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KGSSHV Carbon Info/help

    So I've been wanting to build electrostatic headphones, but before I can even experiment I need an amp. I've been trying to find the schematics, Gerber files, BOM, and a board layout for the KGSSHV Carbon. But I've only managed to find a Google drive for gerber files. Most of the links I run into are dead or wrong, that's my main issue.

    I want to build the KGSSHV Carbon version 6. If anyone can provide me links to, a thread containing, or copies of schematics, BOM( even if outdated, that's fine. I can read the datasheet to find equivalents. I just need it to be correct for the v6 carbon and psu), Gerber files (just in case), and a board layout that would be amazing!

    For the PSU, from what I understand there's a GSHV PSU that is all in one, HV and LV rails. I think I want to build this one for simplicity's sake, so this is one I would like files for. I havent even found Gerber files for this yet, so if I could get all the files that would be amazing. If I want to upgrade it, I can simply get a GSLV board to run separate correct? This is what I understand from reading multiple threads.

    Thanks for the help, and sorry if this stuff is posted somewhere. I've been searching for hours over the course of a couple days. I've read plenty about HV risks(I have experience with HV electricity, just not in circuits), and transformer ordering, and why the Carbon is a better choice. But even many of Kevin Gilmore's recent posts have dead links.

    Again, I apologise if it's posted elsewhere. It just got exhausting trying to hunt down all this. Thank you so much for any help!
  2. tomb
    It does seem that Kevin's designs have a shelf life, but maybe he can direct you to someone who still has PCBs and or Gerber files. The best thing you can do is try contacting Kevin or Spritzer directly through a PM on the other forum. (PM me if you don't know what I'm talking about.)
  3. Mandrake5
    Kevin Gilmore retired from Northwestern University and all the links for those files are dead's.
    So i communicate with Kevin and he provides me a way to recover the files.
    I have those files in two zip files one is named "Documents" the other is "Stax PCBs".
    I've got recently all the pcb's and i use a Mouser project file for the version 5 of the amplifier.
    Some of the components are not available anymore, and the famous C2M1000170D were backordered during a year, but it's available again now.
    I find suitable replacement for some components but me too wants to have an update for the schematic of the amplifier and the power supply. I can share the files with you if it can helps.

    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019

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