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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. Arcamera
    Not on the same level, but I just tried the Fischer FA-011 headphones today. I liked them a lot. Smooth and on the polite side, yet sufficiently punchy and detailed--- like a Vali Jr. They have a great sonic virtue: like Hippocrates in medicine (Eric?), they commit to first doing no harm. I respect them for that very much, and will be getting a pair, when funds permit. (But first, I have to admit, I still really like the laid-back, easy-going sound of the Audioquest Nighthawk-- and so will first be getting another (!) pair of those (but this time in the carbon edition).
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  2. eric65
    And this ?

    Unique ... only one copy ! :)

    Kennerton Magister LE (Limited Edition)



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  3. eric65
    Hi all.

    Kennerton Custom cable vs Vectura C cable (both in Litz wire), with the Kennerton Odin mk2 on the XI Audio Formula S amplifier (in french).


    Vectura C cable (color beige) Versus Kennerton Custom cable (black color here with the beautiful Furutech connector) (6.35 mm jack on the amplifier side). Length of both cables (custom): 2 m 50.

    and also the link to an old comparative of these two cables (also in French) during the test of the prototype of the Thror, this time on the Viva 2A3 amp.


    EDIT : To summarize (in English)

    Already for memory, the differences between some cables (listening of these cables on the Odin mk1 and mk2 headphones):

    Audeze stock cable (that of the Audeze LCD3F) versus Kennerton stock cable (that of the Odin mk1 and mk2): it is darker and less transparent than the Kennerton stock cable.

    Vectura C cable (Litz wire) versus Kennerton stock cable: it is more transparent and clearer than that of the Kennerton stock cable, highlighting more the treble which has a better extension upwards; the basses are a little less thick (as degreased); the rendering is clearer, lighter, more refined up.

    Kennerton Custom cable versus Vectura C cable: it is almost as transparent as the Vectura C, just as dynamic, but more balanced, more neutral, especially less colored in the treble; the timbres of the voices are more just and easier to distinguish from each other; on the other hand, it is a bit more matt with the Odin mk2, or rather makes it more easily apparent the "natural" dullness of the Odin mk2 (whereas, the Vectura C more focused on the treble, partially compensates for this dullness (clearer listening), but it is a systematic coloring that blurs a little to the timbres of voices, less natural, and less easy to distinguish for their timbres, from each other, if the timbres and tone are close.
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  4. eric65
    Hi all.

    Odin mk2 versus Odin Thridi (mk3)

    and Odin Thridi Versus Thror.

    First brief listening impressions of these first two new Kennerton planar headphones (first in series), by Pierre Paya, the organizer of the memorable meeting of the bests headphones in the world organized during the anniversary of his showroom on April 28-29 (see my precedent comments and links about this event).

    In french (you can use google translate)

    links: http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post179548906.html#p179548906
    and http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post179548976.html#p179548976

    Note: listening impressions after a burn-in of 150 hours for these two headphones.

    Second note: I receive these two headphones (my Thror, and the Pierre's Odin Thridi on loan) in the middle or at the end of the next week.

    I keep you informed as soon as I receive these two headphones.:)
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  5. eric65
    Hello everyone,

    Here are the latest comments available (in French) concerning the listening of the Kennerton Thror and the Kennerton Thridi (Odin mk3), as well as other headphones, on the occasion of the anniversary of Pierre Paya's showroom, with the intervention of Stéphane (sle) and Pierre (in response to Stéphane).
    Links: http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post179549600.html#p179549600
    and http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post179550194.html#p179550194

    Note: the headphones Kennerton Thror and Thridi and the headphone Final Audio D8000 had just come out of their boxes and were not honed (no burn-in); the headphone Abyss Diana had only a few hours of burn-in. These headphones were therefore not to the fullest of their abilities compared to other more honed headphones, such as the excellent headphone Focal Utopia equipped with the Dana and Entreq cables, but also the excellent Hifiman Susvara headphone, especially when it was amplified directly with the monoblocks power amps Auris and their 150 W !

