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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. Kennerton Team
    It will be clear only after we release the first bunch of Tror's.
  2. eric65
    Good black friday deals for anyone who could be seduced by headphones Kennerton! :)
  3. eric65
    Hi all.

    Pierre Paya, the French importer of Kennerton spoke, a while ago on the French forum, about the month of February 2018 for such a possibility of upgrading the Odin with the drivers of the Tror, for a price that would be close to the price difference between the price of the Tror (new) minus the price of the Odin mk2 (new) (this to the conditional).

    Otherwise, 5 Kennerton Tror headphones would already be reserved in France (including mine and that of Pierre Paya ...); delivery date of these first five Tror still unknown, but we hope to receive them for the end of the year 2017 or for the very beginning of the year 2018.
  4. eric65
  5. Arcamera
    IMG_20171208_174638.jpg IMG_20171208_173534.jpg IMG_20171208_173428.jpg My daughter, sporting my favourite headphones.
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  6. eric65
    Wow, she grows up !

    Very nice ! :)

    My two boys (12 and 14 years old) each asked for Christmas a headphone ; alas not a Kennerton, but a gamer headset to listen to the game tutorial and youtube videos on their computers : the headphone Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 chroma (which shines at night!).
    An idea for Kennerton ; a headphone shining the night ? :dt880smile:
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017
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  7. Andykong
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  8. eric65


    Merry Christmas to all, and Happy Holidays for the end of the year 2017 (or the new year 2018 in russia); I hope new year 2018 brings us what we hope strongly in terms of headphones, but also and especially happiness and joy. :)
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  9. eric65
    Hello everyone, and best wishes for the year 2018. :)


    2018 will be the year of the Tror for Kennerton !

    Kennerton's high-end planar headphones (their new flagship Tror) is still waiting, because the manufacture of new high-tech drivers is slower than expected, and a rigorous pairing of drivers need a high consistency in the manufacture of these new drivers. In short, Kennerton takes his time to bring us the best of their production.


    Otherwise, it is the revolution on Innerfidelity concerning the WoF; Tyll does not do things by half to free up space on its prestigious Wall of Fame.


    Well, it leaves space and prospects for a planar headphone as promising as the Tror, for its rigor and the pleasure procured, among the best.

    Good new year!
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  10. Ultrainferno
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  11. eric65
    Very good synthesis of the Odin. :)

    The Odin is not a perfect headphone, nor even very cheap, but it does not leave indifferent; it is a headphone of character, very well built, with noble materials made to last.
    If you like the Odin in sapele wood for its finish and even more the Odin in Zebrano wood ; well, if you meet one day an Odin wooden in Karelian birch, you will fall in love with this headphone.

    Regarding the new cable Kennerton (Custom wire Litz cable), it is worth seeing; the Stock cable is already very good, better than the Stock cable of my Audeze LCD3F (more transparent), but it is too rigid; the Custom Litz wire cable wrapped in nylon, is much more user-friendly, very flexible, and above all even more transparent with exceptional dynamics. It is well worth the price and is a real upgrade for all headsets with a mini-XLR connection (including the Odin and the new Tror).

    As for the new Kennerton flagship that is expected for the beginning of 2018 (the Kennerton Tror), , which you refer to in your review above, I confirm that this is a much improved version of the Odin for extension of the FR ; resolution and details (though not bad with the Odin), and aeration.
    It is a headphone clearer and more resolute than the Odin, but better balanced, more neutral, airy, and even more dynamic.

    To give a glimpse in terms of image and tone of the Kennerton Tror versus Odin and versus other headphones less resolved, I already published on this thread this image.

    (NB: click on the image to zoom and see mor details).


    If you have the chance to test this new planar headphone, the Kennerton Tror, well it is with the greatest interest that I will follow this future review! :)

    The Kennerton Tror combined with a 2A3 tube amplifier such as the Viva 2A3 amp and the Auris 2A3 Headonia, or a very good Solid State amplifier like the XI Audio Formula S amp, or any other amplifier revealing the whole qualities of this new planar headphone, will surely please; and even much to please; I'm convinced.

    Cherry on the cake, the Tror will weigh 30% less than the Odin and will have a weight comparable to a Stax SR-009.

    The bad news is that it will be more expensive than the Odin, but not twice more expensive :beyersmile: (note: estimated price of the new Kennerton flagship, the Tror: 3500 dollars with the stock cable, or 3000 euros excluding taxes).
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  12. Ultrainferno
    Thanks for the info!!
  13. eric65
    Hello everyone,

    The French forum HCFR on the Kennerton thread remains very active, in spite of the wait of the Kennerton Tror, whose release (final model) is longer than expected.

    Meanwhile, some members of the french forum are pronounced for the ideal headphone.
    - For some, it would be a headphone with the qualities of the Abyss for the bass and the soundstage, with the finesse in the highs of the Utopia and the carnal side of the mids of the Odin.
    - For others, it would be a headphone with the bass and the opening (and aeration) of the Hifiman Susvara, with the mids (often described as divine) of the Odin.


    In short, the Odin remains a reference for his mids, carnal, addictive.

    Well, Kennerton's guy, you know what you have to do (and claim) for your next flagship, in 2018?

    It's never too late to do well... :)
  14. LaCuffia
    I am curious about the Vali, but stock appears to be limited on the Kennerton site. Do they still make the polished wood version, or other types of wood? I only see the natural wood version. Also, what is usual turn around time for shipment to the US? I don't think there are any US dealers so it looks like a direct order is the only option.
  15. tienbasse
    For the Vali, there are often Massdrop Special Edition offers.
    Great price with no additional taxes for you in the US, but only in natural wood with matt black finish.
    If you're patient enough, it should come back.
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