Kingsound KS-H3 with M10 or Koss ESP 950 with E90
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New Head-Fier
Oct 14, 2013
Hi all,
im in the market for an electrostatic headphone, my first one. The problem is that i have very little money to spend so i would like a headphone that is not only relatively cheap but durable so i don't have to replace it in the next ten years or so.
My primary candidates are the Kingsound KS-H3 with the M10 and the Koss ESP 950 with the E90 since they are available in Sweden(good warranty here). Getting headphones from outside of the EU like a STAX setup is not an option because of the insane VAT(25% approx). Now i already have a Hifiman HE-400i and a slew of dynamic headphones so i would like to stray from the typical planar magnetic and dynamic sound as much as possible. What worries me about all cheaper electrostatics i've read about like the ESP 950 is their apparent lack of bass and sub-bass(
Now my questions are as follows:
Which of the headphones i mentioned above has a frequency curve that best matches the black line in this figure(neutral):
Which of these headphones are the most durable and most likely to work out of the box?
Which of these headphones sound closer to a typical electrostatic headphone, if there is such a thing?
Which of these headphones would fit best for versatile use(music in various genres, gaming, movies)?
Me and my wallet would be very thankful if anyone has answers to any of my questions or if anyone has had experience with any of the headphones in the title.

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