    Otherwise, you also have the last comment from Pierre Paya in response to the question of what is the value of the Kennerton Thror (after 150 hours of burn-in) versus the Susvara headphone.
    Pierre does not hide his preference for the Susvara for the reasons he evokes at this post, while clarifying that the comparison was not direct.
    Link: http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post179549847.html#p179549847
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  6. eric65
    Hi all,

    I will have to receive my Thror and the new Odin Thridi (mk3) (the latter on loan) Friday, May 11 or at the latest Saturday, May 12.

    In addition, I invited my older brother to come to my house on Saturday evening to listen to these two new planar headphones because he is interested in buying one of these two headphones as a connoisseur of classical music and in particular the piano (he often goes to classical music concerts in the auditorium of Dijon city, quite famous in France, and he is also passionate about computer emulation of the restitution of the piano with different brands of concert pianos).

    My brother will bring with him his Odin mk1 (my ex Odin mk1 that I gave him); this way we will have home, Saturday night, the full range of Kennerton planar headphones: Odin mk1 (sapele mat); Odin mk2 (Karelian birch); Odin Thridi (mk3) (brilliant sapele); Thror (bog oak).

    These four planar headphones Kennerton will be listened preferably with my Viva 2A3 amp which has two output headphone sockets: we will thus be able to listen to the music for two (my brother and me), which will be more practical.

    To conclude, as promised, I will give you a report of these headphones comparisons, in addition to some beautiful photos, Sunday, May 13.
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  7. Taverius
    Lots and lots of photos pls
  8. eric65
    Yes, I will give you beautiful and lots photos, Sunday ... :)

    While waiting for this weekend for my report and photos, here are two pictures of the Kennerton Thror currently present at the High End in Munich (show currently open from 10 to 13 May).

    Kennerton Thror & Flux Lab Atlas @ Munich High-End Show 2018

    Kennerton Thror with the new stand.


    Odin mk2 in ebony pale moon (at left) ; Kennerton prototype (electrodynamic ?) headphone (behind the first white stand) on its own stand incorporating its own amplifier ; Kennerton Thror (worn on the head of this visitor) ; Kennerton Vali, in the background, on a white stand.
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  9. eric65

    I received the two new planar headphones Kennerton this morning: my Thror and the Pierre's Odin Thridi (mk3) in loan.

    As promised, here is a photo gallery of these 3 headphones planar Kennerton: my Odin mk2 in Karelian birch (the clearest for the wood's color); the Odin mk3 Thridi in Sapele wood (gloss varnish), and the Thror in bog oak wood (the darkest for the wood's color).

    You will notice the serial numbers S / N of these three headphones: no comments!

    You will also notice the weight (without the cable) of these 3 headphones on the same weighing machine: no comments too!

    Note the absence on these pictures of my ex Odin mk1 (Sapele wood, matte varnish) because it arrives at my home tomorrow evening, with my older brother, for comparative listening of these four headphones tomorrow evening (Odin mk1, Odin mk2, Odin Thridi (mk3) and Thror).

    I will publish a listening report on Sunday. :)

    Thror weight (473 g).

    Thridi (Odin mk3) weight (590 g).

    Odin mk2 weight (677 g).

    Thror in his box.

    Kennerton box (left) and Kennerton Thridi (Odin mk3) (right) and two Kennerton Custom cable (with Furutech connectors at left and Neutrik and Rean connectors at right).

    Kennerton Thror and two Kennerton Custom cable (with Furutech connectors at left and Neutrik and Rean connectors at right).

    3 Year limited warranty of (my) Thror S/N THR001.

    Thror S/N THR001.

    Odin Thridi S/N ODT001.

    Odin mk2 S/N OD103.

    Thror headband (wider, softer, thicker and padded).

    Thridi (Odin mk3) headband (the same as the Thror).

    Kennerton Thror - Bog Oak wood.

    Kennerton Thridi (Odin mk3) - Sapele wood (gloss varnish).

    Kennerton Thror - Bog Oak wood.

    Kennerton Thridi (Odin mk3) - Sapele wood (gloss varnish).

    Kennerton Odin mk2 - Karelian birch wood.

    Kennerton Thror / Odin mk2 / Odin Thridi (mk3).

    Listening system planned for Saturday night, with my brother who will bring his Odin mk1.

    Viva 2A3 amp; XI audio Formula-S amp (SS amp); Audiomat source (dac + drive) with two power supply units (small for drive and very big for dac).

