90 degrees off from each other.
    Put the tips on the normal way, then just rotate them 90 degrees in any direction.
    I haven't listened to them like this very much, but with the tips installed 90-degrees off, I think I've noticed, in order of significance: (1) much more treble detail and volume (2) better isolation (3) marginally better bass extension too, and a very slight decrease in midrange. I believe these are all because this way, the IEMs can go further into your ear than before.
    Can others try this and tell me what they think? Again, what you do is rotate the tips 90 degrees (any direction), so the oval shape of the tip corresponds with the oval shape of the body.
  2. jc222284
  3. pdiddypdler
    A few pictures would be handy. I don't fully understand the concept.
  4. calipilot227
    Isn't that the way they're supposed to be worn...?
  5. Poak


    No it's not. Normally you're supposed to adjust the line on the nozzle with the one on the gel tip. 
    What he did is after adjusting both line, he turned the tips 90 degrees in any direction. 
    I tried it and I can't get a proper fit.
  6. alexm23
    ^ yes, that is a good description of what you're supposed to do, and a lot clearer than my original one, thanks. I've updated the top post so more people will be able to understand.
    I default to wearing it 90-degrees off now, because it sounds much better to me. maybe there's a "sweet spot" position in your ears for sound and for you it took the IEMs out of it, while for me it brought them into it. i don't know much about how positioning affects the sound though, to be honest. let's see if we can get some more observations

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