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  1. grizzlybeast


    Well to start I guess I am posting this thread because though I have this amp and am enjoying it I can't get answers about it. I emailed JABEN AUDIO and this is all they could tell me
    The KASSO YJ-01 is a desktop tube amp from Australia. It is indeed very new and main marketed by JABEN Headphone Store. The amp can drive both earphone & headphone from 32Ω to 300Ω. The sound signature of this amp is clean & smooth bass with the tube character. YJ-01 by itself is 7,990 THB but the international price will be different. For international purchase please contact our international store at onlinesales@jaben.net.
    Thank you for your enquiry.
    Jaben Online Sales Team
    Opening Hours : 12pm-8pm, Monday-Sunday
    JABEN Headphone Store
    Jaben (Thailand) Co., Ltd

    Company Reg No.: 0105554065758
    Website: http://www.jaben.co.th
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/JabenThailand"

    The amp comes with a bundle normally and you have to email them to get it separately for about 249 US. I traded some headphones for it. So far it sounds cleaner or as clean as the Vali to me. The mids actually plumped up a tad but I need to let it heat up more. I was expecting some muddy thing but it sounds pretty good actually.
    If anyone has any information on this amp besides the above then I would love to hear it. I cannot find a website or anything for this amp.
    Mine is black but the pictures of it  are like a rustic silver. The tube inside of it glows just like all other tubes but this has a blue light inside.
  2. autumnholy
    How's your experience with it? I am also intrigued by it, since a local Jaben store sells it. Not sure about Vali because I'd really like to benchmark this Kasso with other Tube amps to see if it really stands on its own.
    My quick impression on it:
    1. On IEM, it feels like somehow distorted mids. I'd like to hear more to confirm this, as I may be on a bad hair day.
    2. ON Pandora Hope (8 Ohm) headphones, I feel normal. The mids are thick, and the stage isn't wide. I'm not sure if its due to the particular song or amplifier. I'd like to hear more samples on myself or everyone!
  3. grizzlybeast
    I havent noticed any distortion on mine but I havent used headphones with that low of impedance. It actually sounded cleaner than the vali to me. I was a bit surprised and the bass is punchy and the highs arent rolled off. Its not super smooth but kinda smooth but no soundstage increase or anything like that either. I need to check the mids out again. 
    The only thing is that I don't have a dac with it anymore because I have to send it back in for repair. I can post better impressions when I get my other DAC.
  4. grizzlybeast
    okay now i can hear a little of that distortion and cant say it is cleaner than the vali. it is less veiled though. It has tube distortion but it has a vibrant sound to it. Not as smooth or laid back but strong and forward without super bright highs.
  5. grizzlybeast
    man this thing sounds good. The bass is really NICE... where the freak is the marketing. I will enjoy it for a while before I put it back up for sale. 
  6. autumnholy
    That's great. Have fun!
  7. boombobby289
    Between the Aune T1and Kasso YJ-01, which one is a better choice if I want a wider soundstage, good separation, clarity, deep and solid extended bass?
  8. jorjjamur
    Aune t1 is a tube dac with a solid state amp isn't it?
    while Kasso is a tube Amp
  9. KOVI AWesome
    Any idea on tube replace ment?
  10. Bangkokphoto
    Jaben gave me the Kasso YJ-01 for free when I bought a set of DT990 Pros. I have the amp here in Bangkok and do not want/need it. $15USD/500THB + shipping. 
    ****please have reasonable expectations; this amp was a free promo item... dont expect much**** perhaps it can be improved?

    Here are the photos:

  11. bakakuma
    Does it have case or is it just bare PCB?

    can you ship it to Indonesia?

  12. Bangkokphoto
    Yes, it has a housing. I took it out of the case to show you guys the internals so you could see the details. I recently saw the exact PCB in a different branded enclosure on AliExpress for $18US (without PSU). In my honest opinion this is not worth the international shipping fees.

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