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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. Milan01
    Hi again !

    This time I compared them with much quieter music, at first with a music of Agnès Obel then in a second time with Ludovico Einaudi (and played by Mel Ashton) :relaxed:

    Agnes Obel - Fuel To Fire:

    Two close presentations between Odin and Thror. Where the Thror is a little more just the Odin is a little more charming. Where the Thror positions the voices and instruments with a little more distance, the Odin has a little more presence. The Thridi is placed between the two, with all the same a little less treble than the 2 others.

    Ludovico Einaudi / Mel Ashton - Experience:

    Same as the previous music, the Thror has a slightly bigger sound stage and the Odin has a little more weight on the notes, especially on the piano. The sound stage of the Thridi is placed between the two other headphones, a little bigger than the Odin but a little less than the Thror.
    The Odin is the one with the most body (weight on notes), followed by Thridi, then Thror.
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  2. eric65
    Hi all.

    Here is the translation of the comments I made on the French forum (MOC) about the latest listenings of Milan, this time on more dynamic musical genres, with these three headphones planar Kennerton.

    " Thank you Milan for these feedbacks on these three Kennerton headphones (Odin mk2 / Thridi / Thror) on these new musical genres. :)

    According to your impressions, in comparison for these three headphones:
    - The Odin mk2 is the one with the most treble, which gives him more presence (NB: The Thridi being the most dull in the treble of the three headphones, followed by the Thror).
    - The Thridi is the one with the most bass and the most impact for the bass. (NB: the Odin mk2 and Thror having, according to you, the same amount of bass, although the Thror must have imho (much) more sub-bass than the Odin, I allow myself to specify, at less to my ears).
    - The Thror being the most natural on the instruments, the most airy (you say it not, for aeration, but I think it is the case), and the most clear (in the sense that it brings the most high-medium, which is to say that it has the least dullness in the high-medium of these three headphones, which is felt for the clarity of feminine voices and the right hand of the piano) and that Thror chisels out the sounds better (ie the countours are sharper) which also appear cleaner, followed by the Thridi, then the Odin mk2.

    Note: concerning the relative dullness of the Thror, and even more of the Thridi, in the treble (and which is the inverse of the Odin concerning this time the high-medium: relative dullness in the high-medium for the Odin), well there is a simple remedy, that of increasing the volume (listen louder), which, on dynamic music such as electro music or metal is often used.
    Indeed, the ear gains sensitivity in treble and low frequencies by increasing the volume.

    Eric "
  3. eric65
    Hello everyone.

    Once again Milan, thank you for having described with enthusiasm, through the examples of your musical choices, the strengths and weaknesses of each of these three planar headphones Kennerton (Odin mk2, Thridi and Thror), all excellent and pleasant to listen to, each with its own character.

    I do not know if the analogy is good, but you might think that the Kennerton Thror is for the Odin mk2, what the Focal Utopia is for the Elear, or what the Audeze LCD4 is for the LCD3F, or the Hifiman Susvara for the HE-1000 V2, a noticeable technical improvement of these headphones (thanks to more performing drivers, more technical); but as regards the appreciation of the sound, all of these headphones are different in their sound aesthetics; and for the appreciation of each, none is better than the other.
    Everyone can to choose his (headphones), the one you prefer! :)

    To conclude, here is a last video of a music that will work very well with the Thror, but also, I do not doubt, with a slightly different aesthetic, with the Odin MK2 and the Odin Thridi (mk3); I did not choose it, but it's Aziz (Zizou on the French forum MOC), which was lucky, like Milan (and myself), to listen to these three beautiful (and excellent) planar headphones Kennerton.

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  4. Ultrainferno
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  5. eric65
    Thank you for this overview of Kennerton Thror's upcoming full reviews.

    I can not wait to read the full review, especially with comparison of various amplifiers and various high-end headphones.

    For me, the Kennerton Thror is part of the best current headphones on the market (in its price category).

