KILLER tube output cd player: Cayin CDT-17A
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about a year ago I decided to build a rig for my office. I was totally spoiled by my home rig which includes a naim cd-5 cdp w/flattop (outboard pwr srce). I auditioned everything out there under $2000. I tried but sold a Rega Apollo because it was nowhere near the same league as my naim. then I auditioned this unit, a Cayin CDT-17A, and was blown away. i found one mint used for $1250 (they list around 2 grand but sell for 1800 or so new). It has been a pure pleasure with my HR2 and Ps-1's & ed-9's. Easily in league with the $3000 worth of Naim gear!

But I've changed jobs and can no longer use a full sized player at work. So it goes.

There is a mark (mia culpa) on the front edge that shows as black on the silver finish, but except for that single mark it remains in perfect shape. let my carelessness be your ticket to another level of sound for a good deal less than it normally takes: I am putting this up for sale for $zerb.bleep.explitive instead of the $1200 its easily worth because of the scratch and because I want to sell it quickly.

I can post pictures tomorrow night. It has balanced and unbalanced outputs - has a pretty blue light!

Google it and you'll get the details and reviews that led me to it last year. This is an opportunity for someone to get seriously incredible sound for way less $ than is usual. It's is a killer deal on a killer source.

my feedback here, and as tagyerit at audiogon, and as analog_man on ebay reflect my honesty and reliability.

can ship wordwide (but not offworld). buyer pays insured shipping and paypal fee please.

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