    Cable Vectura C, Litz wire (beige color) and two Kennerton Custom cable, Litz wire (black color).

    and some CDs ...:beyersmile:
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  10. firegon
    Do You know if there will be a way to upgrade Odin MK2 to MK3?
    I love the sound these cans produce, but it's just painful to wear them for more than half an hour.
  11. eric65
    I do not know ; not immediately, that's for sure; you should ask Kennerton Team the question.

    Two remarks:

    First remark: look how I arranged my Kennerton Odin mk2 (doubled and padded secondary headband, pads spread by twisting the metal hoop after unhook the fixing screw, on one side, of the secondary suspension headband to do the maneuver). (note: see the photo below of the headband improve, padded and relaxed).
    In this way, my Odin mk2 is much more comfortable to wear (several hours of wearing, no problem, even with my big head).
    Odin settings are critical for comfort.

    Second remark, the sound of the Odin mk3 (Tridi) is very different from the Odin mk2; it is much closer to that of the Thror than to that of the Odin mk2.
    See the comments of Pierre (in french on the french forum) concerning the comparative listening of these 3 headphones (Odin mk2 Vs Odin Thridi (mk3) Vs Thror).

    and http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post179548976.html#p179548976

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  12. Andykong
    Cayin unviels our new flagship N8 DAP at High End 2018 and we are using Kennerton Thror as the reference demo headphone. If you are in Munich this weekend, please drop by our booth at H12, Hall 2, MOC to check out. The Thor sounds surprisingly well even when driven by a portable DAP, you have to come and believe it. I re-terminated my Q cable to 4.4mm for this show because the N8 comes with 4.4mm Pentaconn for balanced connection.

    Cayin N8 and Kennerton Thror sm.JPG
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  13. eric65
    Sorry Merlinus (on HCFR) to speak through forum interposed, in more with my bad English, but I would hold my resolution on HCFR.
    6 Months went quickly!
    Thanks to Milan for the relay. :)

    Already congratulations on your order of the Thror; I think you will not regret it.
    (Note for Head-fi members: you can read - via google translate - Merlinus's French post on HCFR about the reasons for his choice of the Thror: link: http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post179553785.html#p179553785 )

    Ultimately, it was a good thing to leave my Thror S/N THR001 on loan at Pierre in Nîmes on Sunday, April 29th.

    That said, I'm waiting for my brother tonight (who comes with his Odin mk1) to listen together these wonderful headphones, including the Thror, of course.
    I thought waiting until Sunday to report of these upcoming comparisons,t but you can imagine that as of last night (Friday night) I did not miss listening to the Thror with my Viva 2A3 amp compared to my Odin mk2.
    By cons, I have not listened yet the Odin Thridi (mk3).

    Already, to begin, I found with the Thror that the Viva2A3 amp was out of phase for the sector; the mains phase of the Viva 2A3 is reversed compared to that of the XI Audio FormulaS amp (it is to the top, on the XI Audio amp, with it vertical IEC socket, and at right, looking from behind, on the Viva 2A3 amp with it horizontal IEC socket).
    I found it by listening to the great organ (Toccata & Fugue of Bach) and the CD of the soundtrack of Avatar (with its tablecloths infra low); it is simple, by the ear, the good phase of the sector is the one that best restores the sub-bass in intensity and presence; for me it's obvious.

    In short, with the good phase, for the sector, for the Viva 2A3 amp and with the Thror headphones I listened to a lot of music last night (until 2 am).

    For comfort, no problem: almost 4 hours of listening last night, mainly with the Thror, and from time to time the Odin mk2.
    I a little spread the pads of the Thror twisting very frankly the metal arch of the headband (remodeling the arch more in adequacy with my big head).
    Note : see photo below, with the Thror remodeled in comparison with the Thridi unremodeled ; clamping is much less strong as well.

    Regarding the headphones cable, after hesitating with the cable Vectura C (beige color) giving a lot of finesse and extension in the treble, I preferred to keep the cable Kennerton Custom with its beautiful connectors Furutech, because once again, on the female voices of the L.E.J. trio, I found the timbres of the voices of this female trio as more truthful and natural.

