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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. oqvist
    Yes open headphones has a big advantage with free air. But I want the cake and still eat it :p

    As for dynamics have the HD 800s and Anandas and they are polar opposite. If 800s was closed it would kick even harder I suppose but as being open they punch holes in the air :)
  2. Leondinas
    If we say both Magni and Thekk have similar sound signature to Thror, does that mean Magni also similar to Thekk ?
  3. eric65
    If these two headphones (the Magni and Thekk) have a relatively balanced and neutral tone, the Thekk is of superior class, by a more natural sound, more just for the tonality and the timbre of voices and instruments; it is also more nuanced, softer, fuller (dense) and complete in its sound; it is generally more pleasant and welcoming to hear than the Magni.

    The Magni has a little more level in the treble than the Thekk and the Thror; it treble is also less fine.

    As well as between Thror and Magni, the Thror's precision, especially its soundstage (in 3D layers), its sound density, its sweetness, its opening and aeration (feel of space), are superior, especially with a very good tube amplifier that opens the sound.

    The Kennerton Magni is an excellent closed-back headphones, but the Thror and the Thekk are even better ... The price (and technology) are not the same.

    That said, the Kennerton Magni is an excellent closed-back headphones, which buried the Focal Elegia during a comparative listening (on the Auris Euterpe amp).
    Associated with a good amplifier, the Magni is a very good headphones, both precise (detailled), relatively airy (for a closed-back headphones), fast, dynamic, reasonably neutral, that can go very far.
    It is the closed-back headphones used by my son that he uses to compose piano partitions with the MuseScore 3 software.:)

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  4. eric65
    Good evening everyone.

    I spent tonight at the serious things with my Kennerton Thekk: what is this headphones worth in addition to listening to the beautiful voice (Belgian) of Angele? :wink:

    Well, I switched to another slightly different kind of music, with Bizet's "Carmen" French Opera, a masterful (and memorable for the oldest of us) recordings from 1964, made at Salle Wagram in Paris. Paris with the Orchester de l'Opéra de Paris. Georges Prêtre with the baguette.

    Who does not know this opera tune?

    Well, I was very pleasantly surprised at the rendering of Thekk, on such an old recording: it's really excellent! :)
    Two things surprised me:
    - the very pleasant and natural tonal rendering of the Thekk, with a detailed, fast sound, without being analytical or tiring. The sound is very immersive and you feel very comfortable in it.
    - the rendering of the soundstage, very natural, not extra large, but very well constructed, very precise, especially with a lot of depth; we really feel like we are at the concert with an excellent separation of the sound shots and sensation of distance depending on the position of the actors and their displacement on the stage, in a realistic way (not deformed) (nb: we visualize very well the moving the actors when they move: for example the troupe of children's choirs moving from right to left in the song of the guard rising and falling.

    Other good surprise for me: the very good performance of classical piano (Debussy and Schumann), with a plenitud (fullness) and a natural sound very pleasant; the extra bass is nice to give fullness (of body) to the piano, compared to the Thror, while keeping excellent timbres.

    Ditto for the violin and the piano of Stéphane Grappelli & Michel Petrucciani (Flamingo): the rendering is full, warm, precise, not at all aggressive or analytical: here is a violin with a full sound (with body), , tthe opposite of a lean (thin) sound while being well detailed and precise, with a good separation of the instruments and a good depth for the soundstage.

    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
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  5. oqvist
    Dusted off my Focal Elear. On my tube amplifier it´s actually quite similar to the Magni. I have no idea why but it´s a totally different headphone on my tube amplifier compared to my solid states I have run a lot headphones through it this is the only one that is a different headphone. But it just sounds heavier and warmer and richer where it´s bright on all my solid states and more in line with hd 800s, ananda though a bit more bass of course.
    Better sound quality due to being open but the magni is just so physical and lively and sometimes buttery and I love the room feel so it employs all the dirty tricks in the book to still somehow appear more musical.
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  6. eric65
    Hi, all.

