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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. JohanGao
    Since kennerton tror have weight reduce benefit from carbon material, why not use carbon material for odin but still with same odin driver, then odin can be much lighter just like tror?
  2. eric65

    Good question.

    in my humble opinion, a lighter version of the Odin, sounding like the Odin (with a warmer tone than the Tror, even if less accurate) is quite possible, lightening the external grids of the Odin (use aluminum grids versus zinc) and the driver's frame; but that will have a price; for what price?
  3. Kennerton Team
    Lighter version of the Odin is possible in the future, but driver will remain the same.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
  4. Hardcorist
    1) This element is part of a magnetic circuit and affects the sound. We do not want to change the sounding of Odin.
    2) Carbon is more expensive than steel.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
  5. JohanGao
    They already have done the R&D with tror, i think it can be applied on odin with reasonable cost.. Lighter odin should increasing the demand for odin, people who have interesting with odin before but stay away because of the heavy weight would come close. I think it would be a win win solution for company and customer.
  6. JohanGao
    They can make some prototype and see how it sound, if it sound good then why not? If tror can take benefit from the carbon, perhaps odin also can. I know carbon is more expensive, but for that small amount of carbon part that should not impact to much with the price. Beside company will take benefit with people who can afford tror price but have problem with odin weight. These guys even are not much visible, but I'm pretty sure they are quite a few.
  7. Hardcorist
    "They" = I am [​IMG]
    Sound with carbon is good, but it will be already another sound. It will not be an Odin anymore)))

    So... Odin will stay Odin, and for another sound we creating Thror now. We not plan to change Odiin's sound signsture (so we will not change the driver materials), but we hope to reduce a weight (with new grid) in future.
    But first we will release a Thror.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
  8. JohanGao
    Ups... So I am talking with the man behind odin and thror... Sorry for not recognizing you :ksc75smile:
    So you guys have a plan in reducing odin weight in the future, that sound really promising...:beerchug:
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
  9. eric65
    Good idea to keep the sound of the Odin as it is, ie distinct from that of the TROR / THROR which has a sound very different (less warm) from that of the Odin. :)

    Indeed, the black grid of the Odin currently made of a zinc alloy could be replaced by an aluminum model that will be about 2.5 times lighter. About 50g instead of 120g.
    Note: weight reduction of 120-50 g = 70 g, for 1 grid or for both grids of the Odin?
    Read more at http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/...cases-t30059943-6525.html#5EpFvFTxsSVIzmVX.99

    Otherwise, that is TROR or THROR the name finally chosen for the future Kennerton flagship planar headphone? :dt880smile:
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
  10. Arcamera
    I like the weight of the Odin as it is! I have no comfort issues whatsoever. And I actually love the weight-- the heftiness and solidity. It's a refreshing alternative to what a lot of other headphone companies are trying to do...
    Kennerton Team and eric65 like this.
  11. eric65
    Good evening, Andrew.

    Canadians are strong guys, like the Russians; The weight of a winter coat or a winter hat, or a heavy audio headphones do not afraid them, .... as well as, for a musician, the weight of a massive bass guitar, a guarantee of solidity. :)

    Personally, being neither Russian nor Canadian, although I could, as a child, have followed my parents in Quebec if my father had been appointed professor-researcher in this beautiful country, well, I do not fear the weight of the Odin headphone.
    What is important to me, above all, is the very pleasant and addictive sound of the Odin, but also the beauty, solidity and durability of the object.
    Arcamera likes this.
  12. Arcamera
    Ha ha Eric. But yes, the sound above all :)
  13. eric65
    Hello, I have just ordered in France a Kennerton Tror headphone, wooden Bog Oak (for the moment the only wood species available); the official price in France is now known: 3.600 Euros (all taxes included) (i.e 3000 Euros excluding tax, or about 3.525 dollars USD excluding tax with the conversion 1 euro = 1.175 dollars) + order also the new custom cable Kennerton in Litz wire, optional (available separately on the Kennerton website).

    I hope to receive it before the end of the year! :)
  14. Fink24
    Any updates on the Odin to Tror Upgrade program?
  15. Kennerton Team
    drwlf likes this.
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