    I did not listen last night the Thror with the XI Audio Formula S amp, but I'm not very worried about this association (especially with the ability to change the gain and slighty the tonality by playing on the negative-feedback of the amp); I find that a tube amp like the Viva 2A3 is very suitable for Thror with a harmonic richness of the most pleasant while maintaining a great dynamic and especially micro-dynamic.

    "Cherry on the cake" (a French expression), the Thror, with its reduced efficiency of about 3 to 4 dB compared to the Odin mk2, have a background noise on the Viva 2A3 really insignificant, while it is slightly noticeable with the Odin mk2 with tis amp in the silences; for anecdote, there was more background noise coming from the outside by opening my window last night, after midnight, than with my audio system; and yet I live almost in the country.

    As for listening to Thror versus Odin mk2, of course I listened to a lot of CDs including piano (Schumann with Catherine Collard) and baroque music (Henry Purcell and King Arthur), but I also listened to a CD may be more unifying than everyone knows: Pink Floyd and his famous The Dark Side of the Moon, especially titles 2; 3; 4 and 5 and in particular the title 3 "On The Run", and indeed the accuracy of the Thror versus Odin mk2 appears obviously : sound is clear, precise, sharp, and without burr; the effects of sounds moving from one ear to another, from right to left then from left to right are reproduced with astonishing precision; we literally follow the movement; the voices appear punctual, with a very great contrast compared to the black background; they emerge at one place to move to another, before disappearing. The sonic details and the resolution are excellent, but with many nuances and subtleties.
    Listening to the Thror, in addition to being more detailed, precise, very coherent for the soundstage, is also finer than that of the Odin mk2, more refined in the treble (less peaks in the treble), cleaner and dry in the bass, which down very low (more sub-bass than with the Odin). The voices are perceived with more distance compared to the Odin, it is clear; everything is cleaner, sharper without being analytic or over-defined or tiring, especially in the treble. The impression of dullness of the Odin disappears.

    In fact, these listening impressions of Thror versus Odin very precisely reproduce those of Pierre Paya during his comparative listening of Thror Vs Odin Thridi, Vs Odin mk2. (Nb: see the links in quote, below).

    In fact I'm amazed to see how Pierre, in a few words, knew so exactly describe the personalities of these three headphones, knowing that for my part I have not yet listened to the Odin Thridi.
    What Pierre describes is exactely my feeling, in each term used!

    Thror goes further than the Odin mk2 on a lot of criteria; listening is different, probably more easily and involving with the Odin mk2, this last headphones giving a very nice listening of proximity, warm and generous; but the Thror takes a step back and also gives a very beautiful listening, finer, more precise, clearer, more airy, sharper, more detailed, more coherent, more just in timbres, in short more rigorous, but not less pleasant for a little that one accepts and adapts (in fact discovers) this difference of styles.
    All this describes on Pink Floyd's only album!

    In short, I can live perfectly happy with this single Thror headphone with the Viva 2A3 amplification, its Custom cable and my source Audiomat, at least with the few CDs tried last night (in fact a lot including Dire Straits, Pacco De Lucia, Rebecca Pidgeon , Avatar, not to mention the belle Nolwenn Leroy, including on CDs unfortunately very compressed, but also a beautiful album Live : "Natural History Tour" in the concert hall Olympia).

    Kennerton Odin Thridi (mk3) on loan (to the left) and my Kennerton Thror remodeled for the metal arch of the headband (to the right).
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  14. eric65
    Hello everyone,

    Already, to begin, a small family photo of the four planar headphones Kennerton gathered and listen last night, with left to right: the Kennerton Odin mk1 of my brother (made in sapele wood, mat varnish); my Kennerton Odin mk2 (made in Karelian birch wood); my Kennerton Thror (made in bog oak wood) and the Kennerton Odin Thridi (mk3) (made in sapele wood, glossy varnish).


    As a reminder, the weight of theses headphones, without cable, is of the order of 680 g for the Odin mk1 and mk2; 590 g for the Odin Thridi (mk3) and 470 g for the Thror.
    The weight reduction compared to Odin mk1 and mk2 is very sensitive on the head with the Thror and a little less with the Odin Thridi.

    We did some interesting listenings, last night (Saturday night) with my brother, especially between his Odin mk1 and my Thror and also with the Odin Thridi, a little less with my Odin mk2.

