Klipsch Custom 3 Sound
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I hope you are not listening to them when the volume is "All the way up", if so by the time you're 15 you'll hear like a 65 year old man! Got to be real carefull with headphone volume. Plus what if you weaken your phones from tormenting them, and then they break in 31 days? Lol.
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My parents are completely clueless about headphones, so they are currently under the impression that I broke 7 pairs of 80 dollar headphones. The other thing is that they don't believe how much money I would spend on earphones because of some random, absurd beliefs they hold that earphones are disposable items that all sound the same. Now the other thing is, I'm REALLY rough on headphones I get from the store because I have 30 days to return them for whatever reason, so I set my volume all the way up for the first 30 days. Then there are my backup headphones, my acoustic research god-knows-what-hideous-model headphones, because they simply let too much sound in and sound terrible, I max out the volume on these and they actually begin to sound nice. and hentai, thats exactly what I want, I HATE thumpers

I'm glad you're not my customer. This is just a bad and wasteful attitude. As long as somebody else foots the bill, eh? I guess clueless runs in the family.
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Well to clear things up, really rough for me is average for most people, even above average. I'd fold the earphones and stick them in my pocket, run them a little louder than my normal volume of 5-25% (depending on the volume of the track) and occasionally commit the sin of extracting them by the wire, this was, of course, for the lower insertion earbuds. To put things in perspective, I abused my iBuds more and they lasted longer. Anyway, the only other pair that broke blew out on an ipod volume control glitch. 

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