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Keeping ears clean

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by darknessproz, Sep 16, 2010.
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  1. Shike
    I use these:
    I get occasional wax and lots of dead skin.  These are magical to me, and I'd suggest anyone give it at least a try once over q-tips.
  2. maverickronin
    Looks interesting.  I think I'll check it out.
  3. TMRaven
    Ear Candles.  I'm always surprised at the amount of goo builds up in them.  Probably not the most scientifically effective method, but the most amusing!
  4. cifani090


    I truthfully need to buy some. Its better than spending $150 or so at the ear doctors, and plucking it out with Q-tips.
  5. TMRaven
    Haha nah, ear doctor is probably the best way to remove any serious wax buildup.  Candles are just funny to experiment with.
  6. cifani090


    Im the type of person that doesn't get alot of wax. Id definitely get them cleaned first and than use some ear candles.
  7. Nachash
    warm water under the shower
  8. rylim
    Has anyone used the Debrox for ear cleaning ?
  9. Ancipital
    Don't, ear candles are dangerous hogwash. Seriously. No clinical benefit, and actually quite dangerous.
  10. zombicube
    My doc used diluted hydrogen peroxide and a big-ass syringe (with no needle--just as a sprayer) to irrigate a nasty wax+dog fur plug that I got one time. She also told me that the risk of q-tips isn't that you're going to poke it in too far and bust your eardrum/perforate your brain--the problem is that q-tips tend to shed a little. The cotton fibers give wax something to clump onto (like the dog fur) and may exacerbate wax buildup problems. Finally, she taught me a clever layman's trick to test whether you have a wax blockage. Pinch some of your hair between two fingers and rub it together. If you can hear the crackling of the hairs rubbing against one another, you're good to go. If you can't hear the hair, you probably need to clean out wax.... or just turn up the volume (heh).
  11. ProtegeManiac Contributor
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  12. Ancipital
    Yep, I've had good results with over the counter wax remover from the pharmacy- often urea-based(!). When I've left it too long, having a practise nurse have at it with a syringe full of warm water worked wonders, insane clumps of wax clunking out..
    The weird part is that when you get your ears syringed, you regain your high frequency hearing again- but your brain needs a few minutes to rejig your perceptions, and fails to filter what you're consciously aware of at first. It's like having super ears for a few minutes- I remember hearing a small stone stuck on the wheel of a pushchair scraping every time it rolled around and touched the pavement.
    I've had similar effects, after spending a few minutes in an anechoic chamber- you step out, and the environmental reverb is completely overpowering.. like you stuck your head in a Lexicon. It takes a minute or two for your brain to reign it in and shape your perceptions back to "normal". Fascinating effects.
    (There's a whole digression here about the bits of your brain that process your senses, and then how they get flagged for conscious attention, but I'm forgetting the names of the various bits involved, and am too lazy to look them up [​IMG])
  13. castleofargh Contributor
    I usually say "brain plasticity" and hope to get away with it. [​IMG]
    I also use a spray for ear wax that I randomly pick in a drug store, I use it maybe once or twice a month. at first I was using that stuff a lot feeling that cleaner is always better, except it's not. we do need ear wax and I got a small ear infection because I used it too much(or so said the ear guy and I was inclined to believe him).
    in the "I'm still just a curious kid that got older" series, I always wondered if sleeping on the same side had a significant impact on ear wax? [​IMG]
  14. Ancipital
    I don't know, I normally sleep on the same side, and seem to have roughly equal wax buildup (eeew), if you want inconclusive anecdote [​IMG]
  15. Coolzo
    I use the "Elephant Ear Washer", on recommendation from my father's ENT.


    Just use warm water, hold the tip just *barely* inside your ear canal, and spray with quick, short bursts (no need to lie down, just sit or stand straight up). Cleans everything thoroughly without physically touching the inside of your ear; I use it once maybe every six months to a year as needed (over-frequent use is not recommended. That goes ditto for any ear-cleaning method, in fact).

    Would definitely recommend this for something less intrusive and safer.
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