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Klipsch S4 logo wears off

  1. aflashoflight
    I recently bought the Klipsch S4 earbuds and the logo "Klipsch" has basically worn off. I've had it for about a couple of weeks, using it for about a hour or two a day during that time. Is this normal? Have other people experienced this?
  2. Danthrax
    Did you order from an authorized seller?
  3. Cycle10s
    Had mine about a year before I noticed it wearing off. I was mildly annoyed about it.
  4. phntmsmshr
    are you a particularly oily person around the ears?
  5. aflashoflight
    I have an oily face but I don't think my ears are too bad. Even so, for a premium set of earbuds, I hope this isn't happening to a lot of people... whether quickly or over a longer period of time.
  6. aflashoflight
    I got this off ebay for $50 since I'm in Canada and the selection/price for earbuds aren't good. It sounds pretty good, the bass is nice. The package I got it in looks authentic, I had to tear the perforated section on the side to open it. I hope they are real.
  7. CircaV12
    I've had mine for over a year and the logo wore off pretty quickly.  But then again I use and abuse my s4, they are primarily used in the gym and yeah they get beat on. I just recabled them the other day because they were starting to cut in and out.

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