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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. eric65

    Hello Andrew,

    I recommend the Thror, without reserve, especially with a good and pleasant tube amplifier like yours; It could be an excellent companion to your two Odin (Mk1 and Mk2), perfectly complementary to these two headphones for the reasons mentioned on my previous posts.
    It's indeed a very good headphones for classical music, but not only for the classical (nb: all styles of music can be listened without problem with the Thror, with a sound aesthetic and qualities as described above in my last posts).
    It is perfectly complementary to the Odin, for broaden its tastes and requirements for listening in matter to high end headphones.

    Thanks. :)
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  2. Taverius
    I wonder when mine are coming.

    AlthoughI'm currently dac-less, I could fondle them :3
  3. etnt
    You mean you don't hear any difference between the pre-production and production thror?
  4. eric65
    Since the comparison is not direct in time, I can't say it at 100%, but I found Friday night with my production Thror (THR001) pretty much what I felt when listening to the pre-production Tror in October 2017, compared to the same headphones (my Odin Mk2) with the same amp (Viva2A3) and using the same cables, and part of the CDs tested in October 2017.
  5. Arcamera
    Tyll Hertsens is retiring :-0 Wow. All the best to him. But maybe now Kennerton will get a better hearing in North America :wink: May it be so!
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  6. Taverius
    What does Tyll have to do with that?

    If anything be worried, if the recent trends of measurements by shills being discussed by people who don't understand measurements is anything to go by.

    There's people seriously suggesting Topping DACs for Pete's sake, this hobby's going to the dumps.
  7. etnt
    Thanks, then likely I'll skip the Thror. Heard it in canjam sg and it didn't connect to me like odin does.

    Will give it another go when the production thror reaches the shores here.
  8. eric65
    Indeed ! :beyersmile:
  9. eric65
    It's an old story.

    Kennerton presented the Kennerton Magister at Tyll; And Tyll did not like.

    Since Kennerton no longer requests the services of Tyll...
  10. eric65
    Listen to it again to be perfectly sure, but I fully understand that you can prefer the sound of the Odin to the Thror; Thror is different from the Odin (less bass, less charming, but it is more precise, finer and airy).
    A question of tastes ..
    For me the two headphones are interesting to listen to.
  11. Taverius
    I didn't like the magister either, so ... good?

    The only problem I see here is Kennerton being put off by a reviewer not liking a piece of gear so much to never send him gear again.
  12. Arcamera
    It's more like he wasn't interested in learning about their higher-end headphones-- the Vali and Odin (and now Thror). Fair enough. It's just that many of us found it frustrating, given that he would likely very much appreciate them, given his sonic preferences, and so could be a helpful boost to Kennerton in North America (and beyond).
  13. Arcamera
    I'd like to hear Jude Mansilla's impressions of his time with the Kennerton's (the Odin, if I recall? Or was it the Thror?) I sent him a private message a couple of years ago, saying he might want to check out Kennerton headphones, but he never replied. I can understand-- I'm sure he gets a million e-mails from people saying similar things: "Check out X headphones! They're great!" He probably doesn't have the time to communicate with everyone. But-- now that we have proof he actually listened to them-- what did he think?
  14. Taverius

    I appreciate the work he does running this site, but his reviews often disagree with my opinions, and he seems to silently change his measurement settings every other day making them impossible to compare to one another.

    Better than Steve "everything is awesome" Guttenberg, but that's damning him with faint praise really.
  15. etnt
    Recently tried swapping the ZMF 2k cables and Kennerton custom litz cable between the odin and atticus.

    The Kennerton cable is darker and smoother while the ZMF is brighter. Both offers similar level of details and microdetails.
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