    It is the most technical of Kennerton headphones (thanks of its high-tech, lightweight and fast drivers), but it keeps the Kennerton sound, the one that makes the emotion pass above all, but here, with a great mastery.
  6. jasonho
    Here's a rare Kennerton Vali review (written by a Vali owner from China) : https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/KVzJxK8h0T8I7XsOlUc8DA

    Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 7.33.33 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 7.34.11 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 7.34.40 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 7.35.02 PM.png

    Though I am not able to fully interpret the entire review, here's the short summary

    Setup : Raspberry Pi USB DAC+6J1/6P1 tube amplifier

    The author shared his following impressions :

    - A thick and warm sound signature, yet pleasing enough.
    - Very accurate and exact replication of the music
    - Large soundstage than expected
    - judging from the hearing impression, you can easily mistake this as a planar headphone (even though this is a TOTL open back dynamics headphone)
    - very realistic and powerful drum sounding and guitar strings sounds are moderately bright (but not overly bright).
    - engaging vocal (esp females) and very original (realistic) sounding. alot of headphones in the market make a female vocal sounds too young or old :darthsmile:

    Apart from the potential weight issue for some folks, author is finding Vali a recommended headphone for all music lovers.

    Hope my translation is accurate for all to read :)
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  7. eric65
    Hi all.

    If we think about it, it's quite surprising what Headfonia's reviewer announces, and what some of us see as empirical evidence is that a headphone as sensitive as Thror (sensitivity of 100 dB / mW 42 ohm impedance) may require a lot of power to deliver its full potential; hence the statement on Headfonia "Thror loves power!"

    Quote (Headfonia) : " Thror Sound

    Even though Odin sounds really good, I was immediately hooked to Thror when I heard it for the first time at a show. Thror takes the best things of Odin, improves them and it does all that by clearing up the spectrum from top to bottom.

    Thror sounds more balanced, linear and thus reference aka audiophile. The new Thror will please the most critical audiophiles as the detail level, precision, transparency and sound stage are really impressive.

    Thror sounds powerful and fast, especially when hooked to to a powerful amplifier, and that way it is always in control with excellent prat. For me a a high end amplifier and source is absolutely necessary to get the very best out of Thror, as only then it will show you what it really can do.

    I’ve been using the very powerful Auris Audio Nirvana as main tube amp with this headphone and the Flux Lab Acoustics Atlas as solid state DAC/AMP. Thror sounds gorgeous with both amplifiers but it also sounds different. Thror is transparent and you will for sure hear your source and amps characteristics in it when you’re listening to it. But one thing is for sure, Thror loves power! "

    To believe that planar headphones are much more demanding in terms of amplification than other headphones technologies, electrodynamic headphones in particular.
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  8. Ultrainferno
    Just try them on a good powerful amp and you'll hear the difference yourself :wink:
  9. eric65
    A good tube amp delivering 3 Watt under 40-50 Ohm (like my Viva 2A3 amp) is (for me) perfect for the Thror. :)

    The 6.5 Watt of the Auris Nirvana amp (2 x EL34 tubes) must not be bad either! :wink:
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  10. jasonho
    5B456BBF-5FD5-4A9D-939D-EDAE9CC920F6.jpeg 651F577C-8791-42E1-98A5-BFDCF7A080FB.jpeg B008D75E-3302-4F51-B52D-39A75F40490B.jpeg
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  11. eric65
    Superb pictures ; I just love it ! :beyersmile:

    I believe you.

    Otherwise, I asked Pierre Paya on the French forum MOC, for him which were the best amplifiers to associate with Thror; I think we'll have his answer soon... :)
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  12. eric65

    A Kennerton Thridi headphones in amaranth wood (purple heart).



    Imho, Dave (@ithilienrp) should appreciate! :)
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  13. Milan01
    Amazing color !

    Today I present a small comparison with 2 musics, however I will avoid me too much to repeat myself to try to bring new information every time on my feelings between these 3 headphones.

    Lilly Wood and the Prick - Into trouble:


    The 3 headphones have a superb separation of the instruments / voices, but the Thror is the one that has the best readability of the message, followed by Thridi and Odin.

    Difficult to do better than Thror on this point as the voice of the singer seems to me well reproduced despite all these instruments that spring from everywhere, at no time the instruments come encroach on his voice.

    Kaleo - I can not go on without you


    On this passage, no headphone is aggressive of course, but the Odin is the sweetest (the least tiring), followed by Thridi and Thror.
    It's surely due to the fact that the Thror sounds a little clearer ( more high medium) and it "rounded" slightly less the message than the other 2 (same for the difference between the Thridi and Odin ).

    Small video of myself with this music made in 2017 in passing :)
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  14. eric65
  15. Ultrainferno
    He doesn't really say much does he (yes I speak French) . I honestly expected the Thror + Nirvana to sound better than it does, and I'm a big Nirvana fan. But I prefer it on the Atlas amp by far. I don't have the Viva gear here though.
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