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Keeping ears clean

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by darknessproz, Sep 16, 2010.
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  1. p a t r i c k
    Hi All
    The earwax which you are wishing to remove is the ears natural cleaning agent.
    Earwax is generated within the ear canal and moves continuously outward thus prevent build up of dust within the ear. The external "real dirt" that earwax removes is the enemy, not the ear wax.
    Earwax is your friend!
    Be glad you have it (but try to get some other friends as well, just having earwax as a friend might be a bit sad).
    Please don't use anything to clean your lug holes.
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  2. Armaegis
    So... you're all saying that using the wand attachment on my vacuum is a bad idea?
  3. Albedo
    Skin without any earwax or fat is clean, but then a complete seal with IEM wouldn't sit properly, or?
    Sounds like OCD... 
  4. jvlgato Contributor


    Medical citation of study which demonstrates relative safety of Q Tip use in ear cleaning versus contact lens insertion?
    Just messin' with you ... [​IMG]
    Seriously, though, do what you're gonna do, just giving you the facts ...
  5. maverickronin
    I guess I shouldn't use sharp utensils when eating since the chair could break causing me to fall and cut myself.  Or I could slip and fall while washing them.  I probably need to give up my DIY since that soldering iron is just too dangerous.  I need to quit my job too.  I have to drive there!  Have you seen those statistics?  I guess I should just stay home in my safe room and never do anything.  After all, its dangerous outside.
    People to potentially dangerous things every day.  Everything carries some risk or another.  Nothing is perfectly safe.  If you use IEMs and aren't blessed with an exceptional lack of earwax, then daily ear cleaning is a requirement.  There isn't other convenient way to do it besides sticking something in your ear.  Grow a pair and deal with it.
  6. shaddix
    yikes! no more qtip for me. shallow insertion iems onry!
    this is actually legitimate lol
  7. googleborg
    after i get out the shower what wax in my ears is pretty easy to sweep out with a cotton swap/mini pugil stick.
    i hear 'ooh danger' arguments all the time about cycle helmets too, but i'll never wear one unless decide to do downhill or something.  people these days worry too much.
  8. Albedo
    I vote for just cleaning IEM after extraction, if someone is looking.. SFY.
  9. tmars78
    I am blessed with unusually clean ears. I've even had my doctor ask me how often I clean my ears cause there was no wax in them. And that was like after 2 weeks without using anything. I don't know if not having earwax is good or bad, but I don't get any, never really have. I honestly can go months without cleaning them, stick a q-tip in my ear, and pull it out the same as it went in. So I normally clean them every other week when I get a haircut, just to remove the hair that got in them. 
  10. Ohungry

    I thought the guy had a clog.
    Well, then I guess flushing or using q-tips (not inserted deeply) would probably the be most practical way.
    Fortunately for me, I live in Canada where health care is socialized =).
    Well, the ear isn't an organ that is supposed to have things inside of it... unlike the mouth.

  11. Uncle Erik Contributor

    Sometimes, your ears need an assist.

    If you have the dry flaky wax, you'll get crunching noises and rattles inside your ears. It's like having a krinkly candy wrapper inside your ear. You'd want it out, too.
  12. LostOne.TR
    The crunching/rattling is quite annoying.
  13. koobs
    'Nothing smaller than your elbow should be inserted into your ear' - Is what my audiologist says... then again she's dealt with patients who accidentally poked a q-tip through their eardrum...
    I used to use q-tips on the daily... actually I would go MAD if I didn't use them after getting out of the shower, that wet ear canal feeling...
    But I've totally gotten used to not using them over the past year... and I belong to the group that has a decent amount of wax!
    Why? Yes because of a few horror stories... but mostly because as mentioned they're not exactly the best thing for the job and I would end up with a fat build up pushed deep into my canal after a few months anyway...
    What do I do? [Here's the part that I didn't see mentioned above yet]
    Every few months use 'Mineral Oil' from the pharmacy (this can be Olive or Vegetable Oil if you don't mind smelling like a salad). So what you do is put down a towel over your pillow before you go to sleep at night and fill up your ear canal with the oil. Then put in a lil' piece of cotton or folded up T.P. to help keep the oil in there. Go to sleep and then in the morning when showering flush some water through your ears. Or use one of those blue baby syringes (they come in ear cleaning kits too).
    Whatever you do don't be stickin' lit candles in your ear! 
  14. Nocholas
    Ears don't need frequent cleaning to remove ear wax; in fact, ear wax is an important part of your body's system for keeping dirt, bacteria and other things from causing hearing problems. However, you may occasionally find it necessary to clean your ears. These instructions will help you do it safely
  15. paconavarro
    Ear wax for sure is important, but for people like myself, it can be too much, I go with my ORL to clean up my ear canal each 6 months or so, I live in a city at 1566mts (5138ft) above sea level, so almost each time I get to the beach the wax "collapses" and blocks the ear canal, having that talking-inside-a-bucket. 
    Always go with a specialist if you notice something different in your hearing, being in this forum denotes you praise music, so be VERY careful with your ears...
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