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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. eric65

    The short pads (for the Magni) were originally delivered with (at the same time) as the Magni equipped with stock long (thickest) pads, during the launch offer of the Magni, in the summer 2019.


    Currently the Magni seems to be delivered only with the long pads (thickest) in stock.
    and the stock cable is now better, with a jack 6.35 mm (against 3.5 mm at the beginning) on the amplifier side.

    The short pads had less level in the bass than the long pads and therefore seemed better balanced for the tonal balance. (Perhaps because of a lower tightness of these short versus long pads; Magni's bass level is very dependent on the sealing of the pads and their tightness).
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  2. eric65
    Hi all.

    New distinguished wood for the Kennerton Thror: two-tone karelian birch stabilized .:)


    and what's new, the long-awaited Kennerton Thekk! :)

    The pro version of the flagship Kennerton Thror, lighter (in weight and price) ...
    Weight annouced : 350 g (standard wood) and 400 g (Karelian birch stabilized).

    Some new pics to bring you.





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  3. eric65
    Good morning all.

    Kennerton has changed the presentation of his website for the headphones, which are now classified according to the range, and the technology ; Thror always at the top.

    Some remarks to make to you.

    The Thror is the most expensive, especially the superb versions of Thror stabilized birch from Karelia, 150 to 300 Euros more expensive than the other versions.
    Note that all new Thror are now delivered with a second pair of pads, alternative, which would be supposed to sound the Thror as the Odin mk2 (and that would also be available in detail in the accessories : pads ECL-02).

    The Odin Thridi is currently in second place, between the Thror and the new Odin 2019, there are also slightly more expensive versions, in particular in stabilized Karelian birch, including a beautiful version "amber".

    The new Odin 2019, featuring the Thridi drivers, the heavy Zinc grilles of the Odin mk2, and the Magni's headband, is for the third time in the third place. Its price is quite attractive.

    The new Vali 2019, quite different from the old Vali, for aesthetics, comfort, and even the sound, has the same price as the old Vali on the Kennerton website.
    It has the same headband as the Magni, and now the same cable as the Magni, with a mini-jack 3.5mm x2 side earphone connection and a 6.35mm full-size jack on the side of the amp (and a adapter jack 6.35 mm --> 3.5 mm , qualitative); the cable is quality.

    The Magni, after its promotional offer of summer 2019, loses its second pair of alternative pads (short pads) and keeps its long pads (the thickest) in stock; the short pads (for my ear), with a less good seal, decreased the Magni's bass level (if not, had slightly forward), with for my ear, a better balance of tone and timbre, but at the expense of the bass level; you can reduce the bass level of the Magni, creating a slight acoustic leak of the pads in stock (decrease the sealing of the pads), for example by wearing glasses ...
    The Magni therefore loses the short alternate pads, but inherits the same (quality) cable from the new Vali 2019, as described above. We win the change, compared to the 3.5 mm jack connector on the side of the amp, and its adapter 3.5 mm jack -> 6.35 mm, full of false contact.
    (Nb: adapter jack 6.35 mm -> 3.5 mm) of the new Vali 2019 and now the Magni, and much more qualitative).
    (Nb bis: the new Odin and all other Kennerton planar headphones use a quality 2m cable (copper, Litz wire, I think) with a 6.35 mm jack connector on the side of the amp, and two mini XLR connectors, on the side of the ear-cups (just like with the old Vali)).

    Otherwise, this ranking of Kennerton headphones should soon be changed, with the arrival very soon (in France at least) the highly anticipated Thekk, the pro version of the flagship Thror.

    An expert eye will see one of the reasons for the reduction in the price of the Kennerton Thekk, versus his big brother, the Kennerton Thror:
    . The new flexible and lightened headband of the Thekk (the same one that equips the Magni, but also the new Odin 2019 and the new Vali 2019), that it will not hesitate to twist a little, to "flatten" the two metal blades of the hoop, if the clamping of the headphones should be felt too high; "basic" clamping, however much weaker than that provided by the rigid arch of the Odin, Throdi, Thror and the old Vali.
    . The replacement of the beautiful wooden box equipping the Thror and the Odin Thridi, by a travel bag in leatherette, which is both compact and convenient for transporting the headphones.

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  4. oqvist
    Thanks! Btw do you work for Kennerton? I ordered a set of Magni yesterday will see which version I get.
  5. eric65
    Not at all. I'm just a french fan of Kennerton brand

    But I am well informed by following some Russian sources.

