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Klipsch S4 or S4-wh?

  1. BTFbossman
    Hey guys im looking to get a pair of these for my workouts but i have a few questions.
    Ok first off i know the S4-wh is a bass heavy model but is the bass too overpowering and i should stick with the regular S4?
    Second, i will be running these out of my 160 gig iPod classic so will i need an amp? If so what do you guys thing of the total airhead amp? 
    Thanks for any help i can get. 
  2. il1us10n
    umm..i am pretty sure the S4-wh is just the regular S4 in white colour :p.. anyhoo, i wouldnt recommend these for workouts as i find the cable to be a bit on the flimsy side.. if you do get these anyway, your ipod should drive them pretty easily- no amp needed.. in fact when i pair these with a fiio e5 or hippo box+, they start hissing quite a lot to me.. i tried a friend's total airhead amp and i feel its definitely better than my e5 :p..
  3. BTFbossman
    oh everything i have read says the white is "bass enhanced" but i really like the color haha and as for the cable being flimsy im just really doint weight training in my basement so theres not too much crazy movements goin on there you know

  4. il1us10n
    yeah, the s4 is quite bass heavy and if ur not a basshead and prefer more clarity, i'd skip these and get the re0.. for a similar (better for me, ymmv) sound sig as the s4, as in bass heavy, i'd recommend the hippo VBs.. compared to the VBs, the s4 can exhibit quite a bit of sibilance and sound a bit muddy.. all of these are in the ~$80 range so budget shouldnt be an issue hopefully :)
  5. BTFbossman
    so ive read the hippo VBs are very good...where can i get a pair? lol

  6. yliu
    Never heard of a bass heavy version of the S4.
  7. il1us10n


    here or here [​IMG]
    u might actually need to wait a while, these have been sold out at both of the above
  8. BTFbossman
    i dont have time to wait lol ...but the s4's are good though? i just want to step up from 20$ sony earbuds
    Oh and i was wrong the WH is just white, i misread something giving myself the wrong impression lol

  9. BTFbossman
  10. samsquanch
    I bought a pair of S4's recently, I'm on a jobsite and my Sennheiser CX300II's crapped out one day (lost the left channel), so I bought a pair of Monster iBeats (I was at a radio shack on my lunch break, they were there and I thought, "why not?").  I found the ibeats to be too bass heavy, and the bass was very loose, great for hip hop, but obnoxious for classic country or classic rock.  In comparison, the Sennheiser's were also a bit bass heavy for me, but the bass was tight, so I could deal with it.
    After a week of the ibeats I decided to buy another pair of headphones, this time I had to go to best buy to get some hdmi cables for work, so I poked around their headphone section, and picked up a pair of S4's.  I liked how little bass they had in comparison to the ibeats (I could not compare them to the sennheiser's since they're broke).  My one complaint is that the tips don't fit my ears very well, I typically use the middle sized tips that come with ear buds, but with the S4's I found that even the largest tips didn't feel secure, which has caused me to not use them until I can get some new tips for them (I tried to swap them for the ones on the ibeats and the sennheisers, but their post is too small).
    On the plus side, they come with a nice tin to put them in.
  11. il1us10n

    that's $30 less than what i paid for the same deal, so yeah i'd say its a good deal. here's shigzeo's review of the hippo box+. cant comment on how they will power either of the HPs u mentioned, however it drives my Denon D1100/ D2000 pretty well :)
    also- as sam said above, the stock tips on the s4 are quite small; the large ones barely fit. however i use them over the ear rather than cable down and that seems to hold them in place but then again i dont use the s4 for workouts, i use my portapros (running/ cardio) or cheapo EP630 (weights).

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