Klipsch Image One or Bose Triport Around Ear
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New Head-Fier
Mar 10, 2011
I am newbie on this forum however I have very essential question.
I am about to buy new headphones.
I was user of BOSE AE but they died, I am a great fan of the BOSE company and earphones itself. I know they are very overpriced but I love them anyway. They are very comfortable for me and this is what I appreciate the most.
But now I have opportunity to buy Klipsch Image One for 100$ which I think is a good price. Should I buy them or wait for something else? This is one day offer so I have t hurry and I cannot wear them personally.
Are they as comfortable as BOSE and is the sound as good or better.
The other choice could be JVX RX700 but I think they are to big to use with mp3 outdoors. Because I need them to use outdoors.
And the last question. Are JVC and Klipsch Image One-are on ear or around-ear like BOSE?
Thank you

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