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Kits for a portable amp.

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  1. Jan Meier Contributor
    Dear Headfellows,

    Some of you may remember that a few years ago I did give away a number of PCBs for a small stationary amplifier as well as for a passive crossfeed filter. These parts were leftovers from some previous production runs and enabled various DIY-people to make their own gear more easily.

    Last year production of the portable amplifier PORTA CORDA III was discontinued and the amp was replaced by the MOVE. However, again I still have some parts left, PCBs and enclosures in particular, that might well be of interest to some of you to make their own amp.

    I therefore offer two kits. The first kit is very basic and mainly contains the enclosure and the PCB. The second kit is more extended and also contains some crucial parts for those who like to implement an USB-DAC with this amp.

    People only have to pay for the material costs and for shipping and may order a maximum of two kits in total of which only one kit can be the extended one. There are 244 basic kits and 47 extended kits available.

    A basic kit costs EUR 10,- or USD 15,-.
    The USB-kit costs EUR 20,- or USD 30,-.
    Shipping costs are EUR 10,- or USD 15,- , independent of the (number of) kits ordered.


    1 x basic kit + shipping = EUR 20,- or USD 30,-
    2 x basic kit + shipping = EUR 30,- or USD 45,-
    1 extended kit + shipping = EUR 30,- or USD 45,-
    1 x basic kit + 1 x extended kit + shipping = EUR 40,- or USD 60,-

    People interested should drop me a mail at meier-audio@t-online.de to make a reservation. They will then be provided with further details.

    The schematics of the amp can be found at Meier-Audio. Please note that my technical support will end here. If you have problems understanding this article then don’t start this project. It is not intended for novices.


    Jan Meier
  2. rds
    This is a very nice offering. Good article too!
  3. Pars Contributor
    I'm not personally interested, but this is a very cool offering Jan!
  4. lordvader
    Well I've registered my interest [​IMG]

    Need a nice little headamp/dac for work.
  5. Hayduke
    This is wonderful. I've been tossing around various ides for a DAC/Amp for work too, and this decided it for me [​IMG]
  6. vixr
    the parts list is a little vague...I guess I will wait till I get the PCB and see what fits
  7. onyu
    sent a mail

    thank you for this offer!
  8. lordvader
    Well the kit arrived today (mega quick !).

    Already soldered the SMD parts (well, the DAC at least), but now I've got to get everything else !!!
  9. pistolpete111
    Great offer Jan.

    My kit arrived a couple of days ago. Many thanks!

    Has anyone found a cheap source for the dual 100K ALPs RK09 log potentiometer? The best I've found so far want 15 euros each...Farnell and Radionics don't have them.
  10. lordvader
    Where did you find that !

    I've only seen the 10k, or 50k models !
  11. Citizen86
    What would this DAC/Amp be comparable to sound quality wise?
  12. kklee

    Originally Posted by lordvader /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Where did you find that !

    I think there are a few of us that'll be looking for the pot. So it would be nice if somebody finds a supplier and posts the info here.
  13. Hayduke

    Originally Posted by kklee /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I think there are a few of us that'll be looking for the pot. So it would be nice if somebody finds a supplier and posts the info here.

    What would be swell is a BOM with a source listed. [​IMG]

    I got my kit already, but I put it aside for now. Too many other projects waiting to be finished :p
  14. pistolpete111

    Originally Posted by lordvader /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Where did you find that !

    I've only seen the 10k, or 50k models !

    I searched around for about 5 hours looking for the pot. The general feeling I got was that ALPs no longer make this pot, unless you want the 10K or50K versions.

    I came across one distributer that seems legitimate, and sells a good range of ALPs, but doesn't have the exact version that Meier used in this amp. They do have the next best thing however - the same pot as Meier uses, but without the on/off switch being integrated. I don't know how many of them they have in stock.

    Their website is: ELFA -- Elektronikdistributör i norra Europa, and the part number for the pot is: 64-125-48 (this is the pot I *think* we need, I have not used this pot before so please check it out yourself before ordering)

    I should have my pot on Monday/Tuesday so I will post about it then to confirm if it is OK for this amp. Also, if your ordering from these, they offer courier delivery by default, but there is a (much cheaper) option for standard post.

    Also, other brands do sell pots that you could use, but I think the sound quality of the amp will be best with the ALPs - I guess other people here know a lot more about this than me.

    All of the other parts for the amp should be straightforward to get.

    Oh, one last thing...would people be interested in a group buy for a professional looking face plate for the amp ( I guess everyone knows it doesn't come with the face plate)?
  15. Postal_Blue
    I am interested in the faceplate idea. Unfortunately I have little/nothing to offer in it's development; although I do have some name ideas:

    Lame I know, but I would think it inappropriate to fail to outwardly distinguish our builds from Jan's commercial offering.
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