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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. eric65
    Thank you Milan, for this big job of translating in english this YouTube video in french, the first in the world, about Kennerton's latest planar headphones, the Kennerton Odin Thridi (aka Odin MK3). :)

    Two remarks to make on this YouTube video of Pierre Paya on the Kennerton Thridi.

    - The cover photo is that of a Kennerton Odin MK2 (with its external grid in chevrons) and not that of Thridi (with its external grid in lightweight composite material, having its own design).

    - The driver shown as an example in this video is that of an Odin MK1, with the old membrane, and not that of the Thridi (Odin MK3).
    The Thridi's drivers normally shares the same lightweight and high technology honeycomb membrane of the Thror, but also the same metal frame of the Odin mk2 (note : the Thror has a carbon fiber frame for his drivers, much lighter); otherwise, the internal wiring is Litz wire (purple wire) for the Odin mk2, Thridi and Thror.
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  2. eric65
    Hi all.

    The most beautiful current Kennerton Thridi of the market, made of lacquered Karelian birch wood, in the nickname "the precious"; this superb headphones belongs to an happy french (not me, unfortunately! :beyersmile:)

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  3. eric65
    Hi all.

    In pictures, four generations of drivers for Kennerton planar headphones (size of the drivers: 80 mm).

    Generation one: the first 50 Odin (mk1) (not engraved: no serial number).
    Odin MK1 drivers (old membrane ; metal frame ; internal wire which is not Litz wire ; a lot failures noted).

    Generation two (Odin MK2) (engraved with a serial number).
    Odin MK2 drivers (old membrane, but more reliable (no failures) ; metal frame ; internal cable in Litz wire).

    Generation three (Odin Thridi MK3) (engraved with a serial number).
    Odin Thridi MK3 drivers (with the high-tech honeycomb membrane (lighter and faster) ; metal frame ; internal cable in Litz wire).

    Generation four (Thror) (engraved with a serial number).
    Thror drivers (with the high-tech honeycomb membrane (lighter and faster) ; carbon fiber frame (lighter) ; internal cable in Litz wire).
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  4. Hardcorist
    Attention, please!
    Thror with the serial number THR033 was stolen from our distributor and good partner in China.

    It is not clear yet where it has happened - at their warehouse or while transportation. The headphones were stolen from a sealed box and then the empty box was repacked and taped again.
    So these headphones do not have a warranty card and the package. The wooden cups were made of Palisander.
    It is unlikely that the thief is from among the audiophiles but we are letting you know and strongly recommend not to buy this Thror unit (e.g., flee market or internet offer) as this unit will not have any warranty support.
    So, once again, Kennerton Thror, serial THR033 - beware of buying it, no matter how attractive the price is!
  5. eric65
    Hi Max.

    Info relayed on the two French forums.

  6. Milan01
    Yes, I warned the forum musique-o-casque and tellementnomade.
  7. jasonho
    I just came across one Thror selling on a 2nd hand forum in China. It was posted 3 hours ago. Seller in Beijing. Is the item stolen in beijing?
  8. Hardcorist
    Our partner is located in Shanghai. But customs clearance took place in Hong Kong. The weight of the cargo was matched to the packing list. Therefore, the headphones were stolen after customs clearance, i.e. either in Hong Kong, or in Shanghai, or on the way between them.
    Shipment was carried out at the end of last year, but the loss was discovered only recently. Perhaps the headphones have long been moved to another city.
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  9. eric65
    Hi all.

    Here is a link to a vk video about assembling a Kennerton Thror (in 720p HD video quality).
    You can admire in this video the superb drivers of the Thror with its carbon fiber frame. :)



    and, for the pleasure of the eyes, that of the manufacture and hand assembling of the Kennerton Odin mk2, Vali and Magister.
    Note : the last video (and his superb music), is my prefered. :)

    Waiting for a new Kennerton Magister, soon? (facebook publication of February 24)
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
  10. eric65
    Hello everyone.

    Here is as expected a new comparison of the headphones Odin mk2, Thridi and Thror made by @Milan01, this time on more dynamic musics.
    Comparative for the moment in french on the French forum at the following link.


    Do not hesitate to use google translate (note: "aigu" in french = treble (and not "acute") ; "grave" in french = bass (and not "serious") :beyersmile:)
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
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  11. Milan01
    Thanks for the sharing Eric !
  12. Milan01
    I make the traduction of my review here :

    Hi everybody !

    Here is my comparison of Thror / Thridi / Odin, this time on Electro.
    We do not get bored with these headphones !

    Gramatik - Just Jammin

    The 3 headphones have a remarkable dynamic, it is very alive. The Odin is the one with the most treble among these 3 headphones, the Thridi the one with the most bass (Thror and Odin have the same amount, with all the music).

    Thror sounds a little more natural on the instruments than the Thridi, which is a bit more natural than the Odin.

    Chet Faker- Drop the game

    Thror detours voice more (cleaner and a little more natural) and is slightly lighter, followed by Thridi and Odin.

    The Thridi seems to impact a little better than Thror and Odin on this passage, we feel more the bass.

    The same thing, the Thridi is slightly more comfortable than the 2 others on the reproduction of the impacts of this music.

    The 3 headphones go up about as high in the treble.

    Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix)

    The Odin, due to its presence of voices and its amount of extra treble to Thror and Thridi (the Thridi has a little less treble than the Thror) seems to have a sound that spreads more naturally, the Thror is in direct comparison, like a little "smothered" (that does not mean that the Odin has a bigger scene of course, it's not the case), the Thridi gives a little more this impression than the Thror .
    That's why I evoked the last time the fact that the Odin gives an impression of its more open (even if it may not be the right term) on the music listened to.

    On the other hand, Thror is the one that detours the voice the most , followed by Thridi then Odin.

    Parov Stelar - Beauty Mark

    0:55 and 2:20

    It is easy to see (or rather to hear) that the Thror is the clearest of the 3 (more high medium), followed by Thridi and Odin.
    The Odin has the most treble, followed by Thror then Thridi.

    That's all for this kind of music!
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
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  13. jasonho
    Excellent review Milan! thanks for your work and sharing!
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  14. Milan01
    Thanks a lot jasonho !
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