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  1. spyhot
    Hi !!!!
    I'm looking to get a new pair of IEMs, so my friends told me that this 3 IEMs are pretty good
    • KLIPSCH S4 (I found in Cnet.This IEM got 4.5 for rates) but it's old
    • NuFORCE 700X
    • BRAINWAVZ M2,Visang R03
    But I can't decide which one in the best.(Somebody help me to chose one of these please)
    I usually listen to rap, hip-hop songs (like Black eyed peas,pit bull, akon) R&B sometimes.
    By the way I am bass-head and my budget is 100$
    You guys can suggest me the other brand Which is better 
    sorry for my poor english
  2. mbamg
    Take the S4 off your list. Consider the Hippo VBs and the Fischer Audio Eterna.
    Look at ClieOS's multi-IEM review thread under "Bass".
  3. spyhot
    Could you give me a link please sorry i'm new here.
  4. mbamg
  5. roker
    I wouldn't touch the 700x.  Just a bloated, muddled, IEM.  The S4 has a fun sound to it, but I haven't listened to many IEMs lately.
  6. mbamg


    From what I've read the S4 is rather bloated and muddled too.
  7. spyhot
    I'm really interested.especially the etherna.
    Now i got a problem.
    Where to buy the Etherna ??
  8. mbamg


    If you can't find them look for other IEMs in that thread that you can buy.
    The Warm + Sweet IEMs may also suit you depending on what you prefer.
  9. spyhot
    ok now i dont really like etherna that much becuase of etherna's body .
    now i'm interested in nuforce 700X and Visang R03.
    which one is better ??
  10. kckc
    Get the Eterna from Frogbeats.com
    I think the "sacrifice" for its form factor is more than worth the sound it produces. Much better IME than all the other ones mentioned.
  11. mbamg


    Agreed. More people need to experience a wider soundstage instead of these "in your head" headphones.
  12. spyhot
    It's out of stock and I want new IEM real quick.
  13. ZMeshign
    Yeah it is out of stock everywhere, atleast in the UK. That's why I just went for a NuForce NE-700 anyways thanks to mbamg's recommendation.
    Just unlucky I think, I would buy it if it was available anywhere.
  14. Watagump
    I still dont get why the S4 is rated so high on cnet. I have them, my TF10 blow them away.
  15. spyhot
    so now I'm looking for Nuforce700X and Visang R03.
    Somebody please tell me which is better and what is the differences.

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