K1000 with Dual Micro Mono-Filament cable - less contact with conductor, more detail!
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I have had the Valhalla for my headphones for 6 weeks now and it appears that this tweak makes the biggest improvement out of any upgrades to the audio system.
  1. Going from stock cable to Stefan AudioArt cable didn't make an improvement, it just made it warmer. People are raving about this like it made a huge improvement, but it didn't make a significant improvement for me because I only care about real night and day improvements.
  2. When I upgraded to Solar Wind it made the biggest improvement I ever heard. I sent out that cable to a few people and they agreed, it even turned a skeptic engineer into a believer. That's how big the improvement was.
  3. Further upgrading to Valkyrja made almost as big improvement, but most of the improvements were in bass texture, soundstage size and smoothness. However, it was still able to keep the same detail that the Solar Wind has, even when the conductor was much thicker! The reason for that was because of the Mono Filaments wrapped around the conductor. But there was still a lot of dielectric contact with the conductor, so further improvements were possible.
  4. The Valhalla power cord has Dual Mono Filaments which reduces the dielectric contact even further. Upgrading from 1 to 2 threads wrapped around the conductor made one of the biggest improvement I have heard. For me, it was a much more positive improvement than going from Benchmark DAC1 into a dCS stack.

It appears that the cable for headphones is far more important than the cable for loudspeakers is. Since headphones use smaller signals, it seems that the dielectric is the most important thing in the cable. When using simple logic, the Tara Labs Zero with the vacuum dielectric would be the most neutral cable for headphones, however, it would need connectors (to keep the vacuum inside) which would degrade the sound. But when you keep reducing the dielectric contact you get an overkill of low-level detail which is boring and "noisy". If you cut off the deepest layer of low-level detail, it makes it sound cleaner and blacker. This is what the silver plating of Valhalla does, it trades low-level detail for more surface detail which makes it sound both blacker and whiter than what is on the recording. It also makes it heavier and smoother which would normally make it muddy and veiled, but since the silver plating makes that muddiness whiter, it appears to sound neutral and clean. And since the deepest layer of low-level detail is missing, it makes it sound more open. The end result is that it sounds like real life because it distorts the sound.
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I just can't tell if this guy is for real or not...
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Simply amazing.
One day, Patrick, I hope I can become as extreme a modder as you.
Until then, I'm stocking up on ERS paper.
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I sliced open the Valhalla and tried it nude, I also cut it from 2 meters to 1 meter, I expected better sound but it sounded much worse. But after I covered it with ERS Paper it sounded better than ever. ERS Paper for headphone cable is a crazy tweak as long as the paper isn't close to the cable.






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Originally Posted by DoomzDayz /img/forum/go_quote.gif
i think you should get a masters in electrical engineering before you go any further.

What you talkin' bout foo, Patrick82 is the Master already! ROTFLMAOCOPTER!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Patrick82 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
ERS Paper is great!

Here we go again!

I envy your you for having time and guts to tweak the h*ll out of your K1000 system.
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Originally Posted by ZarakiSan /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I just can't tell if this guy is for real or not...

Read my sig.
It was originally intended to refer to hardcore religious fundamentalists, but applies just as well to audiophilia and geeks of all pedigree.
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Love the look on Patrick's face. It's like he's thinking "euw, this sounds disgusting. Hmmmm. I wish I lived inside an ERS paper cave."
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Replacing 290cm Valkyja into 2m Valhalla gave me my first eargasm. But the signals were running adjacent to each other which would have given worse sound because of crosstalk. But it didn't, the sound got much better overall.

Later I replaced 2m Valhalla with 1m Valhalla and separated the conductors from each other...the difference was small. But I still had 35cm Valkyrja left which was soldered to the binding posts inside K1000.

Now I have replaced the 35cm Valkyrja with 1m Valhalla. The cable is 3 times longer and it still gives much better sound! This is crazy! The difference between single filaments and Dual filaments is really huge! Much more huge than 22awg vs 16awg! Normally the thinner 22awg would give more detail and speed. But the dielectric makes a bigger difference to the sound.

First impressions: I'm hearing crazy bass, it sounds very strong and sharp! The best of both worlds! It sounds blacker and whiter than ever, the veil has been replaced with transparency! Bigger, blacker, whiter, OMG!





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