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klipsch image s4i vs etymotic hf3 for iphone 4

  1. wildseal2003
    my s4i just got stolen but they were one of the best earphones i've owned. i want to replace them and was wondering if i should get the s4i again or go for the etym hf3? is the hf3 worth the extra money?
  2. jeffarm13
    I'll de-lurk long enough to say that, to my ears, yes, the HF3 is worth the extra money.  They are, however, very different animals - the HF3 retains a good portion of the Ety house sound (clean, detailed and more or less balanced through the frequency response), whereas the s4i have boosted bass and treble.  Comparing the two, the s4i makes the HF3 sound a bit bass-light and the  HF3 makes the s4i sound a bit muddy to my ears.
    Hope this helps.
  3. GeneralSmirnoff
    I have the S4's and the HF3's. The S4's when compared to the HF3's have a lot more bass however are much less detailed in the highs and mids. This is less of a difference as you burn in the HF3's since they become a little bit more boomier. If you must have a good amount of bass, get another pair of S4's. If not, get the HF3's for the amazing highs and mids.
  4. Jimmer
    I have both the S4i's and the Ety's, well the HF2's same driver older mic/remote. You might want to try the Denon 560R's, I just pick these up, less bassy then the S4i's but not as bright as but more comfortable then the Ety's.
  5. Bakkasan
    As always personal pref, I find the s4i much more versatile and pleasing to my ear.
  6. LJH01
    For my ears the S4's sound muddy and lacking in detail and speed but do deliver on the bass.  I seem to like SS of IEM's like the RE0's DBA-02's.  After my DBA's crapped out I just got a set of Ety HF5's and so far I am impressed, a bunch more punch than the RE0's but not as much as the DBA's.  For $99.00 I like them A LOT......
  7. KevinLP
    I have S4i but recently bought spider realvoice, if you like s4i then you will definitely love this more, it's got bigger sound stage, silky smooth mids and clear highs, definitely more details than S4i. You can also some reviews on the site

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