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Klipsch ProMedia IEM = S4/S4i for half the price. Initial impressions inside.

  1. oregon
    Has anyone tried out the ProMedia IEM?
    I've seen quite a few listings on slickdeals where the price has been $30-$40, and people are claiming it's the same as the S4.
    It looks the same, and on the Klipsch product page, it's listed as in between the S4 and the S4i. It only has a mic and one button remote but other than that it's the same.
    Klipsch comparison page:
    I think I'll buy next time a deal pops up on these.
    EDIT: Right now they're $42 shipped with a coupon code, but were down to $32 last week.
  2. cnhardwick
    I bought them when they were $32. I don't have a S4 for comparison, but I am all but certain they are a rebranded S4. TigerDirect has even updated their description to say they use the same driver as the S4. Same driver and housing? Might as well be an S4.
  3. Kunlun
    The red, green and pink ones are $30.00 on amazon.com with free shipping.
  4. cnhardwick
    Those are the S3, not the same as the S4/S4i/S5i/ProMedia.
  5. oregon
    Got these yesterday.
    They're quite awesome. They came with a small, semirigid carrying case (quite nice IMO), an airline adapter, and four sets of silicon tips. I assume these are the same accessories as the S4 comes with.
    Build quality seems very good. I don't have the S4 to compare to, but from what I've read the Promedia are the same except for three small differences: thicker/stronger cord, single button inline remote/mic, and colored red/black rather than black/white. Overall they are very nice looking/feeling.
    I have only tried the medium tips, but they fit extremely well. I don't like my Meelec M9 because I have to adjust every 5 min to maintain a seal, and to a lesser extent this is the same with my ADDIEM. The Promedia are great though. I've worn for at least an hour without any readjustment, and even ate dinner without them coming out.
    Soundwise I'd say they're about on par with the Monster Turbines. I don't have my set anymore but they're about what I remember them sounding like. The bass is strong but not overpowering, and the overall detail is pretty good. My TripleFi 10 still outclass them in every aspect of the sound, but I expect these will get much more use due to the ease of fit/ease of use. 
    To anyone considering the S4/S4i, I recommend these instead.
  6. slntdth93
    Unfortunately, like usual, Canada gets owned as the price of the ProMedia up here is around the 100 dollar mark
  7. scannon18
    I can't believe I paid $80 for the S4, these look waaay cooler, and $20 cheaper?  And I can't imagine there is a single difference in sound quality.  
    Reminds me of a saying back home: If it looks like an S4, sounds like an S4, and smells like an S4, chances are it's an S4. [​IMG]
  8. oregon


    Yeah, I'd much rather have these over the S4 because 90% of my listening is with my iPod Touch and the remote is very useful. S4i would be even more useful but at least the Touch has volume buttons.
  9. jjmai
    My promedia iem is surprising comfortable. The phone can be worn straight down or over the ear, even comfortably when swapping left and right ears. However, the cords tangle a lot. I don't know if the cords are the same quality as s4. And it would've been better if it had a right angle connector.
  10. Vloeibaarglas
    The remote has one button? Does it answer calls on Android?
    The case that it comes with is soft, instead of the hard Aluminum case of S4?
  11. jjmai
    I can use the button to control playback on mixzing, but I cannot use it to answer calls on my htc g2. And the mic doesn't seem to work with my g2 either.
    I read that many htc phones are supposed to be compatible with iphone headsets, so I wonder if g2is different.
  12. scannon18


    This makes me feel better about my S4s.  Tangle free, properly strain relieved cord, terminated in a right-angle connector.
  13. lazuline
    Be careful with the strain reliefs connecting to the earbud. Both of mine split/ripped/tore after only a month of light use (wearing over ear might have accelerated the process). Searching the web revealed I wasn't the only one with this problem. But if you can get past that, if you find them under $40, these are a steal for the price. Still, for my ears, the isolation leaves something to be desired without foam tips

  14. scannon18

    Which headphone are you referring to?  The S4 or the Promedia?  I wear my S4s over ear all the time and have not had any issue after six months of satisfied ownership.
  15. oregon


    Yes, the cord is longer, which can be annoying, but is supposedly thicker/stronger. I do wish the Promedia cord were a bit shorter but it's not a problem if I keep it inside my jacket so that it doesn't catch on things. I don't mind the connector as is because I use it with the iPod Touch which has the connector on the bottom.


    I think these complaints would apply equally to both headphones.
    Yes, it isn't a metal case but it is fairly rigid. I like it, though, because it's very small yet I think it would still protect them well. I'm guessing it could work with Android but that you probably need to troubleshoot things.

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