JVC HAFX66 (Air Cushion) and few questions......
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Jul 13, 2006
I'm thinking about getting a pair of JVC HAFX66, and I have a few questions. Are they worth the money? How is the sound quality un-amped? What ear tips can you use once the included ones are worn out?

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I'll try to answer as best as I can: I personally think they are worth the money. For me the comfort alone was worth $10 over the Marshmallows. That said, there are people on this thread that have mentioned that the FX-55 has much better sound quality, but I personally have not put that to the test. As to the second question, I only use them unamped, and they sound pretty good without it. I have plugged them into my PA2v2 and the increase in sound quality was not enough for me to justify carrying the amp when I am using the FX-66. Again, others may likely have a different opinion. As to the third question, I know JVC will sell additional tips direct from their site. I haven't actually tried to see if any other tips fit the FX-66 though.
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Where on the JVC site do you buy ear tips?

www.jvc.com-->on the main page, there is a banner link to the JVC accessory store. When you enter, scroll down to the left and you'll come across all the options: the one you want is headphones.

Here is the direct link for the silicon earpieces (you unfortunately have to buy a complete pack of three sizes-you can't just buy the size you want):

JVC Accessory Store

I know there also used to be a link for the memory foam tips, but I can't find that one.
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Thanks for the link. I think I will be getting a pair very soon.
Do you think there would be a good synergy with my Sony S615?
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Don't mean to hijack...but how do these compare to the Marshmallows? I assume they sound better
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I finally received my Air's, and they are far better then the mallow's all around. The sound is much more refined, and as the name hints they are quite comfortable. More importantly the fit kit they come with, this insures a excellent seal and worth the money. I picked up my set for $25 with shipping from amazon.
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i have to agree with doomzdayz
aircushion has unforgivable midrange dip that annoyed the heck ouf of me
I returned them after 2 days, got marshmellows and kramer-modded them. The sound is far superior.

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