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k1000 owners club

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by coolshot, Jan 7, 2007.
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  1. dhmpan
    Who are you answering to?
    Heinz or me?
    I said that mine are 7*** black boxed...
    Don't know about his...

    Are black boxed considered bass heavy?
    I always have thought that bass heavy models were the ones up to around 45**
  2. charliex
    Apologies my friend- still getting used to this new Head-Fi format.
  3. bosiemoncrieff
    Just hooked up my k1000 to my Panache for the first time -- the speaker to balanced cable came the day I left for europe :frowning2:

    But the sound. Oh, my. The sound. The K1000 even more than HE-6 benefits from the added headroom. It's serious summit fi stuff.
  4. Rodeodave
    #01342 checking in! Pics to follow this weekend, too busy listening right now :wink:
  5. Petyot

    I was an owner in 2011 (serial number in the 4xxx) but I decided to sell my K1000. I always had mixed feeling about letting that piece of history go...

    Anyway, a few days ago I was able to grab one again locally (again with a serial number in the 4xxx). The last time I had the k1000 I didn't had any good amp. Now the "new" k1000 is connected to my LD MKVI+ and it is a very pleasant match!

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  6. gandhisfist
    #11542 here
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  7. ScareDe2
    I just did the equalization of my K812 based on the K1000 graph. This is the most neutral sound that I got. And very musical and real. There just seem to have no coloration at all. Each songs sound colored on their own, without the EQ intruding or getting inbetween.

    The K1000 is a neutral king... based on an EQ of course. Never heard that headphone, yet. ^^

    Also the graph shows that it follows the Harman neutrality quite closely. But I did not like my K812 equalized to a straight line. Much better based on the K1000 frequency graph.

    Last edited: May 1, 2018
  8. ScubadudeSA
    I've seen a discussion on budget amps for the K1000 - not sure it was on this thread or another. I had pretty satisfying results with the Matrix HPA-3B ... Fairly even tonal quality throughout the range, reasonably punchy if not the last word in outright dynamics, and transparent enough. No clipping even at very high SPL's. Try it if you get the chance.
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  9. hrklg01 Contributor
    Hi K1000 owners,

    Long time ago - it was end of year 2014, I was asked by a view from you, to develop kind of "follower" of the AKG K1000 based on today's technology.

    My very first statement was: "I'm in pension - I do not have a glue what to improve"
    Immediate I received feedback about the things what should be improved.

    My next statement was: "I will make some calculations..."
    Done this and the result was ... it doable.

    After this session I made a view trial samples - just to prove my calculations done.

    Than I stated: "Ok, it might be possible, but such development costs are not feasible for me."
    Immediate I got offers from some of you to help by crowd funding.

    As I'm a quite traditional Austrian, I searched for private founders and find my partner and good friend Helmut from LB-acoustics.
    We partnered for MYSPHERE a new segment within company LB-acoustics. This was beginning year 2016.

    Another 2 years was though work to do, filled with designing and many development activities.

    Beginning of this year we started production and deliveries in May 2018 with our baby:

    Please see www.mysphere.at for further details.
    And check what the press say.

    MYSPHERE 3 3.jpg Ultimate headphone guide - summary.JPG

    Best regards,
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  10. qazxsw80
    It's an amazing story. Kind of even difficult to believe that all that just started as a few posts on this thread - https://www.head-fi.org/threads/history-of-the-akg-k1000.57805/page-3
    And now it's a finished product, a long-awaited successor to the legendary the AKG K1000, something that most people (myself included) in that thread in 2012 couldn't even dream of. Hope to fly to Austria someday to hear the finished version myself.
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  11. hrklg01 Contributor
    You will be welcome in Vienna!

    Sorry, that it's a problem today to send samples to you because caused by politicians

    BR heinz
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  12. qazxsw80
    Oh, don't even mention that! I kind of got used to this situation. And moreover, you already gave me an incredible opportunity to listen to that early sample. Thanks a lot for that!
  13. Blackmore
    Unfortunately for me, the most top range headphones reached the exoshpere, no sarcasm here, but for those who can get in there, this is very happy moment, enjoy!

    Mega compliments to the team behind: Mr. Heinz Renner and Mr. Helmut Ryback & others, all the best to you!
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  14. hrklg01 Contributor
    Hello K1000 or K1K owners!

    Again, I want to mention that already in year 2014, I was asked by a view guys of you, to develop kind of "follower" of the AKG K1000 based on today's technology.

    Nowadays it became reality.
    "K1000 upgrade is there and it's called "MYSPHERE 3"

    My partners and me invested 2 full years for development time apart from huge investment. (b.t.w. it's one of the shortest development times in this industry based on pure know how)
    The supply chain for all parts is fixed (98% EU based) and production capacity is in place in VIenna - Austria (we rump-ed up slowly beginning 2018).

    Some details you find there: www.mysphere.at
    ...including what the press believe about.

    Much more interesting may be, what the community here is mentioning about:

    Please check this brand-new K1000 upgrade! I'm convinced you would become enthusiastic too! Give them a chance!

    I'm personally very happy to announce at this place first time, that we as LB-acoustics working for MYSPHERE, agreed to partnership with WOO-Audio from now onward for the US market.
    This means for you guys living in the USA, you get full exceptional service directly. Just check here:

    BR yours heinz

  15. progo
    Wonderful news. :)

    I've had my K1000s for almost a decade now, as my daily drivers. Nothing else has piqued my interest and there are only very small improvements I could wish of them. I'm certain MySphere would satisfy me to no end but fate is as cruel as can be, with the ultra open presentation I've grown increasingly intolerant of outside noises. Especially with plans to move to a larger city, to preserve my sanity, I fear I must part with K1000 and start a new life with IEMs... :frowning2:
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