    Note: concerning the comparative listening of the Odin mk2 versus Thror, you can re-read my preceding post above (first listening, listened Friday night), and especially my great comparative listening published on head-fi in October 2017 concerning the prototype of Thror (called at the time "Tror", without the h).
    Link: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new...m-fischer-at-ifa.732814/page-98#post-13776949

    For me, in retrospect, I did not make any significant listening difference between the Thror prototype (Tror) and my Thror THR001.

    We listened to a lot of different music last night (Saturday night) with my brother, with all these headphones, starting with the CDs I had listened Friday night: the Pink Floyd CD with "The Dark Side of the Moon"; Dire Straits CD "Communiqué"; a Schumann piano CD; a baroque music CD of Henry Purcel "King Arthur"; but also Mass in Si Minor by Bach (opening); a test CD of Diapason with a piece of piano (Mozart); a well recorded jazz with Stéphane Grappelli on violin and Michel Petruciani on piano: album "Flamengo", and finally, a formidable digital file brought by my brother, that of a digital recording, note by note, without any compression, with a pair of professional-grade paired microphones (Rode micro) of the Bösendorfer piano (2 m model) of my mother ; recording each notes after notes by my brother on all the octaves of the piano, first in pianissimo and especially in fortissimo: formidable test when each note recorded, one by one, without any compression, is reproduced with all its dynamics and realistic sound level attack (ie very strong > 110 dB (estimate)).
    This formidable test for headphones makes it possible to judge the power capacity holding (ie the the ability to restitute, at high sound level, without distortion), a headphones and hear any distortion (and / or vibration) of the headphones's drivers.
    (Nb: It was my brother who made this recording and played each note recording on my mother's Bösendorfer piano).
    (Nb bis: the piano is very difficult to reproduce without distortions under such conditions, ie listening at a realistic level and located in the place of the pianist).
    (Nb tierce: the Viva 2A3 amp has been replaced by the XI Audio Formula S, for this test).

    So, what are the audible differences perceived by my brother (and by myself in the Nota bene) between all these headphones?

    Subjectively, quantitatively speaking, the Odin mk1 and mk2 are distinguished from the Odin Thridi and Thror by an average sound level in the bass (between 40 and 160 Hz) higher, perhaps from 3 to 4 dB.
    (Nb: for sub-bass, below 40 Hz, I think it's the opposite, but there are not many recordings reproducing the sub-bass under 40 Hz).

    It is the same for treble (between 7 and 14 KHz) ; the perceived treble level in this frequency range is more important, especially with the Odin mk1, then the Odin mk2 and then with the Thridi and Thror.
    (Nb: for my part, the level sound of treble in this band of frequency (7 - 14 Khz) is higher with the Odin mk2 than the Thror and Thridi, and even more with the Odin mk1 ; but treble is qualitatively perceived as more irregular, more granular and especially less fine and subtle with the Odin mk1 and mk2 than with the Thridi and especially the Thror ; the Thridi being situated between the Thror and the Odin mk2 for the qualitative restitution of the treble).

    Concerning the "2 KHz" of the piano, according to my brother, it is better (better reproduced) with the Thridi and Thror than with the Odin mk1 and mk2 which are comparatively more hollow at this frequency.

    Subjectively, qualitatively speaking, on the music of Pink Floyd and on the Mass in Si Minor of Bach, the words of my brother are the following: "the music is much more net, sharp, clean and more limpid" with the Thridi, and even more with the Thror, compared to his Odin mk1.
    It is the same for the sharpness and separation of notes and desks; it is the Thror which marks the difference the most, followed further, for my brother, by the Thridi: my brother even made a subjective scale of transparency / limpidity / sharpness of the sound between these 3 headphones: if the Thror has the note 5, the Thridi has the note 3 and the Odin mk1 the note 2.
    (Nb: for my part I would have put on this scale the note 1,5 to the Odin mk2, a little less clear and limpid than the Odin mk1, even if more dense in the tone).

    (NB: the more qualitative the recording, the more complex it is, the clearer the difference between transparency / limpidity / sharpness and acuity (separation of the notes and the desks) becomes apparent between these four headphones, the first place coming to the Thror which really widens the gap compared to his younger brother, the Thridi, followed by the Odin mk1 then the Odin mk2 in last).

