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Klipsch image s4 vs. Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10

  1. lofthanza
    Guys! I am new here and I am in need of your help. Lemme get straight to it, I have Klipsh s4 earbuds and I am quiet happy with them. Now, however, I have been looking for a big step-up earbuds. I have been thinking of Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10. Guys, do you think I will get a worthy improvement in sound quality with this upgrade. I always listen to music from my laptop, iphone 4, or ipod shuffle 4..
    I have never heard any other earbuds other than the s4s or some lower-end phones.. To me, the s4s are good, but still sound a little muddy and with almost no sound-stage. So what do you recommend? Shall I go for the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10s, stick to the s4s, or do u recommend any other phones? 
  2. AstroTurf
    I like Etymotic headphones...

    But unless you can stomach deep insertion, forget about it.

    Check out their website and compare.

    And Good Luck, Jim
  3. Winterpeas
    Unless you have sensitive ears, i think the s4 are good enough, as I had to figure out the hard way. As my ears arnt that sensitive. But it's up to you, I think the UE tips are too big and they fall out for me, so I got the Sony ones.
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor

    If you want to upgrade from your S4, TF10 would be a nice choice. You'll certainly be upgrading. Other choices you could consider imo are GRO7 MKII and Yamaha EPH-100. All will offer  great improvements in clarity, soundstage, dynamics, separation. You can't really go wrong with with any of these choices. You're at a great time in the IEM world as now is where you notice significant improvements moving up from $80 to $150 - $250 range. If you're set on TF10 I say go for it your sources will run them just fine.

    Read this thread on the IEM's I mentioned. (you'll need to find them) Except for TF10 which isn't there yet. [​IMG]


  5. soundstige
    Holy moly, did this thread title really happen? S4 = garbage, TF10 = pretty great. I would go for the Yamaha EPH-100 also.
  6. lofthanza
    But guys, how can you favor one-driver earbuds (Yamaha EPH-100) to  triple-driver earbuds (TF10)?
    To be honest, i have just checked the Yamahas, and they looked so attractive... 
    Have you tried them in person?
  7. Swegab
    I have a set of Yamaha EPH-100 on the way...think they'll arrive tomorrow.
    The headphones i have atm is klipsch s4, i expect nothing but a huge revelation in sound experience..
    Btw i don't think that a triple driver automatically makes it better than a dynamic driver like eph-100, it's more complicated than that.
  8. lofthanza
    hey guys! thank you for ur replies. I was wondering how could thesethe Yamaha EPH-100 compete with the TF-10s since the latter ones have three armature drivers while the the Yamaha EPH-100 have only one driver? I actually had a look on them now, and they looked soooo attractive. But what concerns me the most is the sound, especially the WOW-factor in those boys..
  9. stevenlongs
    It appears H20Fidelity owns both models. Although he gave you the thumbs up for either choice, maybe you should describe the kind of music you like and ask for his opinion. The number of drivers is a useless detail at this point.
  10. Dixter
    I just got a pair of the TF10's today... burning them in right now...  they sound very very good..   you can get them now for around $175...  I have also been told the TF10 Pro are the exact same as the TF10..  I think when these first came out they were around $700..   they do sound nice..  I also picked up a Sure 535 but they are not here yet...   one of these sets will become my office setup.. the other for traveling around...
    When I got the TF10 this morning I just spent about 10 minutes getting the over the ear wire bent just right so they hang in the ears and don't feel like they were being pulled on after they are inserted... after I got that all sorted out they have been perfect for me....   the first thing I noticed was the impact and the sound stage...   I'm glad I got them...
  11. steve2151
    Congrats on your new TF10. If I remember correctly, the TF10 came out at $399 to undercut the Shure e500, which was $499. Since then, Shure has released the e530 and e535 and maintained that $500 price point, while Logitech has cut the price of the TF10 instead. 
    Are you using the Complys? The do a great job on the TF10, cutting down on the sibilance and giving the bass some physical impact. A good aftermarket cable goes a long way towards improving ergonomics and will probably outlast the cheap stock cable by a good while.
  12. soundstige
    That's like asking "how can one $5 bill be worth more than three $1 bills??? but I have more $1 bills!". The driver in the EPH-100 is better than each individual TF-10 driver, and arguably, better than the three TF-10 drivers combined.
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I own both TF10 and EPH-100. One would assume listening to triple armature driver with printed crossover couldn't be compared to a single 6mm micro driver, the truth is they certainly can, Actually EPH-100 do some things better for example, their mids have more clarity, they're sweeter sounding very much like flowing lush liquid where as TF10 sound like there's a metallic filter laced over it's mid range although it may be slightly clearer some may not like it, mids are also slightly recessed when compared. EPH-100 being a micro driver are arguably faster for rock and metal. Bass on both have decent impact, TF10 may have better texture though lose out with their renowned low end roll off lacking sub-bass extension which is common with all armature drivers.

    Where TF10 overtake Yamaha is with their treble extension, EPH-100 really can't compete in this area having slightly docile treble that sometimes doesn't know where it is exactly. I however like this kind of treble as it's not intrusive staying well behaved. Soundstage on TF10 is wider, instrument separation and layering is obviously a touch better taking into account the printed crossover, both offer a 3D style effect in depth with EPH-100 going deeper however placement and timbre or 'almost' even across the board. TF10 are a few years old now, technology has come a long way. Yamaha prove this with a micro driver that sounds very similar to an armature driver within it's presentation while still keeping a dynamic approach.

  14. lofthanza
    Thank you so much! I think I have settled on the EPH-100 now. Too be honest, looks and comfort played a factor, too. I am still afraid the TF-10s will be too large for me. Now, I am really excited about the EPH-100. BTW, H20Fidelity, have u ever owned or listened to the s4s, if yes, how do u evaluate them exactly compared to the EPH-100. And thanks a lot for the help!
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I haven't heard S4 sorry, I skipped them going straight to Klipsch X10. 

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