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Kings of details: Phonak Audeo PFE112 | DBA-02 | RE-0 | Incase Sonic [Worldwide Shipping]

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by ulogin, Jun 22, 2012.
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  1. ulogin
    For Sale
    I appreciate varieties and different sound signatures, but that's after I joined this community (thanks Head-fi!). How so? I'd read somebody saying "forward mids" and I'd buy a headphone to understand what forward and mids are. I’d read somebody saying that "Atrio M5 does sub-bass well" and within weeks, I was listening to it understanding what was mid-bass and sub-bass. It’s been great fun. But since I should move on to my amp/full-size phones (for more auditioning lol), up for sale are these minty new phones (minty because they are for auditioning purpose and I use them interchangeably with my other phones). BTW, try not to dismiss a gear because it’s cheap. RE-0 is cheap but many compare them to the best.
    As you can see, here I have for sale are all detailed-oriented guys – phones that shine on the upper part of the frequency range while keeping the bass on the tight side. For powerful (bassy) phones, please look for my other FS thread.
    1. Incase Sonic (March 2012): $78. These phones are relatively unknown so you probably have not heard of them. But as you can read below, they get the endorsement of Mkubota1 (a Head-fi’s contributor), who compared these to ER-4S and AKG. Plus these phones look very good too.
    2. SOLD  Philips SHE9700 (January 2012): $OLD.
    3. SOLD  HiFiMan RE-0 (second owner): $OLD.
    4. SOLD  Phonak Audeo PFE112 (June 2012): $OLD.
    5. NO LONGER AVAILABLE  Fischer Audio DBA-02 (March 2012): $OLD. As you might know, DBA-02’s cable is not of the highest quality. Mine is only three months ago but has already acquired one tiny split. I could have sent mine back to GD Audiobase but after reading their customers’ recent experience, I chose not to. Plus, the one split that I managed to find is functionally undetectable but also almost invisible (please see photo). Of course, if you so decide, you could have it re-cabled for cheap ($20; please see information below). 
    Note: Date of purchase in parentheses.
    $3 less for two items  |  $8 less for three items (can combine items in my other FS threads)
    Prices include CONUS shipping. International buyers please add $10 for additional shipping fee. Accepts PayPal personal or buyer adds 4% (Amazon payment is free BTW).
    Thanks for looking!
    Glowing reviews:
    Incase Sonic:

     [size=12px]I'm really curious about the development of these and who exactly is behind them. Did they decide to go all out and hire top notch engineers and pick the right listening panel, or did they just get lucky? . . . . The specs say that these Sonics use titanium drivers. There aren't too many of those around (Ultrasone?) . . . . [/size] [size=12px]These have an upper-midrange/high-frequency emphasis to my ears. And having AKG K1000s and Etymotic ER-4Ss, I like that tonal balance. There is a good (great?) sense of air and lots of texture in that upper region. A lot of people would call this can bright, just as they would the K1000s or the K/Q701s. But to my ears, it just rides that fine line between being revealing and fatiguing. Admittedly, it can be a tad 'sizzly' at times. If I had to compare it tonally with an IEM, I would say it sounds a lot like the TripleFi10, minus a little bit of the bass. As for the bass, I would actually call it somewhat bass-light. It's definitely there. But it's the warm and smooth kind as opposed to the punchy visceral kind . . . . [B]ecause the bass is always clean and disciplined you still get a good sense of rhythm (pace?) with these. If you like the Etymotic ER-4s or the AKG K/Q701s, then you will probably like these . . . . So go ahead and call this an endorsement . . . . I'd be putting down $150 for them today.[/size]

     [size=12px]The Incase Sonic is a super FUN sounding hp. It's got booming bass, and the highs are pretty good - but forward. The mids needed a little EQ boost, but are still quite nice. This is a quite warm sounding hp. As for comfort, they're really nice. It feels like I'm wearing ear muffs,...I like it. I think I'd compare the way they feel to the AIAIAI TMA-1 in a way,...but I like the SQ of these better. The TMA-1 lacked the clarity I require, these are nice and clear. I even like these a bit more than my Aurvana Live's,...and that's saying a lot. Oh, yeah, speaking of the Aurvana Live,...even after I put foam in the Aurvana's the isolation sux. The Sonic's are MUCH better when it comes to isolation. I think they're on par with the hd25-1 II. . . . [/size] [size=12px] So far, I luv 'em.[/size]
  2. Pingupenguins
    PM'd about the DBA-02's
  3. ulogin
    DBA-02 still available.
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