JVC harx700 - a poor mans ath-a900!!
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Where can I get a pair of RX700's online that ships to Canada ?
The cheapest I've seen is Provantage @ $68 shipped . :S

I was in the same situation as you, until I got my friend in the US to help me gift it.
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Warning: I am a noob to decent IEMs and headphones. For years I've worn many $10 cheapies from Ratshack, etc, all failed within 12 months. Last year I bought some $20 Sony MDR-V150s because they looked sturdy and had a longer cord on them. They were clampy and never sounded right to me. I actually got some JVC Flats recently, but one side rattled badly so I decided to skip them and get something better instead.

I did a lot of reading here and received my "mid-range" JVC HA-RX700s today. Out of the box, I immediately noticed detail that's completely missing in the Sonys, DOH. I have a favoite song that is only 64Kbps and I can actually hear how crappy it is now, and my hearing svcks. The JVCs also are less clampy than the Sony, pretty comfy excpet my ears to get a little warmer perhaps, still very tolerable though since they fit better. I read about these needed to be modded, not so sure now. I also ordered some "expensive" $80 Audio Technica ATH-AD700 and "cheap" Koss KSC75s to play with, but am not sure either can get much better than these.

Thanks to everyone who has written about and recommended these JVC HA-RX700s.

Since I promised to get my wife something new when I found out her ear buds were basically useless, I've purchased a few (5) sets of IEMs, want one more pair for about $100, and am waiting for the other headphones. I have hauled an old 2-channel Rotel amp/preamp B&W speakers out of the closet, now my old Pioneer tape deck to convert wifes cassettes to digital. I even put a new AV-710 soundcard I had laying around in the PC. This site has consumed me for about a month!!

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Hello all....I just found this forum while searching for some decent headphones.   Based on this thread, I ordered a pair of the RX700's - the price was right and they'll be worlds better than the crappy $10 headphones I'm used to.  My main question is, running these from a smartphone or ipod....do you need an amplifier?   Would the volume increase a lot with an amplifier?   And finally...since I know next to nothing about amplifiers, how much does a suitable amp for my application COST?
                                Thanks in advance guys,
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An amplifier is not really needed at all, from my experience it didn't really do much. They are fairly easy to drive like my AD700 and sound good without one
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An amplifier is not really needed at all, from my experience it didn't really do much. They are fairly easy to drive like my AD700 and sound good without one

Thanks Kite7.  I'll try them without and see how they sound before buying something unnecessary....
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How is the isolation on these?

It's actually VERY good. With the TV on average volume 12 feet away from my head the outside volume is cut in half.... at least with no mods.
I just did a quick mod by using a piece of tissue in place of the foam used in the mod thread and it really helps by making the ear cup deeper which I find increases noise isolation and improving the seal.
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How's the midrange with the harx700/900? Is it lush, detailed, and slightly forward? Or is it recessed or colored?
How about the midrange of the jvc flats? Which sounds better, the flats or the harx's?

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