Klipsch Image X10 or Shure 530?
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Jan 18, 2009
Hi people. I am now on my second pair of Shure 210s after the first pairs wires cracked. They are of course not the greatest phones but do the job better than the bog standard apple headphones I had, and I use an iphone so use them in conjunction with the Shure attachment with the push to talk, rewind etc. button which is very handy, and with the modular cable its total length is perfectly manageable. I am now looking to upgrade and after some research the Klipsch Image x10 and Shure SE530 look the most appealing. I do, however have a number of concerns and was hoping some of you guys with experience with these phones could give me some feedback. Firstly I am tempted by the SE530's as they appear to be one of the best of the in ear sets, comparable to the triple fi's, but with a modular cable which would allow me to use the push to talk adapter for my iphone, and some say it has a more comfortable fit due to less bulk. I am, however, concerned that the cables might have the usual cracking issue. Has anyone come across this with the se530? If so after how long? If you have the SE530 would you purchase it again over the triple fi's or swap? My second choice is the Klipsch Image X10 due to its size, and from what I have read it is still a very good pair of phones, and very comfortable. My concerns with these are firstly are they any better than the X5's. I know they are smaller, however, I was concerned after reading from one post that the X5's may actually have better sound than the X10's, although on paper it does not appear so. Secondly I read that the cables can make a lot of noise, and finally how do they compare with the SE530's? Is it a massively noticeable difference in sound?
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Oct 31, 2008
i have the 530's they sound spectacular btw i also have the triple.fi and i thing the 530 are noticeably better, took a friend 30 sec to say the 530 were better than his ety er4's

many do report the cable issue like u had with the 210 but then the klipsch ones have cable issues of thier own, as for sound the x10 is more bass and the x5 is more mids whereas the 530 does both stunningly well
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Aug 19, 2008
Well, I've actually owned both.

I'm transitioning from the X10 to the 530 now, as a matter of fact, and there are some differences for sure, although they are both very good.

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want to ask specific quetions. I'd hate to bore everybody with a long discussion.

Here are a few, quick pros and cons. Just some quick comments from someone who has used both.

Images: Unbelievably comfy, but there's not much holding them in your ear. Had them fall out sometime when sweating/moving around a lot.

SE530's: still comfy, but there is more to them. Not uncomfortable, but there is more to feel (cables over the ears, a little bulkier housing, etc)

Microphonics a bit of an issue on the Images. Not the end of the world, but definitely more than the Shures with the over-the ear design.

Over the Ear design is more "stable". You don't get the sensation that they might pull not. Microphonics not an issue.

Images are a bit warmer, especially in the bass side of things. You would not expect so much bass from the smallest IEM out ther, but that will shock you about them. They are just nice to listen to. Good bass.

530's are more detailed/revealing. You're going to notice little details that you might miss in the klipch. Subtle difference, but it is there.

Mids on the 530's, as you've heard, are in your face, or rather, in your head. Vocals, guitars, etc. will stand out.

Kipsch are $100 cheaper. Well, $75 anyhow street price.

If you're not rediculously picky about detail, don't plan on moving around a ton while listening, and want to save some bucks, the Images are an awesome IEM.

If money is no issue, you want even more detail, and you're wild about mids, go with the SE530's.

Hope that's a little helful.

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