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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. XylefMTG
    I thought I was done buying headphones, but I need to start saving up. These are amazing looking! Even the picture looks soft. :o2smile:
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  2. eric65
    It is more than amazing! :)

    It did not go unnoticed on Facebook! :beyersmile:


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  3. Bergamot
    Hi lovely people.) Today I want to tell a little about the new headband Vali 2019. At first, I was skeptical about this, because in my opinion, without the old headband, a piece of the brutality of the previous headphones disappeared. But after a while I can say for sure that it is even better than the old one in terms of comfort and usability. The weight of the headphones is now evenly distributed and you can sit in them for hours without fatigue. So if someone else is thinking about buying-take the MKII.
  4. XylefMTG
    Thanks to William Murdoch for continuing to highlight the excellent headphones of Kennerton.

  5. eric65
    Hi all.

    VIIIth St. Petersburg international cultural forum (November 2019).

    A dream headphones!


    A trilogy of headphones of the highest level of listening and technology!



    But the most beautiful headphones on this picture, is not necessarily the best, especially if the outsider is associated with the same Kennerton custom cable used on this most beautiful headphones! :beyersmile::)


    The amp is original, but you all know that we can find even better ...
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2019
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  6. eric65
    Hi again.


    I'm about to think that more and more.

    The Kennerton Thekk headphones combined with the Kennerton Custom Cable (and not the Vectura C cable, by comparison) are imho better than the Thror on a lot of audio criteria because they improve some of the weak points of the Thror, while keeping its main qualities:
    Better dynamics and bass presence (in SPL), with more impact.
    Legibility, bass texture and extension in the sub-basses preserved.
    Mids less emphasized, better balanced with the other registers (bass and treble).
    Very good definition on all registers, at the same level as the Thror.
    Better timbres on voices and instruments, which appear even more balanced, fuller, especially for strings, but also male and female voices.

    Thekk is the best I've found to listen to Debussy or Schumann on the piano; to listen to a French opera (Carmen); to listen to the mixed voices of the female trio L.E.J accompanied by a cello (acoustic and electric); to listen to the voice of the folk singer Nolwenn Leroy and her accompanying guitar in the album Folk; to listen with accuracy to the folk guitar of Paco De Lucia and his famous "Entre Dos Aguas"; and last but not least to listen again, with the greatest pleasure, without any frustration, to Hans Zimmer's Live in Prague (on the LPCM track of the blu-ray, which is for me more authentic than the dolby Atmos track for the timbres of musical instruments).
    The Thekk allows you to listen to this live concert at a good SPL sound level, without hearing fatigue, and especially this track, which with a lot of speakers (and surely, some headphones) can quickly turn into a sound porridge and/or with an unpleasant sound.

    There, nothing of all that: the drums and percussions are at the same time dynamic, well present for the SPL level of the bass, with enough impact and readability (to follow the melodic line); the strings are there and sound "just right"; the sub-basses of the synth and the drums (bass drum) are also well present and readable, participating a lot to the atmosphere of the live concert ; the voices are present and readable and "true" (whether it is the voice of Hans Zimmer in his pitch, or the voice of the singers...): in fact everything is very legible over the entire sound spectrum, with preservation of details, respect of dynamics, and above all preservation of timbres, which is more than appreciable! :)
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  7. XylefMTG
    What do we have here?? Can't wait until the work day is over!!!

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  8. eric65
    It is curious, this package received in the United States seems to have inscriptions written in Russian language; a postage error?:beyersmile:
  9. XylefMTG
    Nice to have a closed back without the compromises.
  10. Leondinas
    Although closed back, I think Magni sound stage is still on par with that of the HD600/HD650. Does sound like a normal open back headphones !
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  11. oqvist
    Soundstage is a bit smaller then d7200 and dx 1000 but not much. Dont mind it much but I would say like all closed headphones it got a room where with open headphones its just air. Not necessarily a negative for music its mostly gaming and movies with big open vistas The room should not be there :)
  12. Bergamot
    Please compare with the Vali. Very interesting what will enjoy more. The concept of sounding at them all the same different. Thx.
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  13. eric65
    Hi all.

    After William Murdock's complete review of the new Vali 2019

    William spends a little more time this time comparing the new Vali 2019 with the old Vali!

    Strength and weakness of these two very good electrodynamic open headphones ... :)

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  14. eric65
    Hi all.

    I've just made a new comparison of the Thror headphones + Vectura C cable versus the Thekk headphones + Custom cable from Kennerton, on the Viva 2A3 amp, this time on the well known JS Bach Cello Suites : Bach Cello Suites by Jean Guihen Queyras - CD recording Harmondia mundi - Diapason d'Or award.


    I listened to this track on the CD, on both headphones (which you can hear on the YouTube video below).

    The listening differences between the two headphones are obvious.

    The Thror gives a fairly clear, precise, slightly soft, well-spacialized cello sound, with an emphasis on the sound of the strings.

    The Thekk gives imho a more realistic rendition of the cello, with a good balance between the sound of the sounding board (body sound) (giving body to the instrument) (nb: the body sound is a bit absent with the Thror) and the strings sound, which sound with more matter and density than the Thror, and also with more grain (nb: the strings sound is more smooth (slick) with the Thror).
    The Thekk is therefore more precise (the grain of the strings is better highlighted) and more natural than the Thror (with a better perception of the sound of the sounding board giving body to the instrument).
    The Thekk is therefore more faithful (compared to the Thror) for the cello's restitution; it therefore deserves its qualification of Pro compared to the Thror! :)
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2019
  15. eric65
    Hi all.


    Why So Serious?

    Enjoy the music with the Thror, the Magni, and even better, the Thekk ! :)


    Hans Zimmer The Dark Knight Medley : Why So Serious? / Like A Dog Chasing Cars
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2019
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