    I think that, as with the Kennerton Magni headphones (an innovative closed-back electrodynamic headphones with its composite mylar / graphene membrane), the Kennerton Thekk planar headphones is Kennerton's greatest achievement: it is the most accomplished open headphones of the Kennerton planar headphones lineage (Odin mk1 / Odin mk2 / Thrid Odin (mk3) / Thror and now Thekk), both for weight (one of the lightest high-end planar headphones on the market) and for sound (one of the most attractive sounds combining a very natural and pleasant listening, engaging and "implicating", with a very complete sound, full, a sense of details without over-analysis, a great precision of the soundstage with an excellent depth, the correctness of the timbres, the speed of its transients ...).
    I even nicknamed it at a moment "Odin mk4", to show its degree of evolution and achievement.:)
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  7. eric65
    Hello everyone, revise your Russian, because here is an interesting criticism of the Kennerton Magni made by romanrex (the boss of the RAA Russian measurement site), in Russian language, on the Russian forum.


    EDIT: and this additional message, from the same author, on the Russian forum:


    and its conclusion (translated into English) : " Magni - they are gorgeous headphones. Among the many others, they captivated me, like last year's the Erzetich Phobos. They really need a good source. Not everyone is going to realize it. In itself, "Heavy metal" for the source and the headphones imposes special requirements (another classification of characteristics), and if tested exclusively on it, the "better"/"worse" will relate only to the "Heavy metal". And this is one of the reasons to make an assessment on different music, and for yourself, on the music that you listen to. "
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  8. oqvist
    I managed to click the right one with google chrome. Tough read with google translate dunno if it all made sense. This one was easier on google translate


    There was some mention of NAD HP 50 Viso which I own but didn´t really understand if they suggested that was better in some way?
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  9. eric65
    The second article you quote (above) is that of an obvious criticism (negative) of Kennerton products (Odin, Magni ...) Roman (Rom2307) (*) who defends his own headphones (MyST IzoPhones headphones ...).

    (*) not to be confused with romanrex, the boss of the RAA measurement site.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  10. eric65

    Quote (romanrex) : " ViSO HP50 - неплохие наушники, но у них ограничен потолок их качества. Надо будет напрямую сравнить, просто прослушивание их год назад оставило впечатление о них как о наушниках-середничках. "

    My translation from Russian into English is : " The NAD VISO HP50 headphones are not bad, but their quality is capped (limited). You have to compare them directly; it's just that I was auditioning them a year ago and it left an impression of them as "average" headphones (i.e. in the average)."

    I therefore understand that the Kennerton Magni headphones is comparatively better than the NAD VISO HP50 wich is (for this last headphones) an average headphones, with a sound quality capped (limited).

    In addition, I quote a French commentary of a Kennerton Magni comparison with the Audio Technica ATH-W1000X headphones:

    " To answer you Eric, the Magni is burying my Audio Technica on every point. Better aeration, wider soundstage, deeper and cleaner bass, and softer and less loud high frequencies; the midrange is also more pleasant.
    In short, Audio Technica, despite all the good services provided, cannot compete. And I would even say that the HD650 Sennheiser is also swept even in aeration and soundstage.

    Anyway, you can imagine that, I'm glad. "

    Source: https://musique-o-casque.com/viewtopic.php?p=4279#p4279
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  11. oqvist
    Tried the Viso HP 50 on my RME ADI-2. I only used them as portable headphones as that is what they are made for. They do have a somewhat similar frequency response to the magnis but yes it´s not something I would listen to outside the lesser sources.
  12. eric65
    Perhaps your Kennerton Magni (and my Kennerton Thekk) would deserve to appear now on Tyll Hertsens' famous "Wall of Fame" on Innerfidelity? :beyersmile:


    We're waiting for Tyll's retirement to end! :)
  13. oqvist
    Is he still living in his car home :) He would absolutely love the magni I am sure.
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  14. eric65
    Good evening, everyone.

    For once, no listening to the Thekk tonight, but just its contemplation in the light of a halogen (located behind the sofa) and a photograph that wants to be quite faithful to what I am contemplating blissfully tonight (instead of listening to the music, like everyone else, which would be more in the function of the headphones you will tell me), but the headphones is still worth a look.... contemplative and blissful! :beyersmile::)

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  15. Beagle
    I'm thinking of the Vali, for a warm, musical romantic headphone.
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