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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. eric65
    Wow !

    You will be the first in the USA to describe the sound of the new Vali 2019!
    Your opinion interests us all here! :)

    For my part, I should soon receive my Thekk SN-001, which will of course be compared to my Thror SN-001
    We remain in the forefront of these new Kennerton productions! :beyersmile:
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  2. eric65

    In France the price (all tax includes) of the Thekk for "standard" wood will be 2,850 Euros; price in Euros all taxes included (with VAT at 20%), to compare with the French price of the Thror (in bog oak) of 3.600 Euros, all taxes included (with VAT at 20%), which corresponds to 79.16 % of the price of Thror.

    The international price of the Thror (in bog oak) on Kennerton's website is $ 3,436 USD (excluding taxes) (i.e 3,080 Euros net of taxes), which would give a Thekk (estimate price) to $ 2.720 USD (or 2,440 Euros excluding taxes).
  3. XylefMTG
    IMG_20191105_204507.jpg IMG_20191105_204745.jpg
    What do you think? I think they look amazing and sound even better!
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
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  4. eric65

    Incredible this new Vali 2019 ...

    Indeed, it look very amazing; unique!

    Congratulation. :)
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
  5. XylefMTG
    Thank you. I'm very happy with my purchase. The new Vali was everything I had hoped for. My goal was to find a possible upgrade to what I enjoyed in the Thieaudio Phantom, but with a different vocal presentation. Either there would be a new champion, or it would prove my Phantoms were the best. A fun contest.

    The Vali are my new champion. I have only been in the hobby for a short time, so I'm not great at describing sound, but they have the detail of the HE-560's but without the thin sound and lacking treble. They have the great percussion of the Thieaudio Phantom, but with more impact and more specific. They also have the premium, full sound and great vocals like the Focal Elex, but not boring.

    I was looking for a specific sound signature and my research and faith are rewarded here. For me, the new Vali sound is not lacking in any way, so my passion to seek the sound I was looking for is over. I do like the timbre of the Phantom a little bit more, but to choose the Phantom over the Vali would be to sacrifice detail, bigger sound stage, superior imaging, vocals & percussion/bass.

    This proves to me that although I'm new to the hobby, I can trust my research and I already knew William Murdoch's recommendations are really good and very accurate and my trust in his reviews grows as well.

    For anyone taking the time to read this, also want to say dealing with Kennerton has been a pleasure. Very intelligent and patient customer service.
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  6. XylefMTG
    Also I am excited for you about your new Thekk headphones coming. I can't wait to hear your report also.
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  7. eric65

    I'm very happy for you that this new Vali suits you, both for the sound and the look.:)

    It is a headphones with a strong character, with a new design very successful; I think the wearing comfort is acceptable (higher than the old Vali).

    Otherwise, I look forward to my Thekk, which should look a lot like your vali for the colors of wooden cups, very original with this two-tone tone, classy.

    I will give you news of this headphones Thekk (with photos), as soon as it is received.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
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  8. PinkyPowers
    Magni with Zebrano cups!

    Magni 02.jpg
    Magni & N6ii 01.jpg

    What can I say? The Russians know how to make a fine headphone. Beautiful to look upon, and lovelier to hear. Magni portrays a smooth tone, airy and rich, with a dark quality which never becomes veiled.

    This is how I always imagined the first generation LCD-2 must have sounded. Though I never had the opportunity to hear those.

    I am in love!
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  9. XylefMTG
    I'm glad you like them. I am so pleased with the Vali that I'm considering selling some headphones and getting a Magni as well.
  10. cleg
    My take on Magni, in short, they are impressive

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  11. eric65

    Your Kennerton Vali headphones (New Vali 2019) with two-tone stabilized wood cups, before shipping to the USA!

  12. eric65
    Hi @cleg.

    Thanks you for this complete review of the Kennerton Magni. :)

    After this review of the headphones Magni, "Almost Thror"

    We waiting now your future reviews on :
    - The Kennerton Thekk, "Like Thror" ?
    - The New Odin 2019, "Complementary to Thror " ?
    - The New Vali 2019, " Improved Vali, even more typified " ?
  13. cleg
    I wish it'll be true… )))
  14. cladane
    Hello Ken fans,

    I was able thanks to P Paya (owner of the French renowned company P Paya Diff and now the company P Paya Diff Thaï) to listen to a new French networked DAC/amp all in one setup which allowed me to have a nice look to my Odin mk2 at playing a very enticing Classical album:


    Kennerton will now be represented in Thaïland by P Paya Diff and, to be followed in the next future, Liedson.
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  15. eric65
    Hi Claude,

    Great combo ! (Liedson Orpheon dac/amp + Kennerton Odin with Vectura Litz cable) :)

    Even better with the Kennerton Thror ! (I have already listened to ...) :beyersmile:

    Otherwise, I confirm that Pierre Paya (Pierre Paya Diffusion) opened a shop in Thailand in Nonthaburi, 30 km north of Bangkok, and that he became the official importer of Kennerton products in Thailand, just like in France.



    I wish him success in this beautiful country; maybe someday will he meet @ithilienrp?
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
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