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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. calpiyuki
    Do you think westone 4r would be good enough instead of m200?
  2. ericp10
    The W4 and M200 sound nothing alike. You need to do your research and choose between those two base on what you think your favorite sound signature is. Both are excellent earphones, but you are highly risking disappointment if you're basing your decision on something like one has a detachable cable and the other doesn't.
  3. calpiyuki

    advise noted. thanks.
  4. dweaver
    I talked with my friend who was using the Monster Trumpet tips and they have apparently broke so it looks like they are not going to work out for anyone leaning towards them as an option.
  5. PeterDLai
    Another thing beside the tips that KEF may have overlooked: there doesn't appear to be much protection from earwax/dust/etc. getting into the driver/housing. I don't know if long-term durability will actually be impacted at all by this design, but I think there's a reason why most other IEMs have more protective filters.
    RIP. M200 nozzles' first victims being shown who the real monsters are.
  6. dweaver
    Went to my largest UE900 tip and same comfort but even better sound! ...

    But I did have the tip slide off the IEM and stay in my ear on one side. Kinda sad but it was easy to grab and the sound quality made it worth while. Sound wise it increased the bass quantity and punch while increasing the isolation and improving the intimacy a bit. I will accept pulling the tip out my ear for now and may design a ridge on the stem to help hold the tips on better.
  7. Lorspeaker
    any success with complys? 
  8. waynes world

    You cant say that - I have my m500's on the way!
  9. dweaver
    Ok I put the largest tip in my right ear and next one down in my left ear and I get a good seal in both ears without having the one tip coming off.

    but I am going to create a ridge using some wire and a couple spots of glue to help keep the tips from sliding off. This may seem like a lot of effort but the UE900 tips are so comfortable and the M200 sounds so good it will be worth the effort.
  10. fnkcow
    Yeah does the TS-500 or T-500 fit the M200? Since its part of the original kit for UE 900 too
  11. DannyBai
    While waiting for the UE900 tips to arrive, I've settled on the short bi-flanges from Meelec. The longer bi-flange works well too but the short one resembles closest to the distance from driver to tip.

    I also tried the TS series tips that came with the UE500 and S2 and the neck of the tip is too narrow and stiff to fit around that large nozzle. The UE500 single flange tips also work well.
    fnkcow likes this.
  12. fnkcow
    UE 500 is TS-200 I believe?
  13. fnkcow
    How different are the UE900 tips with the old UE TripleFi tips? My region only has those old UE TripleFi tips in stock rather than the new ones and I'm thinking whether they are worth buying even considering or not since they are pretty expensive
  14. DannyBai
    Sorry but I've never owned the triple fi's so I do not know. The S2's have the same complys as the UE500's from what I can tell. Hopefully someone else who knows can chime in.
  15. MLee
    I just got some tips from meelec too.  In the short time I've tried the bi-flange one DannyBal shows above work for me.  Much easier to get a good seal and stays put better than the stock while moving my head around.  You have to stretch them to get them over the tip so I don't anticipate them coming off in the future when I remove the headphone.  I'll be interested in the comparison to the UE tips he has coming.
    Thanks to Denis for the original suggestion  http://www.meelec.com/MEElectronics_Eartips_p/ts5-cmb-50-bkgy.htm
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