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JVC HA-FXZ 100/200

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  1. jnsaudiophile
    Will the Audioengine D1 power this IEM? Its a budget DAC but hopefully it pumps out enough juice for the FXZ200..
    On another note, 7 days inbound to customs.. Damnit, where is the customs office my phones are being sent to?
  2. fzman Contributor
    This may just be terminological, but I'd put this exactly the opposite way - the frequencies aren't seperate - they integrate nicely and are coherent - if you are not used to hearing extended, powerful bass, these may seem "off" to you.  The point is that they allow instruments with bass to sound the way they should, but do not add bass to instruments that do not produce low frequencies.  Too much bass?  That's still a matter of opinion, and I am in no way trying to tell poeple what to like, or what they should or shouldn't like.
    For me these sound like properl designed full range speakers, not tiny satellites with puffy subwoofer.
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  3. fzman Contributor
    I went crazy and ordered single, double and triple flange tips from them some in both black and white.  They have a smaller bore than the stock tips - did i buy the wrong ones?  I used the link from earlier in this thread.  This is what i ordered....   they sound OK, but i think i prefer the stock tips.  This with the 100s - I'll try them on the 200s later...
    TS3-TF-L-35-CL MEElectronics Triple-Flange Eartips (3 pairs, large, clear, TS3-TF-L-35-CL)      
    TS3-TF-L-35-BK MEElectronics Triple-Flange Eartips (3 pairs, large, black, TS3-TF-L-35-BK)      
    TS3-SF-L-35-CL MEElectronics Single-Flange Eartips (3 pairs, large, clear, TS3-SF-L-35-CL)      
    TS3-DF-35-BK MEElectronics Double-Flange Eartips (3 pairs, black, TS3-DF-35-BK)      
    TS3-DF-35-CL MEElectronics Double-Flange Eartips (3 pairs, clear, TS3-DF-35-CL)      

  4. keanex Contributor
    I just read about the FXZ100/200, are there any loaner programs going on? I'd love to hear/review these.
  5. goodvibes
    Since when does a 2.1 or 2.2 system necessarily to have have puffy or bad bass? Rare for any speaker to reach all the way down without a sub. I use subs myself but they don't add anything until below 40 and actually tighten the overall character. Speakers like Amatis or C4s can still benefit from proper sub setups. Do it wrong and they warm up. Do it right and they get more PRAT.
  6. fzman Contributor
    i did not make a claim about all speakers of any sort/kind/type/configuration.  i made a comment about integration of drivers (aka coherence), and contrasted good full range with bad 2.1 --  
    warning: objects in posts may appear to be generalizations when they are not...
    so, in answer to your question - 'since never do they have to anything'!
  7. goodvibes
     I'm sure it doesn't sound like a lot of things. Sorry if I took a specific reference as a generality.[​IMG]
  8. cute
    I have the same Triple-Flange, and they have a smaller bore than the Double-Flange, that I also have.  I started out with the DF, with shallow insertion they work well, but they need to be postioned just right to get the sound I am looking for.....detail without too much bass.  The DF did not stay where I wanted them, they can fall out when instered the way that is needed.  I really like to TF, clarity, little better highs, and a more balanced low end.  I am using shallow insertion on the TF, and I am getting plenty enough low end for me, but most people tend to like too much bass.....I can A/B with my 2.1/5.1 system that has two subwoofers, balanced and EQ'd with my Antimode 8033, and I have 8 bass traps, two in each corner, so it is good controlled one note bass.....I liken the 200's bass with the TF tips, to my full 2.1/5.1 system used for music and movies.  No boomy overblown bass for me.  I am getting bass when it is needed, that is, if it is in the mastering of the music, I hear it in the 200's......the stock tips for me, no matter how I insert them give me a slightly muffled (veiled) sound compared to a more open airy sound while using the TF tips.  I do understand we all hear differenty, ear canal shape can also add to the reason why!
