K701 spares
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Oct 3, 2002
I've asked this question a couple of times now with no success. Perhaps third time lucky.

I have a slightly wounded K701 which I had to adapt for my use. Specifically, cutting the bungee cords that provide the auto-adjustment for the headband. The reason is that with the bungee cord in place (since my head tries to place the headband at beyond maximum extension when the phones are fitted properly) the bungee cords provide enough downwards pressure to cause a major headache. Also in a vain attempt to get the cut bungee cords out of the earcups I damaged one of the earcup grilles which I didn't manage to get off in the end.

Even with the bungee cord cut, the K701 is actually a little small for me and I've decided to return to the HD650.

I'd like to repair all of this so that I can pass the phones onto someone else. Harman UK is absolutely no help. Is there anywhere else that I can get spares from?
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Aug 3, 2003
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You probably haven't received any response because you hacked up and distroyed a perfectly good pair of K701s.

In stead of cutting (ruining) the bungee cords, why didn't you just tie the headband slidders together like I did with mine? Not only are the bungees ruined, but now you've trashed the ear cups/grills as well.


I used my K701s like this for exactly a week. I then removed the ties. This was perfect because the tension of the bungee cords had weaken just enough to NOT hurt the top of my head, or pull the ear cups up over my ears, or give me a headache. However, they still have plenty of tension to do their job properly, and they are still in PERFECT shape.

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