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Klipsch S4 first impressions

  1. allamericandude
    Well, I went out and bought my first set of high-quality earphones yesterday--the Klipsch S4s (but I'm sure you already guessed that). I opened the box and looked at what I had purchased, and immediately there was a problem. The ear wax cleaning tool had mysteriously not been included in the package. After I stopped crying and my lawyer convinced me that I shouldn't bother suing Klipsch, I decided to simply use a paper clip instead.
    When I first plugged them in I noticed that the bass was a little lax--but after just a few hours of burning in I noticed that the bass became a lot better, in fact it became awesome. These things can really displace some air, and for a small set of earbuds like these the bass is pretty impressive. The mids and highs are crystal clear as well. I started noticing small nuances in my music that I had never noticed before (this is coming from a long history of repeatedly buying and consequently replacing cheap Skullcandies and the like, so obviously these were going to be better). They're also really comfortable; they fit in your ear very well. However, the small pointy eartips they give you as an option aren't very comfortable--in fact they feel like your being stabbed in the eardrums--so unless you think otherwise I would just stick to the standard round ones they give you.
    Overall these earphones are pretty awesome. I don't know how they're going to do in the long run, but right now I doubt they're going to disappoint. The fact that they were less than $100 is pretty cool as well, because I've listened to some much more expensive headsets and these sound just as good. Add to that a 2-year warranty and it's one sweet deal. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a nice new set of earphones.
    P.S.--One small problem I noticed is that if you like laying on your side while you listen to your iPod--like I do--the holes in the eartips tend to pinch shut and block out some of the sound. It's not a major problem, in fact it's pretty manageable, it's just a small caveat you might want to consider.
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    The new S4 package doesn't include ear wax cleaning tool, I believe. Thanks for the impression, though I do have a slightly different thought.
  3. audioKyle
    Yea mines didn't come with an earwax tool :frowning2: . I got the s4i's and think they are great except for the thin cable.
  4. scannon18
    Enjoy your S4s, and when people start bringing up "treble peaks" and "recessed mids" and "mid bass thump" just remember: these are "fun" headphones, not "accurate" headphones, or "balanced."  It doesn't mean that they are bad, just that they are better for some situations (like when your on the move) than others (like sitting and seriously analyzing a track for minute details)

    So long as you like what you're hearing, there are no problems with the S4.  I owned mine for seven months before upgrading to the Atrio M5, all good times.
    EDIT:  the S4 is actually the 'phone that got me into this hobby.  Now I have external components, several pairs of IEMs, and even a great big pair of headphones called the Denon AH-D2000. So be careful!

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