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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. eric65
    Hello everyone,

    During the visit that I would do at Pierre Paya's show room, at the end of April in Nîmes (France), I will focus my listening on a comparison of four headphones, on the material I know for the amp, ie the headphones Odin mk2 and Thror on the one hand, and Susvara and LCD4 headphones on the other hand, on the XI Audio Formula S amp able to drive them all (in low gain for the Odin and Thror and high gain for the Susvara and the LCD4), listening, if possible, to both modern and classical music.

    The other listening that will interest me in priority, at Pierre, will be listening to Stax headphones SR-009 and 007 mk2 on the famous Viva STX (2A3) electrostatic headphone amp.

    After, out of curiosity, I would listen (at least once in my life) the Focal Utopia and the Clear, not to mention the Hifiman HE-1000 this time in V2 version (NB: a priori some headphones "clear" to my hearing, which would not a priori my favor regarding the sensitivity of ear that is mine).

    read more at : http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post179477001.html#p179477001
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  2. Arcamera
    Put a deposit down for a second pair of Vali's-- thanks Layton Audio MTL! Will be getting a natural wood version (I have the varnished). Will have in a couple of weeks.

    More people in North America need to hear these headphones. Anyone who might know the Grado HP1000-- the best headphones Grado ever made, and highly regarded--- need to check out the Kennerton Vali. They are sooo good....
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  3. eric65

    Never one without two (Vali and/or Odin). :beyersmile:

    Heureux Québécois avec Layton Audio Montréal ! :)
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  4. dleblanc343
    Headphones are waiting for you!

    Grado HP1000 is one headphone I’ve yet to hear and it’s bugging me. I’ve had the pleasure to hear the Orpheus and HE1, AKG K1000; yet something about those Grados and that raw industrial look has been haunting me for years and I’m urging to listen.

    Haha, Québécois ou pas, tout le monde mérite du bon son... et de bons écouteurs!
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  5. Feilong4
    A bit of a long shot, but is anyone willing to lend me their Vali pads or ECL-02 pads for about a day or two? Willing to pay ship to and from. I'm in the US.

    I'm pad rolling for a headphone but don't wanna buy a new set since I'm not 100% sure that I'll like the pairing.
  6. Andykong
    Apparently someone agrees with me regarding the Thror demoed at CanJam NYC 2018:

    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  7. eric65



    Happy to learn that the Kennerton Thror (3.5 K USD) plays in the same league as the Utopia (4 K USD) and the Susvara (6 K USD) with a pleasant sound, inspired by the Odin, but in more precise, more airy, more fine, but also more straight and more just for the tonality, and more extended for the FR extremities (in particular sub bass) than the Odin.

    And this with the excellent amp Cayin HA 300 (300 B tubes) which is also mentioned at this link below (with the Utopia and the Susvara) (in addition to the previous listening with the Thror, for the link of your post above).


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  8. Arcamera
    Anyone know if the Magister is still being made? Perhaps Kennerton is working on a new closed-back design?
  9. tienbasse
    If you go up in this thread, you'll see that the Magister was upgraded (new wood, slightly different cups, plus some tweaks).
  10. Arcamera
    Yes, thanks. The Magister Pro, right? It's just that I didn't see it on their website currently.
  11. Arcamera
    Can anyone here comment: are there any sonic differences between the Magister and the Magister Pro? And regarding their top end/treble performance, how does it compare with the Vali? And does anyone know if the Magister Pro will be available again? Or perhaps some new iteration? Thanks.
  12. George Taylor
    If anyone is interested, I have a pair of Massdrop Vali and Magister Lite for sale on eBay right now. Message me for details. In the US and will probably only ship here, in advance. If there's a problem with posting this let me know mods.
  13. Arcamera
    I know before it sounded like the Vali was not quite your thing. How would you compare/contrast the sound of the Vali and the Magister?
  14. George Taylor
    I definitely prefer the sound of the Vali to the Magister. The Magister, too me, is too closed in and cramped sounding. Which is a shame because i do think they're quite lovely to look at. And as I've mentioned before, I do like the sound of the Vali. I just can't get past the comfort issues I've had with them. I assume that not everyone would have those issues. I have a pair of LCD-2s and have read about them being too heavy for folks, but they fit me fine. I think it's the mechanics of the fit I really have a problem with. The having to adjust everything every time I put them on, which it seems I do have to do. But, sound wise, they're pretty great. I wouldn't call them neutral, but no real part of the sound (bass, treble) really stands out above any other, to me. Well balanced? I guess I'd go with that.
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