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JVC Spiral Dots vs Symbio Mandarines W (+poll)


So which ones are better?

Poll closed Wednesday at 2:17 PM.
  1. JVC Spiral Dots

    4 vote(s)
  2. Symbio Mandarines W

    7 vote(s)
  3. I'd say it's a draw

    2 vote(s)
  1. sphinxsix
    Someone compared these two (seems I will choose between them for my Massdrop x Noble x) - comfort, sound quality.? What are your impressions? And one more thing - is it possible to buy the chosen sizes Spiral Dots packages (eg 2 pairs ML and 1 pair L) like it's possible in case of Symbio if you buy on their site?
  2. davidcotton
    Afraid with Spiral Dots you can't buy multipacks to see which size you want. Makes it a bit of an (expensive) trial and error re sizes.
  3. Legumez
    I just rolled the dice on these and lucked out, but it might make sense to buy a cheap pair of JVCs that come with spiral dots if you need to buy more than, say 3 packs. I'm not sure what the cheapest pair would be though.
  4. SilverEars
    No contest. Symbio bore size and fit is right. Depends on the iem nozzle of course, but there shouldn't be anything that require larger than Symbio W.

    Ether Symbio got extremely lucky, or have the right intentions.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  5. toughnut
    Pasted from FW10000 thread,

  6. sphinxsix
    I've heard their tips are relatively small (contrary to Symbio) so I hope in my case the L size will be a pretty safe bet.
    I think I'll possibly start with just one L size pack.
    :) I'm going to use them with Noble X Massdrop, I believe there should be no fitting problems. Due to the claims that they are relatively big I would probably get 2M + 1L pack.
    Thanks for this, sounds interesting. 'Earpieces are made of SMP iFit material, which mimics human skin characteristics' - I just hope they won't discover some day that the best material for tips surface is actually human skin :jecklinsmile:
  7. pbui44
    Between these two ear tip types, both are not better than one another and it depends on the IEM. Spiral Dots are best on JVCs (obvious), Audio Technicas, JH Audio, etc. and Symbio W works best on KZ, TFZ, Fender, etc.

    However, both definitely do not work like other ear tips in sizing. If you compared both to Sony Hybrid ear tips, I wear Small for Symbio W, Medium for Sony Hybrids, and Medium-Large for JVC Spiral Dots. All three of these fit best for me at their availability, so fingers crossed that Symbio Ws come in SS-SM-ML-LL sizes as well.
  8. xenithon
    I agree that it depends on the IEM being used in terms of its sound profile, as well as the sonic characteristics you want. My overview would be as follows:

    • More comfortable - disappear in the ear
    • More open with excellent detail without being fatiguing - useful for dark or slightly rolled off IEMs, adding sparkle
    • Well controlled bass with fast rolloff - good with IEMs that tend to be a little thick or slow
    • Wider soundstage (left to right)

    • Still quite comfortable but generally always feels "present"
    • More open in the mids - good for IEMs that are already quite open, adding a little air and separation
    • Warmer bass profile, with more rumble in the sub-bass
    • Deeper soundstage (front to back)

    One other thing to bear in mind is that with Symbio tips you essentially get two in one as you can take out the inner foam. When you do so it becomes a little more comfortable (as it is more pliable) and, contrary to expectations, it actually adds to the bass quantity. I expected the opposite given experience with Comply's where the foam seems to add.
  9. sphinxsix
    Thanks for your input, guys. Seems that choosing tips can be more complicated than choosing headphones :)
    Think I will check out both brands after all. The only problem seems to be the fact that I haven't found any Spiral Dots source not from Japan (I live in Europe) - seems I will have to wait a while for these.
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  10. Kitechaser
    They are worth the wait.
    sphinxsix likes this.
  11. arielext
    When I bought the fiio fh5 I had to buy tips just to find one that sealed enough to make the iems shine. Spiral dots were my fav. for those. Dm6 also liked the spiral dots, but on the toneking t88k is seems that the symbios are king.
  12. afreekindazone
    I use L for most eartips, but the ML Spiral Dot fits me way better than the L, so it might not be a safe bet IMO.

    The L was just too big and it cause discomfort after a few songs
  13. pbui44
    I received my ML Spiral Dots from someone (@loomisjohnson ) that prefers L AND XL(?) ear tips, so you never know, until you try them.
  14. sphinxsix
    After some consideration I've decided to order both - Spiral Dots and Symbios. JVC - ML and L packs (to avoid disappointment) and a mixed M/L pack of Symbios. I have come to the conclusion that my IEMs deserve it (today I had a chance to compare my Massdrop X Noble Xs with Sennheiser HD600 and 650 - the conclusion was pretty surprising - I didn't know I have bought headphones that are so good :)) BTW I've managed to find trustworthy European sources for both - Dots and Symbios so I hope the wait won't be that long. Will report on my findings.
    Once again - thanks to everyone who's contributed to this thread! Much appreciated!
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