    Another qualitative criterion found with my brother and me, the treble, although less intense in level, is much fine, more subtle and smooth (the opposite of granular) with the Thror versus the Odin mk1 (and the Odin mk2); for me it is very clear (obvious) for listening to the violin, found much more fine and subtle with the Thror than with the Odin mk1 and 2 which "scrap" in relative comparison (all proportion kept) ; the finesse and subtlety of treble of the Thridi being intermediate between that of the Thror and the Odin mk1.

    Another qualitative criterion noted, that of the bass of the Thror and the Thridi (and not the sub-bass under 40 Hz that could not be appreciated at fair value with the music listened); even if quantitatively speaking, bass of the Thror (and Thridi) are less intense and less emphasized than with the Odin mk1 and especially mk2 ; bass are on the other hand (qualitatively speaking) cleaner, drier, more legible and equally impactful with the Thror versus Odin mk1 and mk2 ; the strike is also less heavy, faster and dry with the Thror.

    Another qualitative criterion, that of the soundstage: it is further away (greater distance with the performers) with the headphones Thridi and especially the Thror compared to Odin mk1 and mk2 where the soundstage is in front of you, close and intimate, but also much less precise and a little confused (all proportion kept); the accuracy of the soundstage, the separation of the notes and desks, their sharpness are much better with the Thror versus Odin mk1 and mk2.

    Airing and feeling of air and space between instruments is well better with the Thror and Thridi versus the Odin mk1 and mk2.

    Finally, the last subjective qualitative criterion, that of the distortion perceived by pushing the headphones in their retrenchment for the "power capacity holding", with notes of piano in attack (fortissimo) recorded at realistic level (> 110 dB estimate) (that of the piano Bösendorfer from my mother) without any compression for recording with a microphone of professional quality (NB: see my preamble) ; well, the headphones that "cash" most without flinching and without distortion, is the Thror, followed (further) by the Thridi, then the Odin mk2 and the Odin mk1 in last.
    Distortion of the headphones perceived in the ear by my brother, for a precise frequency (ie piano note given).
    (Nb : my brother who made the recording of the piano, note by note)
    (Nb bis : for listening, my brother used these terms : there it does not move for the note played (ie It is to say that it is restored without distortion) or there it moves, or move a lot ...).
    This test is quite unforgiving. The headphones wich "moving" the least at these levels of realistic listening of a concert piano (peak level > 110 dB), being the Thror and by far (hardly a shudder on one or two notes in the treble of the piano).
    (Nb: I think the driver's carbon frame of the Thror helps to put up with and absorb in real baton blows (ie the percussions of the hammers in a piano) in this ultimate power capacity holding and headphones distortion test, at very high SPL levels though very brief, not recommended for hearing).

    To conclude, my brother preferred the Thror quite clearly compared to the other three headphones, concerning all these audio criteria : the transparency / limpidity / sharpness (separation of the notes and desks), cleanliness / distortion / power capacity holding, of the headphones, not to mention the much lower weight of the Thror compared to the other three headphones.

    For him, the Odin Thridi did not make enough difference compared to his Odin mk1: what he gains in sharpness, clarity, sharpness, aeration, he loses it concerning the sound level of the bass (a little less present in the frequency range 40 - 160 Hz than it Odin mk1) and even the treble (above 7 KHz), less emphasized than with its Odin mk1, even if treble of the Odin mk1 is also less incisive, less fine and subtle than thats of the Thridi (and even better the Thror).

    On the other hand, with the Thror, the differences are important enough to make him want to buy (possibly one day) the Thror (when if he found the budget) to be a complementary headphones to his Odin mk1, and not to replace it, in particular to appreciate all the qualities of the Thror (transparency / limpidity / sharpness / separation of the notes and desks / aeration / fineness and subtlety / cleanliness / power capacity holding / distortion, in particular for listening to very well recorded or complex works, to appreciate at their fair value all these small or larger differences found between these two headphones.

    Post scriptum : A big thanks to Milan :), on the HCFR forum who has just made an excellent summary (in French :beyersmile:) of my laborious report (in bad English) above.

    Link to this summary (in French) : http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post179555132.html#p179555132
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  15. Arcamera
    Thanks for the impressions Eric :)

    Oh man, I'd love to get a Thror, especially for my Classical listening.

    "Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about your wallet."
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