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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. mbwilson111
    Do you need to stretch the band a bit? I do on most headphones. I am sure I did with the KEF. I hate any amount of clamp.
  2. Tom22

    is it gone? is it email only? i dont see that insane price! only 299.99
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2018
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  3. trellus
    I’m almost always reluctant to stretch the band, for fear of breaking the headphones. I have done it successfully for a few, but it’s actually rare I need to as my head is relatively small.
  4. BrotherKathos
    I'm not sure how long the promo was. Somtimes its only for a day, and it also could have been an email only thing for past customers.
  5. BrotherKathos
    I'm sorry you're having comfort issues with the KEFs. On ear phones are never going to be as good as over ears for comfort for sure. If I don't have the KEFs on just right they will start to hurt after a short time just like the Sennheisers. If I get them on just right then they can stay comfy for about 4 times as long compared to my momentums though, so on that comparison they are great. They are still no where near any of my over ear phones though. Even the Least comfortable ones I have which are the Beyerdynamic dt770 m 80 ohms are way more comfortable than the KEFs and those clamp you like a vice.
  6. trellus
    It was a sale about a month ago, I believe, on NewEgg. I’ve seen around price on NewEgg at least twice this year. You might consider subscribing to the Deals and Discussions thread here on Head-Fi, as there are many eyes looking out for deals and in fact here’s an example of a member alerting that price on the thread on July 3.


    Sometimes, NewEgg deals in particular might only be for those signed up for their email list so you might do that as well.
  7. yangian
    Got the openbox M500. Everything is there and looks good。 But don't agree with the sound. Like the sound of M200 more. This is my first on-ear. No way to compared with those over ears like HE400i, DT990.
  8. B9Scrambler
    I'm with you on the M200 having a more enjoyable sound, but the M500 isn't bad. A little boring sounding but technically fine. The thinksound On2, which cost around the same back in the day, is the better sounding product imo. Of course you forgo the quality metal construction and clean, minimalist design. I think they both look excellent regardless. M200 has a very big, bassy sound, pending you can get them to seal properly and fit well. Ergonomics are :dizzy_face:. Still love em though!
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  9. yangian
    I agree its sound is not not good. I was disappointed since I did expect it is comparable with those full open back like HE400i etc. I may expect too much. But M200 is more open sounding then M500. The vocal of M500 is too near ears. People mainly listen to vocal may like it.
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  10. B9Scrambler
    I can see that. Would love to try pad rolling with them to see what sort of changes would occur.
  11. yangian
    What choices of pads do we have?
  12. B9Scrambler
    Not a clue, lmao. We'd have to explore options I suppose.
  13. yangian
  14. trellus
    I'm feeling good right now about having joined the most recent drop for the Thinksound ON2 on Massdrop, it as $89.99, and just shipped. :D I bought the KEF M500 for $79.99 or $89.99 (can't remember which) recently on NewEgg, but comfort is kind of iffy for me and the sound confounds me because sometimes I think it sounds really good and other times it's more "meh" for me.
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  15. yangian
    I found Walnut V2S can drive M500 very well and sounds great for the sale price.
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