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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. eric65
    it's fun, because for me it's the same thing between the Kennerton Custom cable (black color) and the Vectura C cable (beige color), both in Litz wire.
    The Kennerton Custom cable is comparatively darker but also more natural for differentiating and recognizing the timbre of female voices, while the Vectura C cable is comparatively brighter and extended in treble (a little more colorful or typed in this register ); the level of detail is the same.
    Transparency and the dynamic and microdynamic are quite similar.
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  2. eric65
    Hi all,

    Some last nice comments on the Odin mk2 on the french forum HCFR.

    Otherwise, I'm going to surprise you, I'm currently listening to a lot of the headphones Thror on pop / rock music, with the XI Audio Formula S amp in high gain position (low negative feedback), that give the most of tied, the most of natural and a better presence for voice, and with Kennerton's Custom cable giving more consistency and thickness and also more of natural for voice, although stressing less the upper treble than the cable Vectura C (upper treble are a bit lower (roll-off), although more natural, with Kennerton's Custom cable + Thror).

    In particular, I listened last night to the voice of a French singer Alain Souchon; listen to this CD with amazing precision and a great tonal rightness.

    I appreciate all the more this headphone that I do not listen too loud at night, in calm (note the sound volume SPL should not cover a snap of fingers) which allows me to appreciate the true value of the tone (note: tone which varies according to the sound volume SPL, but also, slightly following the centering of the pads on the ears).

    Finally, no problem for wearing the headphones Thror, very comfortable, even several hours in a row.
    Trick: wear the headband quite forward on the skull, halfway between the top of the skull and the top of the forehead, in particular if you listened with the head a little leaning back in your chair/sofa; comfort will only be better.
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  3. eric65
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  4. eric65
    Hi all.

    I tried the V1 pads of the Odin with the Thror: results are inconclusive: they give a little more treble, but less bass and sub bass ; the upper medium and presence of the voices is further back ; also we lose a lot of coherence for the soundstage which is much more accurate with the original pads of the Thror.
    In addition, the pads of the Thror are the softest tested (that those V1 pads and even V2 of the Odin).
    I wonder even if the foam of the pads of the Thror is different from the Odin's V2 pads (specific pads for the Thror?).
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
  5. Taverius
    Could be.

    I know they've also been working on new pads for the Vali to tame that small bump in the kids that makes them a bit nasally, makes sense that Thror has it's own pads.
  6. eric65
  7. DancingShade
    Got my Kennerton Valis from the last Massdrop in the mail today. Need a good listen to get all my comparisons in with some A/Bs but from what I can tell these are fantastic. This sort of bass response in an open dynamic? Magical. It's like getting your ears punched by a wizard. Great mids too.
    (most recently I've been listening to my TH610s and HE4XXs, for reference)

    I remember reading about people having issues with weight/comfort. I don't know why - the suspension headband & clamp are excellent. You don't feel the weight at all once you get the adjustments sorted. Stock pads are nice and deep too - soft enough to be comfy but firm enough not to compress too much. I appreciate being able to fine tune the fit and screw the headband in place so I don't need to worry about it moving accidentally through handling. A lot of thought went into the physical design of these.

    If I was to critique anything it's that the stock cable is a bit stiff out of the box but I'm sure it'll be fine after a while.
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  8. etnt
    kennertons are very well balanced and once properly adjusted you don't really feel the weight IMO.

    But in shops when folks go for short auditions, most don't bother to adjust properly and that's where the weight gets to you.
  9. Taverius
    Also the headband on the Vali and Odin mk0/1/2 clamps *really* hard. Takes that baby apart and open it up.
  10. Arcamera
    DancingShade said: "like getting your ears punched by a wizard." Haha! Yes, I'm knocked out by the Vali's too. Love them.
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  11. Taverius
    THR009 just landed.
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  12. eric65
  13. Taverius
    Clamp is still super strong yo, had to manhandle them vs wooden floor quite a bit before they were comfortable.
  14. eric65
    Yes, play on the metal hoop (two blades of steel metal, to twist, of the primary head-band with the logo Kennerton) to reduce clamping, but not on the two branches of settings, more fragile.
  15. eric65
    Hi all.

    The most beautiful headphones to look at, is it not the one you wear on your head or on your shoulder? :beyersmile:
    So which one would you rather see in your mirror?

    Unidentified headphone.

    Stax Sigma.

    Stax SR-009.

    Sennheiser HE-1.

    Kennerton Thror (video).

    Kennerton Odin.

    Kennerton Odin wooden in Karelian birch.

    Kennerton Odin wooden in Karelian birch (photo assembling).

    Otherwise, what kind of wood do you prefer for the Odin?
    Note : you can see this gallery's photos at this link (below) for help. :)
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2018
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