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***KGST built by Headinclouds*** 110V or 230V Free Shipping

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  1. preproman
    For Sale
    This amp is in "MINT" condition and it sounds wonderful.  The build is excellent.  Looks as if it's a commercial build.  Hats off to Headinclouds for a fantastic job.
    I'm only selling this to make room for a BHSE, otherwise this would be my amp of choice.  
    Comes with it's own 2mm HEX key and 4 Spare GE 6S4A Tubes.  This amp is switchable from 110V to 230V.
    I'll pay the shipping, the buyer pays the pay pal fees.
    No Trades.  
  2. HemiSam
    I have this amp and can attest to the incredible build quality Geoff puts into his builds.  The heat sinking allows it run extremely cool...I can lay my hand over the cover on top of the tubes indefinitely.  Sounds spectacular with my 007a's fed by an ygg DAC.
    Good luck with the sale.  Anyone wanting to power an 007 or 009 should jump all over this bad boy.
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