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  1. dmk1
    Sony PRS-505 owner here. E-ink really is a beautiful thing. Plus, with all the free classics available I haven't paid for anything I've been reading (well, except for a few non-free books).
  2. sanakaku
    Check out Joojoo i did pick up the Ipad though.. but the Joojoo is quite cheap and can run win. 7 with atom procie/ nvidia ion graphic chipset cheap for measly 500$.. the downside? 4 gb hd
  3. shigzeo Contributor


    Got to be careful with what Amazon says and what reality is. Here (South Korea), people who want to bring their foreign phone in for long periods of time have to give it to the government to take apart and maybe add something to the board. The operation costs 1000$. Otherwise, you could stay a year and use your home country's service on roaming charges. What one company advertises as working isn't always feasible. In the Republic of Samsung (bleeding corporate dictators), you have no choice but to buy in Korea.
  4. Thecoolguy
    For those of you on this thread considering a nook, I wouldn't get one. I played with one at Barns and Noble for a few minutes and it was terrible to say the least. The interface was confusing, the device felt cheap, the small touch screen at the bottom was very unresponsive, and the screen wasn't as good as the kindles.
  5. zotjen Contributor

    Actually, this is no longer true. The Kindle does now support pdf's natively. I would also be wary of getting a Nook only because Barnes & Noble is on very shaky ground financially. 

  6. SiriuslyCold
    Last week I was in the bookstore they sold both US and UK versions of Dan Brown's Lost Symbol paperback; it's not as if books are locally published by a different publisher - at least not in MY 
  7. Moontan13


    OK, but don't you guys get some sort of a sweet deal on WoW?
  8. gilency Contributor
    My wife loves her Nook and I do too.
    Kindle EPub is not compatible with EPub and other formats. There is a new Nook coming out probably in the next few months.
    Barnes and Noble is not really in shaky grounds. It was more of a power play between the original founder and another shareholder who wants full control of the company.
  9. audioheadfi
    Ive had the Kindle DX (for Uni) and sold it and bought the new K3 (for use in Au) and its great. there is free web browsing however you would only buy it for books.. anything else and forget it. If you thinking of buying to replicate an iPad.. forget. Its no comparison IMO.. however I knew what I was getting myself in for as i soley use it for reading.
     Its small, light and great for travelling and not having to lug around a large book.
    Also the US Amazon book shop is more extensive than any other geographical bookstore so if you can try and make your settings as a US address.. do it. There is a whole sub-culture on trying to trick amazon into thinking you reside in the US in order to keep the US book store status.. but thats another thread. Amazon seem to be tracking down people who are registering their Kindles to the US book store while not living in the US.. there is a school of thought they are doing this by tracing 3G whispernet book purchases.. so I disconnect the 3G from the day i bought it and buy all my US books through USB>Mac.
  10. Welly Wu
    I am going to buy the Amazon Kindle 3 with both Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities this Christmas 2010. The key selling points include the fact that I can download out of copyright classics at no charge (1,800 titles and growing) and the professional reviews that compare the major e-book readers on the market at this time. This is a must have item for me because I can rent current bestsellers at http://www.listennj.com for free. Except for textbooks for my courses at NJIT, I stopped reading paper books a long time ago and I want to kick start my reading sessions through the Kindle.
  11. MCC

    Agreed. All three display units at Barnes & Noble had cracked page turn buttons, the web browser didn't work correctly on one, and they all had a laggy interface. My Dad's Kindle DX seems to have much better build quality and it's been working well for him.
    I walked into B&N planning to buy a Nook a week later but it didn't happen due to the above concerns.
  12. Welly Wu
    I studiously avoided the Barnes & Noble Nook because I used to work for Barnes & Noble Booksellers. My working experience left much to be desired based on the way they handle their business. I do hope they produce a better e-book reader in the near future (say by the end of this year), but I am not holding out for them. The Nook is a good idea that integrates into their brick and mortar stores (and their Barnes & Noble membership cards which cost $25.00 USD annually), but it is problematic to use once you step outside of one of their stores. A friend of mine and former co-worker bought one and he bought a Nook with the 3G option. He has a hard time downloading e-books outside due to a weak signal at his apartment complex. Also, the Nook does not allow you to download out of copyright e-books for free and they nickel and dime you for their library collection of titles. It is a good idea that is not well executed in my opinion.
  13. chadbang
    Hm, I'm looking a getting a Kindle, too.  I really like the new model: slim, light, simple. I want a reader that's easy on the eyes, because I'm half blind from staring at lighted computer screens! I also want to start reading more, and I don't need the distraction of ... "hm, maybe I'll just swing over to Headfi for a peak...." Too tempting to put down "Gravity's Rainbow" and start surfing for amps! Heheheh.
    But I didn't know it was troublesome reading PDFs on the Kindle. That's a huge part of what I want. I already have a lot of book and whatnot in pdf form. The nook is cute, but it didn't get great reviews. The Sony I'll look closer at, but I read a so-so review of the latest one. I hope Amazon updates the Kindles software to make PDFs more compatible on their lower end models. $139 sounds great to me!
    Should I get the 3G model? Any opinions?
  14. Moontan13
    My Kindle came in two days ago, and the accessories I got on ebay came on the same day. I put a vinyl skin on it right away, then bought some books. I put the Kindle app on my computer, so it just automaticly syncs my purchases, and I download via 3G. Since I bought my Kindle from Amazon, it's already synced to my Amazon account.
    It was really easy to use, survviving my refusal to look at the start up guide. Just playing around, you can figure out how it works, There's a full manual already loaded on the Kindle when you get it.
    It's very easy to read from, and the default type size is just right.
    The only glitch I ran into was accessing my wireless network. The Kindle properly detected it, but asked for the password. My password has numbers, something the Kindle keypad does not. I probably just need to get into my router and set an alphabetical password. Edit: Wrong! Numbers are in the symbol library. Wireless connected without further issue.
    In short, it's quite nice and I'm pleased with it so far.
  15. boomana
    I liked my Kindle a lot, but I gave it to my mother after getting my ipad.  If I did a lot of reading outside, I would have kept the Kindle, but since I don't, the ipad works best for me, and I don't need both.  All my books from the Kindle transferred over with the Kindle app, so that made my decision easy.
    Look in the gear forum here, there's a whole Kindle thread there.
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