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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by dweaver, Jun 25, 2009.
  1. dweaver
    I just bought a pair of AD700 phones from Kawai_man and he shipped them and I received them within around 1 week. He gave me exceptional communication throughout the process and was kind enough to put up with my paranoia when we started because I could not find a feedback page for him.

    I would recommend him for buying from and I supect for selling to.

    Highly Recommended
  2. Brohken
    I shipped my MS-1's to kawai_man and it was really a very smooth transaction. He promptly paid me and replied to all my questions quickly. Definitely a great communicator and an excellent person to deal with in general.
  3. daghastlybeast
    Haven't been on Head-Fi for awhile, but I bought some AD700's from Kawai_man a while back and he was very good to deal with. I hadn't really bought stuff online from anyone before, and he was very helpful and nice throughout the process. He was excellent to deal with and I would definitely not hesitate to do business with him in the future.
  4. dutchy_42
    I purchased a set of Ultrasone HFI-700 for Kawai_man and he was first rate to deal with. Communication was excellent through out the process. They were shipped quickly and arrived in excellent condition. Very happy with my dealings and enjoying trying out a new set of headphones..

    Thoroughly recommended.
  5. Almoxil
    I bought a set of Ultrasone HFI-550 from Kawai_man. He was great to communicate with, and the transaction went smoothly. The headphones arrived in pristine condition, and very well packed.

  6. Bandeira Contributor
    Just bought his set of Alessandro MS1. Everything went perfect. please to deal with... Packaging could not be better, protective but did not yell for attention (good for customs work)


    Very Very Recommended.
  7. Anilan
    I just sold Kawai_Man a Lite DAC-AH. Communication was easy and fast and payment was fast. Would definitely do business with him again.

  8. wantmyf1
    I bought a pair of Ultrasone Proline 650 from kawai_man. Great delivery time and communication. Even indulged my general audio questions as well. Friendly person and great to chat with. Item arrived well packed and undamaged. He mentioned some minor cosmetic damage on the headband but I have yet to find it. Great to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.
  9. Clint
    Haha, looking at this is sorta funny to me, as I hadn't checked it before the sale.. but I just sold a pair of Ultrasone PRO 650s to Kawai_man. Very prompt with the payment, was indeed very friendly to chat with. I suppose he missed the Proline 650s? Or wanted to see if there was a difference between them and the PRO 650s? Haha, regardless of the intentions, great transaction. Hopefully gets a lot of use out of them!
  10. rosgr63
    I bought a Toshlink cable from Kawai_man.
    Excellent communication, fast shipment, great cable.
    The best money I've spend on a cable!
    Thanks a lot C!
  11. regal
    Bought a set of headphones, great seller, the phones were in perfect condition exactly as described.

  12. doppeli
    I just bought AD700 phones from Kawai_man and he is a very good seller, he answered me and shipped them very quickly

    thanks Kawai_man
  13. hipcat
    Just received some hd-555's from Kawai_man. Thay were just as he said they were ,great shape! Communication was great! Shipping was fast! Very Happy would buy from him again!!
  14. sevaru
    Sold my Tube Amp to him and Received payment fast and was easy to communicate with, will do business with again.
  15. Uri Cohen
    I purchased a Little Dot I+ from him with. Fast shipping and great packaging. Thanks man.

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