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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. jasonho
    WechatIMG80140.jpeg WechatIMG80141.jpeg WechatIMG80142.jpeg WechatIMG80143.jpeg
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  2. Milan01
    Nice ! Thanks for the pictures of this Magni
  3. Milan01
    "The cups are made of Northen Dark Ash and closed by pure silver plates (88 gm) engraved by the jeweler Vitaliy Nikanorov with the author’s unique ornament."

    There is only one piece.

    An other picture :
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  4. Ridley
    I live in Sweden and I wonder if I have to pay any importtaxes if I buy from Kennertons website or are they registered as a company within EU?
    Or do any of you know of a webshop inside EU that delivers to Sweden?
    BR Fredrik.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
  5. Milan01
    Hi everyone,

    First impressions about Kennerton Magni here :

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  6. jasonho


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  7. Milan01
    Beautiful !
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  8. ithilienrp
    Hello, beautiful!

    While I'm waiting for my Thror (yes, I'm still not getting it ... and sadly, my dealer informed me that the Blue Stabilized was sold just before they ordered and Kennerton wouldn't be able to produce another one ... so I'd opt for a normal, non-stabilized Karelian Birch instead ... hope I won't be disappointed).


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  9. ithilienrp
    I don't really like reviewing headphones, but first impression of the Magni is really impressive. I'm totally impressed.

    And this is from someone who owns a few Odins.
  10. eric65
    I would buy them well (The closed-back headphones Kennerton Magni) for my two sons, for a nomadic use.
    (They are a priori better than I-pods for their I-phones ... :beyersmile:)

    Thank you for this first encouraging feedback. :)

    Concerning your future Kennerton Thror in Karelian birch wood (not stabilized), it is not me who will complain about it (even if mine is only in Bog Oak): it is a very beautiful wood (moreover quite light).
  11. ithilienrp
    I know you’d say that, Eric :)
    I have my Odin in Bog Oak and yours in Karelian Birch. It seems that our Thror will be the opposite :wink:
  12. Arcamera
    I'll probably end up getting a pair.

    But the way the Magni looks right now-- it looks more to me like an unfinished prototype. Not bad, but I could imagine it better. Yes there is the ornate sterling silver cover available. But hopefully they will introduce a more subtle wood cover/cup, or have it as an option.
  13. eric65
    Hi all.

    If you want to know a little more, on the new headphones Kennerton Magni, closed-back electrodynamic headphones, middle range segment price, with 50 mm composite mylar / graphene membrane, neodymium magnets, aluminum coil covered with copper, you can read these links (in russian):



    Note that the Magni must be warmed up (burn-in) 60-70 hours to give its full potential (make it less bright and enhance the bass).

    This closed-back electrodynamic headphones would approach open isodynamic headphones, being clear, detailed, very fast, with a good impact.
  14. Arcamera
    Very much looking forward to hearing it. And the wood rings still look great.

    I wonder if the enclosure is also some kind of graphite/graphene?
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