    I also bought a lot of headphones from Kennerton: 2 Odin mk1, 1 Odin mk2 wooden in Karelian birch, 1 Thror (THR-001) in bog oak, 1 Magni in Karelian birch (promotional series with two pair of pads offered, short and long (stock)), 1 Thekk (TK-001) in two-tone Karelian birch stabilized (currently on order).

    I could also listen to the Kennerton Vali (the old Vali), and some other headphones: Stax SR-009, Stax 007mk2, Audeze LCD3F (that I once possessed), and in the showroom of Pierre Paya (in Nîmes, France), the headphones JPS Abyss 1266 and Diana, the HE-1000 V1 and V2, the Hifiman Susvara, the Focal Utopia and Stellia, the Meze Empyrean; allthese headphones with excellent electronics (Viva 2A3 amp, that I own at home and Viva 845 amp, among others); and even the Sennheiser HE-1 system and the Hifiman Shangri-La ...

    Congratulations on your order of the Magni; with what wood for the cups?
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  6. oqvist
    Thats a nice list. I got oak I believe. It was from a swedish reseller which made it easy no options.
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  7. eric65
    Good ! :)

    According to Pierre Paya, who sells both Focal and Kennerton headphones, the Kennerton Magni is (very) superior to the Focal Elegia, as a closed-back headphones.

  8. Arcamera
    I know of no greater Kennerton champion than Eric. World's #1 Kennerton Fan! :beyersmile:
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  9. eric65
    Hi Andrew. :)

    Let's say that my enthusiasm for headphones Kennerton is communicative, at least in France ; on the French forum MOC where I intervene most currently, the number of views for the generalist thread Kennerton reach near the 100,000, against only a few thousand views for other threads of headphones (nevertheless known)...

    Otherwise, 2 pictures of Kennerton Magni of my son Raphael, a high school student, with it arch (headband) widened to his large head (like mine) to further improve (soften) clamping: wearing comfort now "royal".


    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
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  10. oqvist
    Got the Kennerton Magni today. Plugged them into my RME ADI-2 Got the old revision. Made in july. I don´t know what to do with myself jeeeesus. Such dynamics, energy and that bass. I will never ever miss my LCD-2 again. I was surprised it appear to have the same level of bass as the D7200 but even better quality. Say appear I have not made any comparison but its way more dynamic and brutal. Maybe it´s elevated some not sure or it´s just that I never had proper bass in headphones. I can´t say I have heard it drowning the midrange yet on my RME ADI-2 DAC. But there is some darkness going on with this as well which make it somehow familiar to the D7200. D7200 do a bit more noticable affect the midrange but still good at keeping it consistent.

    Treble is not as brilliant as my open headphones hifiman ananda and Sennheiser HD 800S some overtones is missing but they rock so hard with Nightwish Dark passion play currently I don´t know what to do... classical, pop, female vocals, male vocals, enya, nightwish etc everything just works so far and everything is always physical and big but in a small stage. When reading about open I expected a lighter and freer sound but it´s just closed but better then any closed I ever heard in my life.

    Comfortable so far but with the tendency to want to bob the head it would be nice with a harder clamp perhaps. They do jiggle a bit when turning the head though they stay in place. For music I am sold already will have to see with gaming and movies if I start to feel to constricted by the soundstage.
    So yes not sure I agree about them sounding like open headphones but jeesus I can live in this world.
    I don´t know if I want any possible burnin happen to these tbh.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
  11. XylefMTG
    Okay, that does it. I LOVE my Vali 2019's & have heard nothing but great things about the Magni and I'm very intrigued. Operation sell other headphones to get the Magni is going to commence!

    Congrats and I'm glad you're enjoying them.
  12. oqvist
    I would take my findings with a whole can of salts though. Very first impressions but I got really vowed by them
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  13. oqvist
    How cautious would you need to play them nonstop? Do I dare to run constant pink noise or can they overheat?
  14. Roderick
    Any info on Thekk pricing? How much cheaper is it exactly?
  15. eric65
    In France, the official price of the Thekk is 2.850 Euros, all tax included (TTC), including the french tax of 20 % (TVA) ; that of the Thror is 3.600 Euros TTC, with the same french TVA tax of 20 %.

    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
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