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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. Milan01
    Thank you for sharing this news :)

    Apparently this support is called the Magister. It's made of solid oak wood and is impregnated with a special composition based on beeswax and also a varnish to have a durable and resistant product.

    Personally I do not find it as beautiful as Praetor and Huginn.

    Here are all stand created by Kennerton :




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  2. eric65
    Hi Milan.

    The "Magister" headphone support is less stylish than the Praetor (which is more refined and sober style), but more elaborate and more "complex", more in the philosophy of Viking art.


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  3. eric65
    New Kennerton Magni.



    Source: https://musique-o-casque.com/viewtopic.php?p=2672#p2672

    and commentary:

    quote : "I then tried the closed-back Magni, which were really a surprise as they sounded almost as open and spacious as their open-back siblings. They were really surprising as they kept most of the sonic features of higher-end products while being noticeably lighter and closed-back (and also cheaper!). "

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  4. eric65
    Hello everyone.

    New price range in Euros (excluding taxes), internationally (for countries without official distributors), of Kennerton products on the official Kennerton website.


    We see that the new headphones Kennerton Magni (closed back headphones) is priced substantially identical to the Magister Pro, and price a little more than twice as high as the JORD.
  5. MilesR
    Does anyone know of any reviews on the Magni?
  6. ithilienrp
    Wow .... that red stabilized Vali!!!!

    Had this been a Vali “Mk2” .... say, with any kind of improvements, I’d jump on it.
  7. Kammerat Rebekka
    Damn that thing is sexy!
    If they somehow could implement the beautiful woodwork into a headphone that doesn’t weigh over half a kilo, then I’d be all over it. As it is I think I’ll stick with my old hd580. I’ve had way too many of these heavyweights inside the door, and I can sadly never quite get over the cumbersome fit.
    These do look stunning though. I’m just afraid they’d end up as ornament.
  8. eric65
    In isodynamic technology, under 500 g weight, this is the ultimate solution !


    Kennerton Thror, bog oak : 470-480 g !

    Kennerton Thror natural Karelian Birch wood (yellow) and stabilized (impregnated resin tinted black-blue).
  9. Kammerat Rebekka
    Looks beautiful and light enough to wear...but I think it’s utterly insane to ask 3 grand for a pair of headphones. YMMV.
  10. eric65
    Indeed ! :beyersmile::)

    See also this link (in Russian) : https://vk.com/@best_headphones_ever-faq
  11. Kammerat Rebekka
    Thanks but no thanks :)
    If I ever do decide to throw that amount of money at a headphone, I’d much rather get an Ether 2 or maybe a Mysphere. Comfort should be paramount when headphones cost as much as a small boat.
  12. eric65

    The appreciation of comfort is very personal.:)
    The weight of the headphones intervenes of course, for the comfort (for cervical vertebrae), but also (and especially) the adjustment of the clamping and the precise position of the pads (all azimuth).
    The Kennerton headphones are very critical for the adjustment (position and orientation of the pads) and reduction of the clamping by twisting the metal bow (double steel blade), but once set the headphones very finely (for the control wheel), and brutally :beyersmile: (for twisting the metall hoop), comfort can become very acceptable.

    Otherwise, here my personal ranking of some headphones (for my large head) for comfort and sound quality (on the French forum):
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  13. donpablo
    So anyone of you have listened Magni's?
  14. Strayngs
    Any thoughts on how the Airist Audio Heron 5 might pair with the Thridi? I am struggling finding which amp to get. My budget is $1000 us and I usually buy used.
  15. Strayngs
    Never mind. I just bought a Pathos Aurium.
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