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JVC-Victor HA-FX700 vs Audio-Technica ATH-CK10 vs HiFiMan RE272

  1. oldsoulrevival
    I am having a hard time choosing between these models.The first two area really hard to find, but I found a seemingly reputable store that sells them (seyo-shop), and now that I have access to all three, I dont know what to do.

    I listen to pretty much every kind of music, and I am looking for a very nice pair of every day headphones for music, movies, games, etc. etc. etc.

    I am very sensitive to super bright headphones - I like my highs to shimmer, but not pierce my brain. I like a slightly elevated bass (not much, but enough to give the bass a little kick), and I need to be able to hear all the mids.

    Bands in rotation right now:
    Amon Tobin
    Animal Collective
    Miles Davis
    Herbie Hancock (Headhunters, and solo)
    Chick Corea
    TV on The Radio

    Which of these iems would you choose for me, and why?

    Thanks so much :)
  2. some1
    The JVC's are what i would recommend, followed by the CK10's
    I believe the JVC's are an open dynamic design, so you won't have much isolation at all, if thats important to you.
    I am sure many wil disagree and add more informed comments.
  3. oldsoulrevival
    Isolation really doesn't mean anything for me. Never understood why people were so uptight about it. I guess if I was in public listening, then maybe I would care... but this is strictly for home.

    thanks for the rec.

    Anyone else?
  4. Freefallr4545


    Yeah I use to be uptight about it too, ya know with public trans city life etc
  5. kckc
    Out of the three you mentioned, I would highly recommend the FX700. CK10 and RE272 are both pretty flat and most likely won't give you the kind of bass kick you want. Some think the mids are the FX700 are recessed, but I find them to be very impressive on their own. They may sound recessed simply because the bass treble are more aggressive (I never found the treble to be piercing) The FX700 has great soundstage that should work well with gaming. The only con I see with the FX700 is its sub-par isolation but since you are using it strictly at home, they should be perfect.
  6. SaigonGrandFunk
    FX700 is more musical and better presentation than RE272, with tons of quality bass and timbre. IMO, it is excellent for classic and not too noisy musics. At high volume I found its top mid a bit sibilant with some musics and low bit rate source. If you want a bit less bass( 8/10 of FX700) but quality and punchy with good timbre and smooth mid to high range then try EX1000(provided select right tips and good seal).
  7. gnarlsagan
    +1 on FX700
  8. basketball

    I agree with you 100%, the fx700 have some sibilance at high volumes. I have sold my fx700 and want something with maybe a little less bass and no sibilance whatsoever. You say the ex1000 are good? What other recommendations would you give?

    I was thinking of trying the westone 4.
  9. olear
    +1 for EX1000.  After listening to them straight for several weeks, I switched over to my TF10 and IMO, the UEs are better at electronic and rock. For everything else, I prefer the EX1000.
    Anyone hear W3 and compare to FX700?
  10. Pianist
    If you want polite treble that is gentle on the ears, RE272 will be best out of the three. Both FX700 and CK10 are quite bright, especially the latter which is also aggressive in the highs. RE272 has the most neutral treble of the bunch and perhaps the most neutral treble out of any IEM I tried. You may also consider RE262 which is quite similar to RE272, but softer in the treble. RE272 can still sound a little harsh with some tips and music while RE262 is generally very inoffensive in the highs while maintaining excellent clarity detail and extension.
  11. basketball

    I've had both the westone 3 have betteri isolation. But the sound on the fx700 is better IMO.
  12. outeirino
    All them are excellent iems, but the more musical is the FX700
  13. ayaflo
    if u can take a look at the w4r then you can also look at the shure se 535 ltd/cl/v
  14. basketball
    The westone 4r is fabulous. To me it performed better than the se535. That being said the se535 are still very sharp.
  15. Nintendam
    +1 FX700
    although it does depend what kind of music your listening to... I prefer the FX700 way ahead of ie80's and ex1000's for electronic/psychadelic/dubstep. I wouldn't call them an all-rounder though

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