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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. elnero

    According to Comply's website this is correct, so still need to know if the T500 series will work.
  2. denis

    You're welcome... I 've just been lucky to have a pair on hand when my M200s arrived. If not, these IEMs would probably be on other ears at the moment. But I must admit I would have missed quite something!
  3. ericp10
    The UE900 tips are denser on the outside with an extra layer inside the silicon. It adds more weight to the sound and better isolation. It gives the M200's wonderful bass a little bit of a deeper richness. To my ears it refines a refined sound even more.
    fnkcow likes this.
  4. ericp10
    So how are the meel tips affecting the sound? Just because a tip fit doesn't mean it won't impact the sound positively or negatively.
  5. MLee
    First time I tried the bi-flange it sounded worse but then I realized I hadn't pushed them on as far as they would go.  Second time around I heard a slight improvement over the original tips.  My ears aren't as educated as yours but I believe the improvement is because the seal is better for me.  Bass is just a touch deeper.  I've used Etys for years and am used to deep insertion and an excellent, silent background so I'm sure that contributes to my liking the bi-flange fit and seal better than the OEM tips.  That probably affected my experience with the PFE 232 and the W4 as well.  
  6. DannyBai
    The only tips that doesn't give me driver flex is the longer Mee. tip.  I get better fit and comfort with either Mee. tip over stock.  The sound with the longer Mee. tip gives additional space in the sound.  The smaller Mee. tip takes away from the bass slightly.  I get the most bass out of the stock tips.  So far I prefer the short Mees. for comfort and the sound is quite similar to the stock minus a little bit of loss in bass.  
  7. PeterDLai
    Those who want to give MEElectronics tips a try, there's a pack of 10 pairs for $10 which I think gives the best value: black or clear.
    The "extra long single-flange" tips actually look relatively similar to the stock tips (at the top of each picture).
  8. ericp10
    Okay, found a second tip that works well with the M200 if you really want EVEN MORE bass and the vocals even more forward. Wow! It's bit of a struggle getting them on the nozzle though (you have to put the tip down on the nozzle evenly then twist it down into position. 

    Oh, the tips are the large Senn. double-flanges from the IE-8. It makes the M200 a bit of a bass monster, so this tip might not be for everyone, but M200 doesn't move inside my ears at all with these tips. So I like the stock, UE900 and the Senn tips. 
  9. dweaver
    I found some wide mouth mystery tips that are the short mushroom type that seem to stick on the stems better than the UE900 while offering a similar level of comfort. Bottom line for me is a I need big bulby tips not bullet shaped ones.

    Also finally had time to try these on my computer rig my desktop amp and holy moly do these ever scale well! The treble and mids gain tremendous clarity and definition while the bass tightens up. This makes me think I might want to try using a portable amp with them or possibly just buy a head-fi quality DAP. There are great from my portable devices but become AWESOME with some juice to help overcome their designed hearing safety.

    Off my desktop amp I think these far surpass my UE900 or any other IEM I have owned, simply amazing.
  10. denis

    Guys, I've been there in my tips experiment. And I noticed that when there was more bass, it was at the detriment of the rest of these IEMs qualities: mids, treble or soundstage. It was when my ears were better isolated but a little too stuffed...
  11. fnkcow
    The search for the best tips for M200 is ON!! Currently it is still the UE 900 tips leading the pack among contenders IE-8, Meelec, Monster Trumpet and stock tips. Monster Trumpet tips is hereby sadly proclaimed KIA. The search continues on..
  12. dweaver
    I am enjoying the heck out of what I just found. I just have no idea where they came from. They are cheap looking but are very snug on the tube and of a more grippy material.
  13. fnkcow
    Even better than the UE 900 tips?! Could you post a photo of them please?
  14. denis

    Same for me. The best result I get is with my ipad2/E-DAC/EPH-O2 combo: pure nirvana! It is also excellent with my DX100 but not that excellent: lacking a little timbre, soundstage and that distance between the music and you. But in the death row, it still would be a to die for last wish...
    Come after my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (volume at 7-8/10, well but less balanced top to bottom, average soundstage) and my wife's 7 years old 60G ipod (volume at 8-9/10, sound essentially in the mids, poor soundstage, listenable only if lost on an desert island).
  15. dweaver
    I wouldn't say the mystery tips sound better than the UE tips. They just seem way more secure.

    I will take some pics tomorrow if I have time.
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