    I ordered more of the TF tips, because they work in my FXD80 very well, eliminating the overblown low end.......but don't get me wrong, I love good bass quality, mfgs tend to up the quantity in order to please the main stream listener that can never seem to get enough bass......the "mo' bass" people that reside on head-fi!
  9. goodvibes
    Nice to know that the TF and Meelec tips (besides stock) are what most are using. I've got those spare ready when I get a chance to audition.
  10. RyanLockie
    Sorry guys ive been way too busy over the last few days with moving back into uni. 
    Firstly I like to say a big thank you to huxley for introducing these headphones to me they are exactly what ive been looking for to replace my TF10's. 
    I've had around 20 hours of burn in so far and the bass has settled down ever so slightly but is still very much present so im hoping that will clear up with a few more overnight burn in's.
    The fit is surprisingly comfortable, I was dreading it when they arrived and looked bigger than my TF10's but wearing them over the ear and with medium tips I haven't encountered them falling out or moving around even with fast paced walking. Also I expected them to be fatiguing after wearing them for 4/5 hours but I haven't found that to be the case either and once ive popped them in I usually forget about them due to the comfort and spacious soundstage. (My girlfriend dislikes them as she said "the song is outside my head, I like it inside" :) )
    The sound is really what these headphones are all about and I couldn't agree more with the 2.1 setup likeness. From my current listening impressions I would agree that these headphones do excel in the bass department but that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't excellent in every other department. I only have my TF10's to reference against but the midrange is much more forward and cleaner enabling me to isolate instrument playing that previously just wasn't there, these tracks i've listened to on many medium range (£1000-2000) surround sound and hi-fi setups. The treble is more recessed than the TF10's however that isn't necessarily a bad thing as I often found them quite piercing / sparkly at loud volumes, the treble is slowly becoming more prominent over time with these and if I listen for it over the bass I can hear its quality. The bass if phenominal! It's bringing a new life to my old drum and bass tracks as well as giving solid depth and coherence to rock music. Someone said earlier "the bass is there when you need to it be and in tracks that don't need as much bass its there supporting the vocals and guitars" this hit the nail on the head. The depth and texture below normal "bass" headphones is what I am refering to when I say these are awesome with DnB tracks. If anyone has a few moments spare with the FXZ200's I reccomend this, it might not be to everyones taste but shows what these headphones can achieve:
    My iPhone 5 does struggle to power these though and they sound a bit 'muddier' through the E06 but as aforementioned by others I need to look at upgrading that. However when plugged straight into my phone I need to listen at 4 stops off full volume to get the most of of these. They also offer less isolation than the TF10's which is a slight downside as I didnt have to listen to them loud to appreciate them fully.
    Overall, the sound is exactly what people have been describing and I can only say that the bass is there when you want it to be and when you don't its just supporting the rest of the spectrum. the best example of the coherence of the overall sound I could find was turn it again by the RHCP, in the guitar solos are clear and pronounced, high vocals easily isolatable and the flea on bass supporting the two lead guitars.
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  11. miow
    Thanks Ryan. Very enlightening.
  12. Frankyspanky
    How will these do directly out of my iPhone 4? Should I buy an amp with these? thanks
  13. miow
    I think you should. A C&C BH for $99.
  14. PeterDLai
    You have some crazy self-control, miow, to be selling these after waiting so long for them and not even listening to them. [​IMG]
    What dream headphones are you saving up for, if you don't mind me asking?
  15. Huxley
    Glad to see you love them ryan, special little phones aren't they.
    As for isolation, i have meelec double flange tips on order so hopefully they'll improve this,
    im certainly getting along well with the standard tips anyway.
    I just love how they add so much to the music, i've never heard any headphone do music in quite this fasion.
    They really sound a lot bigger than they are that's for sure.
    Being your typical jvc, they'll continue to improve for a while, my fxd80's took a good 100 hours to burn in, and even after that they became more refined.
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