Klipsch Image X5 or Denon Ah-C751K? Please help!
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Nov 17, 2008
There are some really good deals now on both these buds: Image X5 are half-off right now in the US ($125) and the Denons can be found for $100. I'm also interested in the Ultimate Ears Super.fi 3 because its in my price range and they consistently good reviews, but I think they may not match up to the other two pairs. I haven't had a chance to listen to any of these.

Which should I get? I listen to mostly jazz, classical or vocal, w/ some rock. I have an Ipod Classic and listen to lossless files.

That is a really good deal on the Image but I'm a little worried about the thin cords. I do take good care but the look so frail!

Thanks for any advice! (Feel free to list others in that price range I may be overlooking!)
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May 9, 2006
I owned the Denons and sent them back. Just too bulky for my tastes, and found them a tad harsh (most say burn-in fixes it, but I didn't wait to find out). I also favor an IEM over a canal phone design (the Denons being a canalphone, the X10s an IEM. Yes, both are in-ear, but I find phones that sit deeper in the ear canal a better match for my ears). Can't speak for the X5s since I never owned them, but I don't find the thin cables on the X10s to be at all risky. There are microphonics to deal with, but I use a shirt clip (a must) and just pull the slider up to just under my chin and they are fine.

Can't tell you what to buy, but I would stay away from the UE (I also owned the SF5 and dumped them pretty quick). Not sure if this even helps. But I do really like the Klipsch sound sig.

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