K550 vs K551 vs K267
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Apr 9, 2013
I primarily want to use these with a current-gen iPod Classic...and all the information out there seems to go back and forth. 



Which sounds best with a certain amp? Which sounds the best without one? Best quality per dollar spent? Best portability when thrown into a backpack? 
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AKG K550 and K551 are the same actually. It is just that K551 with a in-line remote control and mic for iDevices, shorter cable (1.2m). The k550 does not come with a in-line remote controls and mic for iDevice and longer cable (3.0m).

The Tiesto u like K550/551, it is far from neutral. The mids are brought forward and rolled of bass.

K550 are more neutral and perfect seal is important here. None of them need an amp but the K267 are more portable..

May I know what is your music preference?

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The K550 is built to withstand abuse from portable use. Impressions from the K267 Appreciation/Discussion thread seem to indicate that the K267 has fragile plastic parts in the headband (where on the K550 they'd be metal) that break incredibly easily for a $350 headphone. 

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