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Kaldas Research RR 1 Conquest ($500 Electrostatic)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by SHAMuuu, Feb 15, 2019.
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  1. zolkis
    That's what statement products are for. I don't think it's worth investing in it even for companies, though the first Orpheus kept the price very well so this might be the case here, too.
    I think they may be slightly better than the Stax 009 with the BHSE, but maybe others prefer the Stax, or won't tell much difference, for a sixth of the cost. Hard to tell when all upstream components are different.
    I like they have put a lot of research for optimizing diaphragm properties, and the local amplification idea seems logical.
    On the other hand I am pretty sure the pads are too thick on the Orpheus 2 and slightly muffle up the sound. Anyone want pad mods on the Orpheus 2? :D
  2. tumpux
    Why not.. any self respecting electrostatic headphone company needs one.
  3. JLoud
    I think I want to work for the company that buys an Orpheus as a company expense. Maybe put it in the break area for employees to unwind with.
  4. Zachik
    You could work for Sennheiser... Some retails stores (from what I have heard) have HE-1.
  5. Alcophone
    Yupp, the San Francisco one definitely does.
  6. MrTechAgent
    Wanted to make a post about CanJam SoCal 2019.

    This was my first CanJam as an exhibitor with my Headphones. I got into this hobby almost 9 years ago now and never honestly thought a day like this would come. Made a lot of friends, talked Headphones and learnt a lot from people far more skilled and experienced than me.

    I will try to point some highlights, the rest will be lost forever in my memory.

    The biggest highlight for me was my family joining me for this trip. My mother and my elder brother took out their time to come join and support me. It had definitely been a very, very long time since we've had a family vacation. In fact, the last vacation we had together was in Orlando over 12 years ago, I think. So, having them by my side was the biggest highlight.



    Dr. Sean Olive came by our booth and it has an honor to meet and chat with him. Even though the RR1 doesn't follow the HTR in a raw, uncorrected form due to complex/narrow Electrostatic dispersion patterns. There's no denying Dr Olive's contributions to the Industry.

    IMG_20190622_181225.jpg Screenshot_20190630-162857_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20190630-162903_Instagram.jpg

    Handing over Jude's personal RR1


    Some more pictures :


    RR1's powered by a custom commission KGSSHV built by Spritzer.


    We also brought along our XP1 Prototype.

    20190623_095020.jpg 65015994_10156659880607762_334029240221564928_o.jpg


    The Show Guide

    20190622_172908.jpg 20190622_172926.jpg 20190622_172932.jpg

    I also visited Audeze HQ, with Sankar - the CEO and Founder of Audeze. Picked up my personal Mobius.

    20190625_124255.jpg 20190625_123532.jpg

    Finally, what is Business without some pleasure?

    fff.jpg 20190624_082406.jpg

    ORG_DSC01118~2.JPG 20190625_130953~2.jpg

    Thank you to everyone for making this show memorable.
    Kaldas Research Stay updated on Kaldas Research at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.instagram.com/kaldasresearch/ http://kaldasresearch.com/
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  7. roshambo
    Great pictures of what looked like a great experience. Congrats! The Kaldas booth was the highlight of the show for me. I think what you've created in the RR1 is really great and look forward to seeing what comes next.
    MrTechAgent likes this.
  8. alota
    @MrTechAgent hi. Which dac you had in your configuration?
  9. Zachik
    I know it is too early, since we cannot even buy the RR1 for now, but can you share some info on the next XP1 model?
  10. MrTechAgent
    Quite basic - Chord Mojo and iBasso DX150.

    Oh no man, lol. The XP1 is the RR1 test mule. Not a new product prototype.
    Kaldas Research Stay updated on Kaldas Research at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.instagram.com/kaldasresearch/ http://kaldasresearch.com/
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  11. Zachik
    Haha. got it :)
  12. VRacer-111
    Tesla Model 3 is a sweet car. One of my co-workers just got a Model 3 Performance...and new car means must be the designated lunch vehicle ... LOL Well that thing is something else...electric torque acceleration is no joke! Didn't brace myself and 'THWACK' my head hit the roof above the rear seat when it snapped back (note: 6'2" is almost too tall for a Tesla model 3 back seat...). He had it in track mode...with 4 people in it, and it had purely insane acceleration. Either launching from a stop or accelerating from 40-70mph ( in around a second...Bwaahhahaha) the car just squats down and takes off. Launchs hard, like a freaking high speed rollercoaster launching, throwing you back into the seat through it's entire acceleration period. We'd drain his battery from launchs and accelerations if he let us...LOL

    Doesn't make the car noise that I love though...the one thing I really don't like about electric. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio makes absolutely great sound though... better than STAX or the RR 1... LOL
  13. stickyjon23
    but breaks down faster than any Hifiman headphone ... hehe
  14. donpablo
    @MrTechAgent Stop posting photos and give us a BUY BUTTON!!!
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  15. The Socialist Nerd
    Where can I get a pair of these?
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